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When Little Lord Krishna Bought Golden Mangoes

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Lord Krishna is known for his immense knowledge and leadership skills, but not many know the mesmerizing stories of the great God’s childhood. One such heartwarming story is that of little Kanha (as he was fondly known), who tried to buy mangoes from a poor fruit seller. Let us know this story in much more detail. The story is as follows: 

Story Of Golden Mangoes

One warm and sunny day in Gokul, little Krishna was expectantly watching Mother Yashoda churn butter. Yashoda knew his clever antics as she smiled at the naughty one eyeing the churning stand from afar. Suddenly, a resounding voice echoed in the gully: ‘Fresh mangoes, come and buy fresh mangoes!’

Krishna’s father, Nandraj, invited the fruit seller to their doorstep, and she unveiled a basket of the juiciest, ripest mangoes anyone had seen that season. The aroma filled the house, making little Krishna’s mouth water uncontrollably. Nandraj immediately went to his storage and brought a bag of grains to exchange for the mangoes. The lady was delighted to receive the grains and gave one basket of juicy mangoes to Krishna’s father. Little Kanha watched with awe as the barter deal was done in front of his eyes. He understood that goods (mangoes in this case) could be exchanged for grains from storage (at the time, this was a more popular way instead of currency).

Krishna’s Run to Get Mangoes 

He ran purposefully to the storage, filled his hands with as much grain as he could and hurried back. The child was careful to completely close his fists so as not to spill any grain. The Little Lord approached the fruit seller, showed his little fists full of grains, and asked, ‘Can I have a few mangoes for myself?’. As he handed over the contents of his tiny fists to the lady, she kept looking at him transfixed. The Little Kahna with soft curly locks, a peacock feather nestled in them, glowing dark skin and eyes that emanated wisdom and twinged with mischief drew out her motherly love. The fruit-seller looked at the innocent and hopeful face of the boy who had just deposited the minute bits of grain in front of her and smiled with affection, ‘Of course, my child.’ She collected that little exchange in her sack and gave Krishna so many mangoes he could hardly carry in his arms.

A delighted Kanha laughed with glee as he ran to show his wager to the ones in the room around him. The lady smiled at the excited boy as she bent to pick up her basket. Lo and behold! All her mangoes had been turned to gold and gems. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at her basket and the people around her. As her eyes met Lord Krishna, he gave her an all-knowing smile, and she came to realise that this was no ordinary child and she had finally met the lord in his most gentle form.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. What are the other names of Lord Krishna?

Some other names of Lord Krishna include Gopal, Madhav, Radha nath, Jagannath, Keshava, and Achyuta.

2. Who was the first Asura Lord krishna Killed?

The first Asura that Lord krishna killed was Bakasura.

3. What are the 16 qualities of Lord Krishna?

The 16 qualities of Lord krishna include compassion, patience, forgiveness, justice, impartiality, detachment, spiritual powers, invincibility, generosity, beauty, dance, singing, honesty, truth, mastery of all arts, and control.

4. What is Lord Krishna favourite fruit?

The favourite fruit of Lord Krishna is Guava and Mango.

5. Which day is associated with Lord Krisha?

Friday is the day that is associated with lord Krishna.

6. Which food is not offered to Krishna?

The food item not offered to Lord Krishna includes any and every tamasic food. This includes Non-vegetarian food items and also alcohol.

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