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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 22nd -28th January 2023

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Weekly Numerology Predictions

InstaAstro brings you Weekly Numerology Predictions. Start your week with an advantage by knowing the events coming up. The predictions are made by our trusted Astrologer, Tarot Swati. You will be ahead of time and other people with this knowledge. Weekly Numerology is beneficial in planning out the week to achieve the most you can in the following days. Learn how to calculate your numerology number, and then read ahead to learn about this week’s Vastu numerology predictions. 

How to calculate your Numerology number

Follow the below steps to know your number.

  1. Let us say you were born on January 12 1995. 
  2. Add the digits of the date(1+2=3), month(0+1=1) and year(1+9+9+5=24).
  3. Now add up the new digits. In this case, the year resulted in 24, so 2+4=6.
  4. Sum up the final numbers, 3+1+6=10. 
  5. Keep adding till you get a single digit, 1+0=1.
  6. The single digit will be your numerology number. 
  7. Read your numerology prediction below and decide on your weekly event accordingly!

Numerology Weekly Horoscope

Numerology 1

This week will bring you balance and mental relaxation. You should enjoy a peaceful week. There are chances of you finding love. You’ll develop a new relationship. If you are already committed, you’ll strengthen that bond. This week will make you feel loved. You and your partner will get a better understanding of each other. You will experience support in your personal and professional life. Home will have a happy environment. There will be a melody of positivity and laughter at home.

Your family will be in favour of you. Ideas and innovation will be filled in your head this week. There are chances of discovering new ways and ventures in your career. Promotion and a salary appraisal are on their way to you. You’ll experience financial upgradation. Health will be in excellent condition. You’ll overcome any mental or physical issues if you’re dealing with them. You’ll feel good energy this week.

Numerology Predictions

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Numerology 2

This is the week to break down all the walls between you and your goals. It would be best if you pushed yourself for the sake of your dreams. This week will support you in your ambition. Although, it is not an auspicious time to invest in any business or other opportunities. It would help if you were careful and attentive towards where your money is going. Beware of your competitors. You should keep polishing your skills to be better than your rivals. This week will not be in favour of your relationship. It will be a tough time for you and your partner as there might be some misunderstandings.

This week you should take the initiative to focus on the issues and situations you have been struggling with. If you still have difficulties, take help from the people you trust. Getting help isn’t a sign of weakness.

Numerology 2 Predictions

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Numerology 3

It will be a smooth week if you start accepting your problems and sorting them out. There is no point in avoiding them. Face them and try your best to find a solution. There are predictions of a lot of confusion. Focus on clearing up your life. If you’re in a mess regarding your career, profession or relationship, you should start working on them this week. It is a good week to continue aligning your mind with how you envision your future. It is advised to practise yoga and meditation for health benefits. 3 is Virgo’s lucky number.

Numerology 3 Predictions

Numerology 4

Females have been struggling with fertility issues. This week will bring you tons of happiness as you will be able to figure out the problem you have been facing. You are going to get medical help from a doctor or find the correct medication for your pregnancy problems. You will get the chance of proper treatments. Good news is on its way! You will have a financial upgrade. Much better work and future opportunities will seek you. Keep your head in the game and keep working hard.

You have earned this promotion. According to the predictions, this week will be blissful for your love life. You will have a stable relationship with your partner. Spend time with them to make them feel loved and cared for as they do for you. 

Numerology 4 Predictions

Numerology 5

There are chances of getting promising proposals. It can be in your love life or career life. You will feel wanted this week. There will be events taking place in your favour but with a catch. These activities need your approval too. If good things happen in the upcoming week, do not stop them. They were meant for you. This does not mean you act unrealistically. Take actions only after pondering upon them. You need to be careful about how to act in your work this week. Try to avoid unnecessary arguments with your colleagues. 

Numerology 5 Predictions

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Numerology 6

Your previous days have been a little rough for you. This week will give you closure on the struggles you have been facing. All your hard work will get paid off this week. You will be able to reap what you have sown. The fruits of success will fill up your tummy. This is the perfect time to pray wholeheartedly and manifest your desires and dreams. You have been very patient and calm about everything in life. This is not bad at all. This peacefulness of yours needs to be carried on for some more time. It will bring happiness to your life after a few days. 

Numerology 6 Predictions

Numerology 7

There is no time for relaxation this week. You should put all your efforts towards what is new in your life. Whatever it is, a new lover, new career, new business project or any other type of new venture, you should use all of your potential and maximise this week’s positive energy. This new thing demands your full attention, and you should not go against it—no need to hold back as you might miss a significant opportunity. Become the best version of yourself in every aspect. You might have to make difficult choices that will cause considerable changes in your life. Think before you act upon them.

Numerology 7 Predictions

Numerology 8

This week’s predictions advise you to start believing in yourself and stop going to and fro on your decisions. Be firm and stick to what you have finalised. Second, there is a need for financial balance in your life. You should constantly check your expenses. Recently, you have been spending money unnecessarily. You should make a routine and follow it. Having a daily schedule keeps you on track, and you will be able to finish all your work in a specific time frame. Third, there is a need to start taking care of your health. Eating proper meals, hydrating yourself, and exercising daily is essential to taking care of your body. There are chances of minor health issues this week if you do not take care of yourself. 

Numerology 8 Predictions

Numerology 9

This week you are advised to act maturely. Unnecessary arguments will cost you. If there is someone whose opinion does not align with yours, leave them alone and avoid indulging with them about it. Do not create conflicts with people around you this week. There are chances of your partner hiding some crucial information from you. You should be careful about it this week. The best way to deal with this is to sit down with them and straight away ask them if you have any doubts or confusion. There is no need to create misunderstandings.

Numerology 9 Predictions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a method of predicting one’s future through numbers. You can find everything, including love life, finances, career, family, health, etc., about your life. There is a simple way to calculate your Numerology. 

How can I find my numerology number?

You need to sum up the digits of your birth date, month and year. Keep adding till you find a single digit. The single digit will be your numerology number. 

What is the most powerful number in Numerology?

Numbers 11, 22 and 33 are very powerful. In astrology and Numerology, these numbers are considered master numbers. Therefore, seeing these numbers is a sign of great energy. 

What is the lucky number for libra?

Libra’s lucky numbers are 1,2, and 7. Libras are born between September 22 to October 23. They are known for their friendly, jolly nature. The best way to describe them is comfortable and wholesome. Libras like to live conflict-free. But this can also negatively impact them as they avoid confrontation and are caught up in problematic situations. 

Why is 7 a lucky number? 

7 is considered a magical number. It brings prosperity and happiness to the native. Those who are born on the 7th are considered to be very spiritually connected.  

Where should I read the weekly forecast by date of birth?

After calculating your numerology number, you should read your weekly Numerology and zodiac sign predictions on the InstaAstro website. It is accurate and trustworthy. The information comes straight from our Astrologers.

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