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Weekly Horoscope Predictions: 12th February-18th February 2023

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Weekly Horoscope Predictions

Your wait for the weekly horoscope for the coming week is over. InstaAstro has once again come up with weekly horoscope predictions by Astro Dinkar. You are thinking of investing your money somewhere. But wondering if it would be beneficial. Or you may have appeared for the entrance exam for your dream college and are unsure about next week’s results.

No one can be saved from the ambiguity the future holds. Wouldn’t it be great if you got to know how your next will be? Sit back and relax and find out what surprises this coming week holds for you. 

Weekly Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth 

1. Aries weekly astrology 

Welcome to the weekly horoscope predictions, Aries. If you are wondering what this coming week holds for you, congrats, you are in a treat. The coming week seems good for your pocket, Arians, as you will likely get unexpected gains in your business. Now talking about your personal life, your relationship with your family members may improve. You are likely to get their support in your every decision. Your spouse or partner may also be the reason for the wide smile on your face. 

Aries Weekly Horoscope

2. Taurus weekly astrology 

Taurus, as per your weekly horoscope predictions, your good demeanour will make people around you happy and satisfied. So even if you are lagging in your work, next week will bring a certain pace. As long as financial matters are concerned, nothing can stop you from bringing home bacon. All in all, next week seems like a good time for your professional, love and personal life. 

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3. Gemini weekly astrology 

Geminis, get ready to add some people to your friends list, as you will likely make good friends as per weekly horoscope predictions. Also, being a parent, you may receive good news from your child. As per weekly astrology predictions, your hard work is going to pay you off. So, let us talk about whether you will make any financial profit this coming week. When it comes to the matter of money or finance, the natives of this zodiac sign are always considered blessed. So, this coming week will not disappoint you financially. 

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

4. Cancer weekly astrology 

Cancers, your wait for a free weekly horoscope ends here. This week you will witness some quality and memorable moments with your life partner. Even if your partner has been distant from you for quite some time, this coming week will increase the closeness between you two. Your children may plan a small picnic with their friends. Have patience and wait for the golden opportunity for your career. 

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5. Leo weekly astrology 

This coming week comes with a stroke of good luck for those who are looking for job opportunities. So, Leos, if you have been unemployed for quite some time and searching for a job, say no more. Now, let’s discuss the overall energy this week poses. Weekly astrology predicts that energy and enthusiasm will not leave your side this whole week. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope

6. Virgo weekly astrology 

Welcome to the astrology weekly horoscope Virgos. The natives of this zodiac sign will be the most active in social gatherings, as you may have to attend a party or a wedding ceremony this coming week. In addition, some new opportunities in the form of a new job are waiting for you this week. 

At last, let us talk about the suggestions that will keep you away from all sorts of worry this week. Your weekly predictions suggest that investing or lending your money might put a burn in your pocket. So think twice before taking any step in matters of money and property.

7. Libra weekly astrology 

Libras, get ready to spice up your relationship with your partner, as this week seems suitable for your love life. So, don’t forget to take time from your tight schedule and spend quality time with your partner. 

In addition, recognition and appreciation from your boss may bring a bright smile to your face. Not only this, there seems to be a golden period for your career as this week brings new avenues of progress. Meeting people who genuinely care for you will improve this week. 

Libra Weekly Horoscope

8. Scorpio weekly astrology 

Now is the time to discuss weekly horoscope predictions for Scorpio. Scorpions, next week is a charm if you have been longing for appreciation from your senior or boss for the hard work you put in. In other words, your wait for recognition at work seems to end as you will receive accolades at your workplace. Jumping into your social life looks normal as you may participate in social gatherings such as a party or a simple get-together. 

9. Sagittarius weekly astrology 

The natives of this zodiac sign may achieve a professional milestone. They may get recognition for their work or a new responsibility based on their hard work. 

Now let’s talk about the suggestions that will keep you content this week. First, let’s start with your relationship; it is suggested to avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner as it may cause a problem in your love nest. The next suggestion is related to your professional life. Trying hustle culture and increasing your income will benefit you in the long run.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 

10. Capricorn weekly astrology 

Capricorns, your horoscope for the coming week says that you may struggle with some issues in your professional life. This issue can come in the form of a new project that seems foreign to you. However, asking for guidance from your colleagues or seniors at work is suggested. On the bright side, this coming week seems good for those in service, as they will meet a new order or a project that will help them grow professionally. There is no need to worry about your relationship with your spouse and family partner, as it seems normal. 

11. Aquarius weekly astrology 

The next stop on our list of weekly horoscope predictions is this air sign, Aquarius. So let us talk about how lucky this coming week is for you. Nothing in the week can stop you from being happy and content. 

For those in business, everything remains the same. If, for some time, your married life has been facing a rough patch, don’t worry; this coming week, situations will get better. 

Astrologers also see some new beginnings in terms of work. In other words, the natives of this zodiac sign may start a new project or work with great enthusiasm. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

12. Pisces weekly astrology 

Good luck and fortune seem to be by your side, Pisceans. Why? As per the astrological predictions, the natives of this zodiac sign are likely to meet important and influential personalities this week. 

Besides this, if there is incomplete work in your list that you have been waiting to complete, the coming week will solve that problem too. And if you are thinking of investing your money in real estate, consider this week as a green light. Therefore, investing your money in the property will bring promising results for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the best page for weekly astrology predictions? 

If you are looking for weekly horoscope predictions, and that too for free, don’t be shy and visit our website never to miss an update on weekly forecasts. 

What is the best form of astrology? 

Of all the different forms of astrology, such as western astrology, modern astrology, Vedic astrology is said to be the best of all. This is because of its holistic approach, longevity, and ability to provide detailed and accurate life predictions. 

Who created the horoscope?

The origin of the horoscope dates back to ancient Babylon and Greece. Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos is said to be the inventor of the horoscope seventeen hundred years ago. 

What are the two types of horoscopes? 

Tropical and sidereal astrology are two different systems of astrology that are used to create a horoscope or a birth chart for an individual. Tropical astrology uses the tropical zodiac, which is based on the sun position and the earth. This system uses fixed zodiac signs. On the other hand, sidereal astrology is based on the position of the sky and the stars. 

Which birth month is the luckiest? 

If the various sources are to be believed, the month of May is considered to be the luckiest birth month of all. On the other hand, however, people born in October are said to be the unluckiest. 

Which is the king of all zodiac signs? 

We are aware of all the twelve zodiac signs in astrology. But have you ever wondered who the king of all zodiac signs is? The fire sign, Leo, is said to be the king of all zodiac signs. This is because Leos and Lions have the same personality traits, which is why Leos are called the king of zodiacs. 

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