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Weekly Career Predictions: 5th February to 11th February 2023

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Weekly Career Predictions

Welcome to the weekly career predictions based on your date of birth. CAREER. We bet that this word is the reason for the nightmares of many. No one loves to be asked about career or future plans by our nosy relatives and neighbours, right? You have probably encountered such a situation once in your life. When it comes to career, there are two types of people—one with a clear picture and plan imprinted in their mind about their career. And for others, career is still the biggest question mark in their life. 

If you belong to the second category, don’t worry. InstaAstro has come to your rescue. Rely on our Astro Rajiv, as today he has come up with free astrology predictions for career. Will I get a job in my dream company? Is now the correct time to switch my career? Scroll down and put a full stop to all such questions about your career. 

Weekly Career Predictions by date of birth 

Are you also one of those who often seem clueless about your career? Wouldn’t it be great if you got a free career prediction? Scroll through to get your weekly career horoscope according to your birth date. 

1. Aries Career Predictions 

Aries, cheer up! Why? Because this week’s career horoscope has come up with good news. If you have recently appeared for a job interview and are waiting for the results, then don’t worry. You have aced the interview, and now is the time to wait for HR’s call. According to the predictions, you may receive positive results this week. 

Aries Career Predictions 

2. Taurus Career Predictions 

Next in the line of career horoscope is this fixable sign, Taurus. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a busy ride. Your weekly career predictions say that your work will keep you busy for the whole week. You will welcome this week with tons of work and may have to face some struggles as you have put a lot of iron in the fire. Some of you are trying to juggle between your pending work and future projects. Don’t make your work your utmost priority try to make time for yourself and take short breaks. 

3. Gemini Career Predictions 

Geminis, if you still wonder where to get a horoscope about my career, then not anymore. Here you will need all the information about your career. 

You love your job but still feel stuck. If you are thinking of switching jobs for better career prospects and growth, now is the time to take the big step. Yes, you read it right. So, take this as a green flag from the spirits. Some of you are skeptical about whether changing your jobs will benefit you in the long term. Don’t worry; apply for the job that suits your job profile the most, and your spirits will take care of the rest. And if you are worried about the sudden change in your career, relax as a mutable sign that you know how to adapt to the changes. 

Gemini Career Predictions 

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4. Cancer Career Predictions 

Despite giving your one hundred per cent at work, you still crave appreciation from your boss. You worked hard for the whole week on a project, but your colleague or boss took the credit for your hard work. And you are sitting there hoping to get noticed by your team. Unfortunately, according to the career horoscope predictions for Gemini, you may have to face the same situation for the whole week. 

5. Leo Career Predictions 

This coming week is not a good time for your competitors and enemies. As per your weekly career predictions, your opponents have been longing for an opportunity to defeat you at work. But your intelligence and wittiness will take centre stage and make them remember this defeat for ages. 

Also, if you are stressed about something at work, now is the time to relax, as the coming week will come as a permanent solution to your problem. 

Leo Career Predictions 

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6. Virgo Career Predictions 

Your hard work and perseverance may work in your favour as you may get appreciation at work. Also, for some of you, new opportunities await you as you will get a new job offer this week. So, you will be entering this week with a wide and bright smile. Not only this, but those in business may get some new work opportunities in the form of contracts. 

7. Libra Career Predictions 

Libras rejoice! As this coming week has stored something special for you. According to the weekly career predictions, now is when your hard work pays off because you will likely get a promotion. And for the Libra who are in business, you will get good news too. 

Libra Career Predictions 

8. Scorpio Career Predictions 

This coming week you may have to travel somewhere related to work. Your predictions reveal that you have been stressed over work for some time, but this will not be the case anymore as you will not be devoid of entertainment. Taking part in fun activities at work will keep your stress at bay. 

9. Sagittarius Career Predictions 

Procrastinators in the house need to pay close attention to this week’s career horoscope. Why? Your stars predict that you have been avoiding a certain task for a long time, and if you do not complete it by the end of this week, you may have to bear the consequences. To avoid this situation, it is advised to work according to your plan. 

Sagittarius Career Predictions 

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10. Capricorns Career Predictions 

All those in business need to be more cautious this week, as your negligence at work may lead you to financial loss. Avoid making any unnecessary or unplanned transactions in business. Also, someone at work appears to be your ally but has hidden ulterior motives for you. Therefore, it would be best if you were extra cautious with the people around you. 

11. Aquarius Career Predictions 

Aquarians in the business, get ready to rejoice as good luck and prosperity are coming your way. Your weekly career predictions reveal that if you are doing jobs, you will likely receive a job offer at the end of this week. 

Aquarius Career Predictions 

12. Pisces Career Predictions 

Last in the list of free career horoscope predictions is this water sign, Pisces. You need to be strong if you are in business, as this coming week will put a hole in your pockets. In other words, you may have to incur a monetary loss in your business. It is advised to think before taking any step. Now moving to the Pisceans who have jobs, this week may keep you super busy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where can I get an online horoscope prediction for career? 

We know that the Internet is a home for several career horoscope predictions websites. But it makes your head spin thinking about which websites to trust. But we at InstaAstro give you accurate career predictions, and that too for free. Click here to get weekly career predictions as per your zodiac sign.

Which zodiac signs will be lucky in 2023? 

Out of all the twelve zodiac signs, Scorpio, Gemini, and Libra are the ones who will shine the most this year, as luck seems to be by their side. However, zodiacs such as Leo, Aquarius and Pisces have to struggle this year, as 2023 could be rough for them. 

Can astrology predict my job horoscope? 

The answer is YES. Astrology can predict your career or job horoscope. This prediction is based on your birth date, time and place. In addition, astrologers predict what career choices can be beneficial for you or what career choices will make you suffer professionally. 

Which planet is known for a good career? 

Just like Venus is known as the planet of God, Rahu is known as the planet of mischief. Have you ever thought about which planet is responsible for your career? Of all the planets, Saturn is the one known as the planet for your career. If you want to shine professionally, now you know what planet to please.

Known as Karma Karaka, if Saturn is placed in a good position in your kundali, nothing can stop you from succeeding. However, if placed in the wrong position, this malefic planet is enough for you to taste failure. 

Which house indicates career? 

Among all the twelve houses in Vedic astrology, the 10th house is responsible for your career, fame and success. Why? The 10th house depicts your karma bhava, which means the 10th house takes care of the actions you take for your career. 

Which planet causes a delay in career? 

Delays in career, job, and marriage are caused by none other than the malefic planets, also known as Chayagrahas, Rahu and Ketu. In our recent blogs, we talked about these two bodiless planets’ controls over life. Since the 10th house is known as the house of career, so if Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 10th house of your kundali, you better be prepared for some obstacles that may come your way in the form of delays in your career. 

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