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Weekly Horoscope Predictions: 8th – 14th January 2023

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Weekly Horoscope Predictions

InstaAstro brings the horoscope for coming week on Sundays directly from our Astrologer. Reading your weekly horoscope by date of birth prepares you for the hurdles and obstacles ahead in the week. It also motivates you to work harder as you get to know all the positivity the week will bring. These weekly predictions look bright and cheerful for a lot of you. So read ahead to learn more about how your week will go and what you should do to use this week to its full potential. 

The Weekly Horoscope of the upcoming days

1. Aries 

According to Aries weekly horoscope, this week looks promising and full of opportunities. This is a good time for business as there will be constant money inflow. However, you should still not be too boastful about it. Aries will experience a week of excellent health. These weekly astrology predictions suggest Aries should make contact with their loved ones. Family, friends and your partner wish to feel closer to you this week, and you will benefit from it too. It will be a week of positivity and good vibes. 


2. Taurus 

As heard-headed as Taurus’ are, they should spend quality time with their loved ones this week. This is the week for you to start recovering your debts. Additionally, to that, you will experience money inflow very soon. Although, you are strictly advised to refrain from creating a new venture this week. You need to be careful and keep a check on your words. Speak of good, and good fortune will prevail. 


3. Gemini 

Gemini weekly horoscope looks very bright. Your dreams are about to come, so keep working towards them. This week, there will be important discussions in your family. Do not try to run away from them or the responsibility which might fall on you. Respect and wealth are predicted to flourish. Your health will be perfect this week. To put a cherry on top, your mother will also experience excellent health.  

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4. Cancer

There is a lot of stress and mental burden on Cancer this week. Cancer weekly horoscope states that they will experience heavy tension in their business. Yet, despite all the mental pressure, your health will be top-notch. You should not let this get to you because this week will be lucky for you in your career. Remember, you win some while you lose some.  


5. Leo

Leo weekly horoscope shows a very optimistic and productive week. As Leos are known to be confident and the centre of all the attention, this week will be able to give them that. Leos will be physically fit and mentally content this week. It is a great week for new beginnings. Making new habits this week may result in them becoming successful habits. Leos stuck in legal matters should keep a positive approach this week. 

6. Virgo

What’s the point of stressing over something from the past? This week’s horoscope advises Virgo to let go of previous stress and worries. You should meet your old friends and refresh the sweet memories of the past. Helping is a noble cause and lending a hand when needed to relatives improves your relationship with them. Virgo should help out their family members. Virgo weekly horoscope advises you to be financially cautious. Attentiveness goes a long way. 

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7. Libra

This week will be tough for Libra to avoid conflicts with friends and family. According to the Libra weekly horoscope, controlling your anger in conflict is the best way to go about this. You should not act out of your impulses and rethink before saying something in an argument. Although on the professional front, your work will be appreciated. Keep up the hard work up, and it will pay off!

8. Scorpio

The Scorpio weekly horoscope states that it’s an excellent week for you. All the good fortune is on its way for you. You will be lucky in love this week. The ones married will experience peace and comfort with their partners. The upcoming week will result in financial growth. It is an excellent time to expand your business. It will be a lucky week for Scorpio. You should enjoy it to the fullest.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you should look forward to some fascinating news. First, this week will bring monetary wellness. Make sure to be grateful for the wealth that comes your way. Second, this week has the chance of going on a trip! So look forward to that or think ahead and start planning it with your loved one. Third, your family will bring happiness to your home. You should be thankful for all the support they give. 

10. Capricorn

Laziness is the root of all evil in you. Capricorns need to let go of their laziness. This astrology weekly horoscope states that you will face some problems with your career. This does not mean you should panic about your professional image; things will fall back into place as the predictions also state you will have good relations with your colleagues. On the other hand, you should expect good relations with your family. 

11. Aquarius 

In today’s world, money is an essential factor in happiness, and for Aquarius, this week will be great for monetary and financial work. However, as the Aquarius weekly horoscope says, there are high chances of some tasks being left incomplete. Don’t let this upset you, as you will get many opportunities to do them in future. It is a fun and physically pleasurable week for you. Make sure to respect and make your partner feel loved. Your home’s environment will be positive and full of laughter. 

Aquarius Horoscope

12. Pisces 

Pisces should be careful this week and be cautious of their enemies. They should avoid interacting with them. It is advisable to visit a holy place. According to the Pisces weekly horoscope, visit the nearby mandir and pray wholeheartedly. You should be dedicated to your work. Good input yields even better output. Do not worry; your work will be recognised and appreciated. This week has promises to bring great news for Pisces women from their paternal families.

Pisces Horoscope

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be the lucky week for Taurus this week?

The upcoming week will be lucky for Taurus in money and inflow of finances. It is a good time to start recovering debts. Although, Taureans are advised not to create a new venture in professional or personal fields. 

How will Scorpio’s love life be this week?

Scorpios are known to be passionate and loyal partners. They are admired in their social group in aspects of love life. So expect nothing less from them this week. This will be a fantastic week for Scorpio in the element of love. The married ones will have a fruity week. And the ones unmarried have very high chances of getting into a successful relationship

Is this a good week for Virgo?

It can be a rewarding week for Virgo if they let go of past stress and issues. However, for this week to be successful, Virgo needs to learn how to let bygones be bygones. Virgo should also be financially attentive and focus on their money inflow.

Where can I find a free weekly horoscope?

InstaAstro updates weekly horoscope and tarot reading. This information and predictions come straight from our astrologers. This weekly horoscope is free of cost; you can find it at the start of every week on the blog section of the InstaAstro website. 

How is Cancer’s business condition this week?

Cancer will face some tension in their business. You do not need to panic. Believe in yourself and trust your sound-thought decisions. Make the most out of this week.  

Is reading weekly astrology beneficial for me?

Knowing about the predictions according to your zodiac sign gives you a head start on the week. This benefits you as you know how to make the most of your week. Preparedness has never hurt someone. 

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