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When Lord Ram Got Angry with Varun, God of Ocean

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One of the most worshipped dieties in India is Lord Ram. He is often referred to as the Adipurush, which means Ideal man. He is known for his charm. Moreover, he is considered to be the idol of a man and is seen as the most perfect being. People feel that lord Ram is always calm and composed, even in tough times. However, this is not true. Once, Lord Ram did get angry, and not just on any fellow being but on Varun, the God of the Ocean. But why did he get angry? What was the reason that our ever-composed and calm got lost his control? Continue reading to find out.

The Tale of Ram’s Anger 

The Ram Setu, also known as ‘Adam’s Bridge’, ‘Nala Setu’ or ‘Setu Banda’, has many interesting stories associated with it, but this might not be the one you know. When Lord Ram wanted to cross the Indian Ocean to bring back Sita from King Ravan, he needed help to part the humongous body. For this, Ram decided to ask for help from Lord Varun. Being the God of the Cosmos, he could govern aspects of the Universe like the water, sky, oceans and rain, among others. So, the Lord got into a meditation to appease Varun.

He did it for 3 days continuously but to no avail. This angered Ram greatly, and he decided to use violence to get an arrogant Varun to help him. He brought out his mighty bow and pulled through the arrow, which would completely drain the water body. As Ram was about to attack the celestial being of the ocean by drying up the water and killing all the animals, a fearful Varun arose from the waters, seeking forgiveness from the Lord.

Conversation Between Ram and Varun

Ram asked him why the latter decided not to honour his summons of respect. God answered that the query that Ram asked was too complex. He couldn’t find a solution, and out of shame, he didn’t show himself. Upon hearing the reply from Varun, Lord Ram calmed down. Varun’s reply also appeased Ram a bit, so he asked what would be the best course of action to reach Lanka while keeping the Indian Ocean safe. Varun said the only discourse possible is to build a long stone bridge across the ocean to reach the Demon King’s palace.

Ram felt a little unsure, to which the Lord gave him a boon, ‘No being from Ram’s army shall drown while making the bridge’. Thus started the work over the bridge, which has been a physical part of our mythological history for thousands of years.


There you have it, folks! This was the story of Lord Ram getting angry with the God of the Ocean, Varun. This tale shows us that Lord Ram did get angry with the Ocean God for not hearing his respectful summon, but on the other hand, was instantly calm after hearing the reply of the latter. If you liked this blog and want to read more such amazing blogs, then do visit InstaAstro’s website for the same. There, you will be able to read many more such interesting and amazing blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Ram wife?

Sita mata is the wife of Lord Ram.

2. Who was Rama's biggest enemy?

Kalanemi is known to be the biggest enemy of Lord Ram. He is an asur mentioned in the epic of Ramayana a couple of times.

3. Who did Rama reject?

Lord Rama was married to Sita Mata, so he denied Surpanakha.

4. Did Rama curse the sea God?

No, Lord Ram did not curse the sea, God. Lord Ram was angry at Varun for not listening to his request however, when he heard his reason, he was calm.

5. Why did Varun not come out even after Ram's Summon?

The God of the Ocean, Varun, did not come out because he did not have any answer or solution for Lord Ram’s query. Thus he was fearful to come out in front of Lord Ram.

6. Who was real mother of Ram?

Kausalya is the mother of Ram. Lord Ram’s father, Dashrath, had 3 wives – Kausalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra. Ram was the son of Kausalya and Dashrath.

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