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Why Should We Avoid Cutting Nails At Night?

By June 24, 2023June 18th, 2024No Comments
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If you are living in an Indian household, you might have been scolded for cutting nails at night. You might have been told by your grandparents that it’s in auspicious to cut nails after sunset. But is this a superstition, or is there any logical reason to avoid cutting nails at night? 

Apart from logical reasons, there is also an astrological and Indian mythological reason associated with it. So, let’s get started to find out if can we cut nails at night to get an accurate answer to your age-old belief that has been followed. 

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Logical reason behind not cutting nails at night

In ancient times, there was no electricity or light source, and it was difficult for people to realise the exact length of their nails in the dark. This made it difficult to cut, collect, and dispose of them. In addition, nail pieces that are cut off are unhygienic and scattered all over the house, so you must avoid cutting nails at night. 

Moreover, in those days, people did not have convenient and safe nail cutters like now. They used to cut their nails with sharp objects. Due to dim light, they might get hurt and have deep cuts, which could lead to infections. Since medical services would be tough to get at night, people prevented nail cutting at night.

Additionally, people used to sit on the floor and eat food during those times. This is considered unhygienic, as the scattered pieces of nails might get mixed with food and lead to the risk of allergic reactions. 

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Astrological Significance behind avoiding cutting nails at night

According to astrology, you must avoid cutting nails at night as there is a strong relationship between fingernails and the moon’s energy. It is said that after sunset, the energy of planet Moon is heightened and therefore, cutting nails in the evening or at night might disrupt the effects of planet Moon. 

Also, the planet Moon is associated with emotions, feelings, mental power, mind and thoughts. Thus, by cutting nails at night, all these factors might get disturbed and make you emotionally drained and stressed. 

Moreover, the elderly have pointed out and said, “Do not cut nails after sunset,” as it brings sickness and bad luck to the household. This reason usually has no concept behind it. It is just a saying passed on for generations in India. 

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Hindu Mythological Reason for not cutting nails in the evening 

There seems to be a religious motive behind this, too. Evening times observe the entry of goddess Lakshmi into the home. People believe she remains at home at night to give the house filled with prosperity and wealth. 

Therefore, actions such as disposing of waste, handing away money, paying off loans, and trimming nails and hair should not be done, which shall disrespect Goddess Lakshmi. In addition, there is a belief that sweeping the house after sunset is discouraged as it is believed to prevent the entry of Goddess Lakshmi’s footsteps into the house.

Moreover, in Hinduism, you should avoid cutting nails at night as there is a strong belief that evil energies are powerful and activated during the night. Thus, by cutting nails at night, you might not notice them on the floor, which can attract negative energies impacting you. Also, the sound of clipping the nails can disturb the spirits, ancestors, and household deities (Paarivaarik devata). 

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Cultural Beliefs associated with not cutting nails at night 

Every culture has its own belief system; thus, people follow it out of strong belief. However, among them are some people who consider all this to be a superstitious belief.  However, we must remember that in ruling out superstitions, we ignore many helpful advice passed down to us by generations. 

There are many reasons why people usually consider nail cutting a superstition. In Hinduism, cutting nails is associated with evil energies and bad luck; likewise, in Chinese culture, it is believed that nail cutting at night welcomes bad luck and poverty. 

Cutting nails

How is cutting nails related to Occult or Spiritual activities? 

Occultism or Spellworking often demands a broken nail piece or a small torn piece of cloth worn by the concerned individual. Even a small piece of nails can destroy an individual through negative spiritual activities. Therefore, when nails fall on the floor at night, evil spirits or people doing supernatural activities against you might gather your nail pieces and use them to cause damage to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why we should not cut nails at night?

Many logical, mythological and astrological reasons are associated with avoiding cutting nails at night. It is related to hygiene, health precautions, evil energies, loss of wealth and disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi.

Is there a scientific reason to avoid cutting nails at night?

More than scientific reasons, there is a logical reason behind it. Avoiding cutting nails at night in olden times was a way to prevent injuries, maintain discipline and hygiene, and control negative or evil energies from entering the house.

When is the best time to cut your nails?

According to astrology, you should cut your nails in a bright light during the day. This benefits an excellent digestive system and better health, reducing the chances of encountering inauspicious outcomes.

Why was cutting nails at night considered dangerous?

In olden times, there was no proper light source at night, as people used candles and old lantern oil lamps. Therefore, cutting nails at night could injure the person cutting the nails and people who step on the nail pieces by mistake.

How is cutting nails disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi?

It is believed that Goddess Laksmi visits home in the evening to bless the household. Cutting nails in the evening is considered disrespectful to the Goddess. Therefore, it should be avoided at all costs.

Is the practice of not cutting nails at night superstitious?

In this modern world, people consider it superstitious, but in earlier times, people used to strongly believe in not cutting nails at night. However, in the end, it all depends on the personal belief.

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