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Vastu For Office: A Way To Attract Prosperity & Productivity 

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Vastu For Office

Ever felt that the dull and negative vibes of your office are affecting your productivity? Say hello to the principles of Vastu Shastra, a secret weapon for your success. Maybe you are missing out on the basics of Vastu for office to attract prosperity and productivity!

Whether you are a boss or a part of the team, using these simple vastu tips for office can make a real difference. So, this is your golden chance to transform the experience of your 9-5 job into something more fun and prosperous! Here are the simple yet effective Vastu tips to enhance your energy and productivity and invite success into your organisation. 

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Basics of Vastu for Office 

Has changing the walls of your office or the direction of your workplace ever made a difference? The answer is a big YES, as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. So, the magic called Vastu Shastra teaches you the basics to transform your life drastically just by following some simple steps. 

1. Entrance Placement 

As per Muhurata Chintamani, one should always avoid building the entrance or the main door of the office in the extreme corner. Such placement of the main entrance brings several uninvited problems, such as health issues for employees, loss of business, or poor performance of the employees. 

Moving along the entrance should not be in the middle of the office. If your office’s main entrance is in the middle, then there is a high risk of business closure, according to the Samrangan Sutrodhar. 

  • Listen from the expert: As per the Vastu Shastra experts, if the main entrance of the office is in the extreme corner, then moving it forward or backward would work perfectly. On the other hand, the middle entrance door should be moved either left or right. 

2. Seating Arrangement as per Employees’s profiles 

When it comes to how the ideal sitting arrangement in the office looks, Vastu Shahstra’s principles play a huge role. The Vastu Shastra experts follow the principles of ‘Gaj Prust’ principles to promote peace, happiness and growth in the workplace. This principle is mentioned in the Vastu Ratnakar and Jyotir essay and talks about certain directions people working in an office should follow. 

Office Vastu Sitting Position as per Employees’ Profile 


Kona of the Office 


South-West, West, North-West 

Naritya Kona and Vayavya Kona 

Finance Department 

North  Ishan Kona 
R&D Department/ Innovation South-West, West 

Naritya Kona 

Marketing/ Media/ PR


Ishan Kona 

HR Department  East 

Agni Kona and Ishan Kona 

3. Colours and Decor 

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, each colour sends a different energy to our subconscious mind, affecting our lives positively or negatively. So, from choosing the best direction to sit in office to choosing the right colours for the office as per the departments, vastu shastra covers it all. So, exploring the right colour for your office or workplace can create a peaceful and harmonious environment. 

  • The managerial position of the office, such as CEO, MD, or Manager’s office/cabin, should be either yellow or pink. As per the Vastu tips for office, the colour yellow enhances their decision-making skills and provides positivity. And the colour pink promotes the energies of peace and harmony. 
  • The finance or accounts department should incorporate the shades of green in the workplace. This is because the colour green associated with growth, money and power. Moreover, the lord of wealth, as per Hindu mythology, Lord Kuber, also favours the colour green. 
  • The conference room, meeting room, or HR department of the office should be in lighter tones such as white, cream, beige, or light yellow. This is because all these colours would bring in the energies of positivity and encourage them to work hard and collaborate effectively. All this is because it creates an atmosphere where they can make productive decisions. 

The Office Vastu Chart 

Departments in Office 

Best Direction to Sit in Office 

Educational Department/ Government Sector

East Facing 

Pharma Industry

South Facing
Oil-Gas/PR Business 

West Facing 

Financial Sector 

North Facing 

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4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Magic of Vastu Shastra 

Imagine the moment you step inside your office; all the worries go away and fill you with lots of excitement to make your day productive! Well, that’s the magic of Vastu Shastra, bringing all the positivity in and kicking stress out. But do your office, too need a touch of Vastu Shastra? Here are the top 4 reasons that will convince you to bring the magic of Vastu to your workplace: 

1. Enhanced Productivity 

While working, problems such as lack of concentration or productivity are something that everyone must face. So, Vastu Shastra’s principles solve this problem by one of its benefits. Sitting in the north or east direction increases the flow of positive energy into your office enhancing your productivity. 

2. Invites Positive and Friendly Work Environment

Nobody wants a tense or negative work environment. Right? Vastu Shastra makes sure that by following some easy principles or steps, your office becomes a friendly workplace where only positive and happy energies are welcomed. Making your employees sit in the Ishan Kona or the northeast direction solves problems such as stress or conflicts at work. 

3. Financial Prosperity and Success 

If your office struggles with temporary money problems or finds it difficult to complete the targets, then Vastu Shastra is here to help you. Making use of the north, northeast direction (Ishan Kona) of your office leads to financial success and prosperity. Not only this, but it also solves other money problems such as stagnant growth, debts or losses. 

4. Brings Harmony and Reduces Conflicts 

Last but not least is the reason why one must apply Vastu Shastra principles to his office, i.e. harmony, peace and no unnecessary conflicts. For example, incorporating shades of green colour on the office interior promotes healthy and positive professional relationships. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the best direction to sit in office?

Vastu Shastra’s principles believe that the best direction to sit in the office is the North direction. If the people working in the sales department sit in the North facing direction, then it is believed that their sales and profits it

2. Which direction should your desk face?

The face of the work desk should always face the ‘Naritya Kona’, a.k .a. the Southwest direction. Doing this will balance out all the upcoming obstacles and invite positive energy into a person’s life.

3. Which Vastu is good for office?

Working towards the direction of north or east eliminates the negative energy around the employee and welcomes positive energy. This direction is also considered auspicious for the monetary gains and increases the sales and profits for the company.

4. Is South facing sitting in office good or bad?

To attract name, fame and reputation, the south direction is said to be the best as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. So, people who want to increase their productivity and attract success, must always sit facing the south direction in their offices.

5. What should be kept on the office desk for productivity and positivity?

If a person wants to boost his productivity and invite positive energy to his workplace, then he must be surrounded by Water elements such as a water jug. Along with this, keeping plants (preferably bamboo plants) or a picture of the globe shows positive results within no time.

6. Which is the best office vastu sitting position?

As per Vastu Shastra rules and principles, the best office vastu sitting position is north or west direction. This is because the directions north and west are said to be magnets for positivity and wealth, as per the Vastu Shastra.

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