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Why does Lord Krishna Wear a Peacock Feather?

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Lord Krishna

Who gave peacock feather to Krishna? What does a morpankhi or peacock feather signify? Why does Lord Krishna wear a peacock feather? Per mythology, there are several beliefs explaining why Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head.

We all have heard the tales of how Lord Krishna killed his evil uncle, Kansa, to end his brutality towards humankind. Shree Krishna is the eighth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This story also teaches that every time good wins over evil or bad.

Let’s look at some of the major beliefs and interesting stories by our mythologists with time. InstaAstro brings you such exciting stories to keep yourself updated, make sure to visit our official website. Also, to get notified of all the upcoming blogs, web stories or offers on our online store, make sure to download the app.

Mythological beliefs and significance of peacock feather on Lord Krishna’s crown

As per astrology, a peacock feather is also considered a symbol of good luck. Also, it is said that the feather is known to bring divine unity to the wearer’s soul. But what does it signify on Lord Krishna’s head? Is it a sign of Shree Krishna and Radha ji’s unison? Several theories are given to prove what Krishna with morpankh on his head signifies. A few of the prominent beliefs are given below:

1. Krishna peacock feather is a symbol of happiness and fortune

It is believed that a morpankh is a sign of good fortune. Also, the bold and bright amalgamation of green, golden, blue, red, and more gives a divine vibration and a feeling of purity. 

Moreover, Lord Krishna is known for his colourful and lively personality, similar to the Morpankh. So, it is believed that the Krishna peacock feather is a significant symbol of his personality and fortune, brought by Lord Krishna into our lives.

Peacock Feather

2. Krishna with morpankh is an association of Radha ji’s love

There are many tales according to which Radha ji gifted a peacock feather as a souvenir to remember her, as we all know the love story of Radha and Krishna. Also, that even though they never got married, their love became a symbol of eternity for all of us. Some people also believe that a morpankhi has “Radha” written over it, so it also becomes a symbol of their eternal love.

It is believed that Radha ji used to love animals. So, where she lived, there were several animals, including peacocks. When she used to dance to Krishna’s tunes or even remember him, all the animals danced with her. One day while she was dancing, she noticed a peacock feather was shed on the floor. 

She went near and picked it up. And started dancing along with her, and at the end, she offered that peacock feather to lord Krishna’s idol in her palace. And it is said since then, Lord Krishna promised to wear it as a sign of her presence. So, to signify that she isn’t away from him, she is always near him in his heart, and as a resonance of his heart, he always wears the peacock feather. 

Radha and Krishna

3. Peacock feather of Krishna represents purity 

In some myths, peacocks give birth to their offspring without intercourse. In these stories, a peahen drinks a peacock’s tears and then gives birth to a baby peacock. As a result, a peacock is a symbol of purity and celibacy. 

This means purity of god’s divination and purity of Lord Krishna’s love for Radha ji. As a peacock feather is one of the most prominent ornaments of Lord Krishna, it could clearly be stated that the peacock’s love is pure and untouched. So, is the divine power of the god. 

Secondly, Krishna and Radha both remained unmarried to each other. Yet, their love is known by us and will live for eternity. So, this satisfies the second purity factor associated with peacocks.


4. Krishna’s peacock feather means resolution

Krishna’s half-brother, Balram, is believed to be a reincarnation of Sheshnaag. Moreover, snakes and peacocks are two of the most known enemies. So, by wearing a peacock feather on his head, lord Krishna finds a balance between his friends and enemies. For him, no one is more important. Everyone is near and dear to Lord Krishna, whether he devotes his hatred or love to him. So, this combination also represents the resolution between good and evil.

Meaning of Krishna's peacock feather

5. Rains and Lord Krishna’s resemblance 

Additionally, it is also said that peacocks love rain. When the sky goes dark and filled with clouds, those heavenly raindrops falling on the earth fill the peacock’s hearts with joy and happiness. Similarly, Lord Krishna’s complexion reminds them of that happy time of rain, and they feel joyous all over again on seeing this divine energy.

So, peacocks also love Lord Krishna, and as a sign of their devotion, they once asked him to wear a peacock feather on his crown. This reminds us that it’s what our intention matters and not what we gift. Therefore, Lord Krishna always accepts us and anything we offer wholeheartedly. 

Rains and Lord Krishna's resemblance 


The story of peacock feather on Lord Krishna could have multiple meanings, but each of us makes our beliefs even stronger. Every level makes us believe in his love, purity and divination even more. For interesting stories and facts on mythology, astrology, numerology and tarot readings, check out the InstaAstro website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who gave peacock feather to Krishna?

There are several stories about the association of peacock feathers with Lord Krishna. Some say that Radha ji gave it as a sign of remembrance. Others believe it was a gift of devotion from the Peacock god to Lord Krishna. Finally, there is a mixed belief that Balram gave it to his baby brother while playing.

2. Why does Krishna wears peacock feather?

Mythologically there are several beliefs for why lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head. But be it any story or an associated belief it makes us believe more and more in the eternal love, purity and strong divination of Lord Krishna.

3. What was Lord Krishna's peacock feather name?

As such, no particular name was mentioned for Lord Krishna’s peacock feather. But because Lord Krishna used to wear a peacock feather, he was given the name “Mormukutdhari”. This is because it means Morpankhi on his crown.

4. What does the green colour in peacock feathers represent?

The green colour on the peacock feather is a representation of the earth element. Moreover, peacocks are known to leave their feathers when they die. So, this also makes them a symbol of immortality and eternity, just like the universe.

5. How many colours are there in a peacock feather?

A peacock feather has four primary colours: green, yellow, brown and blue. Every colour represents a separate element. For example, green symbolises earth; yellow symbolises fortune; brown symbolises stability and inner peace and blue represents a resonance of Lord Krishna’s dark skin.

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