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Valentine's Day prediction For Horoscope

Have you ever fallen in love? Who are we kidding here? Well, of course, you have. Nothing in this world can ever beat the feeling of looking at your ‘special one’ for the first time or holding their hands. Right? We bet these lines have taken you back in the memory of when you first fell in love, the first time you held their hands or the first time you went on a date. However, now it is time to know about this 2024 Valentine’s Day. Tune in to know what surprises are coming your way this Valentine’s Day. 

What to Expect this Valentine’s Day 2024?

We all want to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day. We all want to know what this day will be like for us. It is now time to know what this Valentine’s Day holds for the natives of each zodiac sign. Read below to know more about the same. 

1. Aries (21 March – 19 April)

First on the list of zodiac signs is Aries. Aries, it is time to find your own wings and be your own cupid. If you sit down and wait for a miracle, then nothing will ever happen in your love life. If you are single, then go and confess your love to your crush. Enough of being in one-sided relationships. Your stars predict to take centre stage and be vocal about your emotions. 

Valentine's Day Horoscope aries zodiac sign

2. Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Taurus, cheer up! Finally, Cupid has been showering blessings upon you. If you are tense about your love life right now, then don’t worry. The god of love, Cupid, is finally by your side. For the singles valentine’s week, all your fantasies are going to come true. And the ones who are committed, this Valentine’s Day, you will find that lost spark in your relationship.

Valentine's Day prediction for Taurus

3. Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

Let us talk about what this Valentine’s Day has stored for this mutable sign. Instead of looking forward, your stars suggest you look back at the past. There may be a person in your life with whom you had a cosmic connection, but they are not in your life anymore. Unfortunately, your belief in divine intervention did not turn out well with this connection. Rather than spending your Valentine’s Day alone or with a complete stranger, you can spend it with someone who used to be special. 

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4. Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Cancers, this Valentine’s Day, have come up with a chance to express the feelings you have held in your heart for so long. You fear expressing your true feelings might upset your partner, but don’t worry. As per the astrological predictions, your partner will know where you are coming from and acknowledge them. Also, don’t forget to take your partner on a romantic candle-lit dinner this Valentine’s Day. 

5. Leo (23 July – 22 August)

February is the month of love. Like everyone, you are waiting for the entry of love into your life. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Love will find a way’? Single Leos need to believe in the universe and wait for their moment to come. Let’s hop onto the committed Leos. There are two Bs that you need to include in your love book. The first is balance, and the other is boundaries. 

valentine's day prediction for leo

No need to feel guilty about setting certain boundaries in a relationship. The bottom line is despite the fact that you are in a relationship, in the end, you both are two individuals living different sets of lives. As per the astrological predictions, things can go south if you don’t learn about how to create a balance between your work life and personal life.  

6. Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Who said that Valentine’s Day is only for the love birds? Is there any compulsion that only couples could go on a date? No, right? Virgos, it is time to pamper yourself and go on a solo date. Book a spa session or go for a movie this Valentine’s Day. 

7. Libra (23 September – 23 October)

If astrology intrigues you, then you must be aware that this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. We don’t have to explain now how your Valentine’s Day will be this year. The natives of this zodiac sign worship perfectionism. Moreover, this trait can also be seen in the way they express their love to their partner. If they plan something special for their partner, they want it to be perfect. Show your perfectionism this Valentine’s Day, and make your partner fall for you harder. 

8. Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Meet the zodiac sign who are old schools. Recite a poem to them or sing their favourite song, and you will see them melting right in front of you. However, you need to pay attention to your partner’s needs this week. Because if you don’t do so, your paradise might come in trouble. 

valentine day prediction for Scorpio

9. Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Folks, unlike Taurus, Sagittarius is not the sun sign you will impress with luxury. Your actions should show passion, loyalty and true love. If you gift a branded watch or a handbag to your partner who is a Sagittarius, it will bring a smile to your face, but they will not find it heart-touching. Do you want to know a secret? Sagittarius are such pure souls that even if you sing a song for them, it will make their day. 

10. Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Next in the line is Capricorn. Talking about their personality traits first, Capricorns are more practical people. They don’t believe in romantic dates or dinners. It is their belief that if you truly love a person, it should reflect in your actions. So, if your partner is a Sagittarius, doing all the things they love is enough to make them soon over you. 

11. Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

One of the personality traits of this zodiac sign is that they are private people. This is why they have difficulty sharing their feelings easily. But when they do, they do it worth remembering. Based on your personality, instead of taking out your partner on a romantic dinner, you can enjoy the same at home. 

valentine day prediction for Aquarius 

12. Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Born with the gift of compassion, Pisces is the zodiac sign that is hopeless romantics. At the same time, you still have fears held in your heart. The fear of being judged by your partner is what haunts you. This is why you keep a wall between you and your emotions. But folks, your stars predict that Valentine’s Day is the day you let them out and talk freely with your partner. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who is the God of Valentine's Day?

Cupid is known as the Roman god of love. If several myths are to be believed, Cupid was the son of Mercury and Venus (the goddess of love). Whereas, in Greek mythology, Euros is said to be the god of love.

2. Which King started Valentine's Day?

Most of us are aware that Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate your love. But don’t you ever think about who was the first person to start this ritual? To your surprise, Valentine’s Day was started by King Henry VII of England in 1537.

3. Who is the planet of love in astrology?

Have you ever wondered if there is any planet for love? To your surprise, there is a planet in astrology which is called ‘the planet of love’. Now, before you make any guesses, let us tell you that the planet is none other than Venus. Do you know that the planet Venus got its name from the goddess of love, Venus?

4. Which day is 7 Feb to 14 Feb?

It is not hidden from anyone that 7 Feb to 14th Feb is marked as Valentine’s Day week. People in love celebrate this whole week with their partner by exchanging gifts such as teddies, roses, chocolates etc.

5. 10th February is celebrated as what day?

In the Valentine’s week list, 10th February is celebrated as ‘Teddy Day’ by love birds. Besides Valentine’s week, 10th February is celebrated as National Cream Cheese Brownie Day and National Umbrella Day.

6. Which day is the break-up day?

Do you know that February is not just the month for lovebirds? Instead, the month of February is also for singles or for heartbroken people. A week after Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the break-up day. So, folks, if you are the ones who are waiting for the right time to end your relationship, do it on 21st February.

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