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When Lord RAM Got Angry with Varun, God Of Ocean

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The Ram Setu

also known as ‘Adam’s Bridge’, ‘Nala Setu’ or ‘Setu Banda’ has many interesting stories associated with it but this might not be the one you know. When Lord Ram wanted to cross the Indian Ocean to bring back Sita from King Ravan he needed help to part the humongous body.

For this Ram decided to ask help from Lord Varun. Being the God of Cosmos, he could govern aspects of the Universe like the water, sky and oceans and rain among others. So, the Lord got into a meditation to appease Varun. He did it for 3 days continuously but to no avail. This angered Ram greatly and he decided to now use violence to get an arrogant Varun to help him. He brought out his mighty bow and pulled through the arrow which would completely drain the water body.

As Ram was about to bring the onslaught on the celestial being of the ocean -drying up the water and killing all the animals, a demure Varun arose from the waters seeking forgiveness from the Lord.

Ram asked him why the latter decided to not honor his summons of respect. The God answered that the query that Ram asked was too complex. He couldn’t find a solution and out of shame he didn’t show himself. This appeased Ram a bit so he asked what would be the best course of action to reach Lanka while keeping the Indian Ocean safe. Varun said the only discourse possible is to build a long stone bridge across the ocean to reach the Demon King’s palace.

Ram felt a little unsure to which the Lord gave him a boon, ‘no being from Ram’s army shall drown while making the bridge’. Thus started the work over the bridge which has been a physical part of our mythological history for thousands of years.


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