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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 30th April to 6th May 2023

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Weekly Numerology Predictions

InstaAstro presents you with “Weekly Numerology Predictions by Tarot Swati“. Numbers can reveal a lot about your future; that is why they are called lucky numbers, angel numbers and much more. So let’s look at what your Numerology says about your upcoming week.

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Weekly Numerology Predictions for the upcoming week (30th April to 6th May 2023) are as follows:

Numerology 1

Numerology weekly horoscope indicates that you need to dedicate this week to yourself. Plan for your priorities and work to be done in the upcoming week. Moreover, it’s time to move on from the past and look for a better future.

Your experience with past situations will help you gain confidence for future adversities. Also, this added experience will bring growth in utilising the upcoming opportunities much better. So, yes! Moving forward will be challenging, but you will push yourself to the extent.

You will get this energy from your inner faith and your relationships. As a result, relationships with your loved ones will improve. You will start to appreciate their efforts and make them feel more secure. Moreover, you will find them supporting you with double energy and enthusiasm.

Numerology 1 Predictions

Numerology 2

Numerology 2, the weekly Numerology, predicts that the upcoming week will manifest what you have wanted to have for a long time. Moreover, it will help you create a beautiful future ahead.

If you’ve been going through a time of struggle, then help is on the way. Finally, you can look forward to a time of material and emotional stability.

The past has been tough, but you ultimately went with what was right; now it’s time to enjoy those results and pat yourself on the back for being strong at that time. Universe has also come in your favour as you have been working for a long time. Now, it’s time to see the results and cherish your victory.

Numerology 3

The Weekly Numerology Predictions advises that you must take care of your finances. Otherwise, you would splurge on some unexpected things for the upcoming week.

This week is a better time to go over budget and make big financial decisions. However, if you’re into business and getting a great deal, try to close it up. Moreover, you could invest, but it has to be short-term.

Per your stars, you are advised to keep your job the same. Also, please save money for the future and plan for any significant plans.

Numerology 3 Predictions

Numerology 4

The weekly forecast by date of birth for numerology 4 indicates that the upcoming week will bring opportunities which will change your perspective towards life. Moreover, these opportunities will help you make significant decisions or change your current situation.

Avoid any unnecessary discussions where your presence is not necessary. Instead, try to save up your energy for doing something positive and uplifting. It would be best to focus on your potential as this would help you to restart or begin with positive things in your life.

Also, you may get many offers to make changes in your professional life, which will help you grow. Your connections will increase, which will help you to get more fame and recognition as per your weekly numerology predictions.

Numerology 5

The Vastu numerology 5 predicts that this week will give you time to sit quietly and relish the benefits or rewards of past investments. But, of course, these investments could also be related to your emotional connections or tangible things.

Moreover, this week will allow you to channel your energies more towards a spiritual path. As a result, you will start to appreciate what you have rather than just thinking about what can happen in future. As a result, you will feel calm and balanced for most of the week.

Even in turbulent conditions, you will try to learn how to stay open to emotions and unconscious impulses. Then, you can handle the situation as you get enough emotional support. Also, keeping power and control while balancing your feelings would be best according to your weekly numerology predictions.

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Numerology 6

Per the weekly zodiac sign numerology, your upcoming week will be about conquering your fears. Fears that have not let you own up to success or things you ever wanted but were too afraid to try for them.

The week will not be significant in terms of relationships. However, you may need to focus more as you struggle to see the clear situation. Whatever you feel is true might not be; it’s just a matter of fact.
Get help from the people who you trust and ask them for guidance. It’s not a great week to invest in any business opportunities. This time is more important to be cautious and aware of your competition.

Numerology 6 Predictions

Numerology 7

The weekly numerology predictions state that this week would teach you a lesson to live for yourself first. So don’t do yourself the disservice of betraying your happiness.

If this isn’t working or good enough, it’s time to face reality and make changes for your good. You must make a move if you don’t like something in your life, be it a person or thing.

Certain situations aren’t going to get along with your pace of mind and show how to move forward. In such cases, we must be more strategic to get what we want and desire.

Numerology 8

This week will bring solutions for many of your problems. Anything cluttering your mind unnecessarily will go away or find a proper resolve once and for all. You will get a clear vision and power to find peace and positivity.

There are bright chances of expansion and growth in your personal and professional life. The week asks you for confidence because you can bring any change in your life. Moreover, you have that light within; needed to light up a dark room. So, keep moving forward with the utmost confidence and faith towards your goals and desires.

Numerology 9

For the upcoming week, as per Numerology weekly horoscope, It is advised to be more aware of your competitors. There might be a chance that you may land up in a conspiracy.

You may also feel an emotional detachment, but that’s just a phase, so don’t worry and stay positive. You will be very much enthused to have your professional work done. Moreover, you will have a healthy and good conversation with your partner.

Moreover, you will likely catch up with your old friends and acquaintances. Your ex might also come back into your life, but it’s up to you where you want to take up that relationship.

Numerology 9 Predictions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What does Vastu Numerology mean?

Vastu Shastra and Numerology are two separate and oldest concepts of Astrology. Vastu Shastra deals with directions and how they lead our lives. On the other hand, Numerology is the science related to numbers. When combined to predict something, that term is “Vastu Numerology”.

2. How can I get in touch with an astrologer on InstaAstro?

You may access the official website by searching for “InstaAstro” on Google and selecting the first result. When you arrive at the website, there are now two clickable tabs for both chat and call choices; you can choose one according to your preferences. You can also call our helpline service at the provided number (+91-6366-937-227) if you have any questions.

3. Which Numerology relates the most to the Virgo zodiac?

The Virgo lucky number is six. According to the weekly numerology forecasts, this number will bring you a week where you will be taught a lesson of patience. You will also have to navigate a challenging period in your relationship and terms of your health. However, how you strike a balance between your personal and professional lives is entirely up to you.

4. Are these weekly numerology predictions reliable?

Your horoscope or prediction entirely depends on the person giving it and how much experience s/he has. You can visit us at “” or download our app directly from the PlayStore; InstaAstro has a long record of being the most dependable and satisfied client. Moreover, you could read our weekly horoscope and predictions for free.

5. Does the horoscope change as per a geographical location?

Since Numerology is predicted on numbers, location is mostly irrelevant when a number is concentrated on a signal or representation. As a result, you often have precise numerological predictions for the coming week, whether in Canada or India.

6. How to calculate your Numerology as per weekly numerology predictions?

Numerology could be found based on your date of birth. Suppose your date of birth is: 3/5/1992. First, we will add all the numbers, i.e. (3+5+1+9+9+2=29). In this situation, we again add the number, i.e. (2+9=11). Again we will add the number as we require a single digit number from 1-9 to get an actual numerology, so lastly, we will add (1+1=2). So, now 2 is your final Numerology or lucky number.

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