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What is Vaidhavya or Widow Yoga in Horoscope?

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Vaidhavya or Widow Yoga

Are you facing problems in your paradise? Well, not every time you should blame a lack of understanding, respect or support in your relationship. Sometimes, the stars or planets seated up above the sky are the ones responsible for a rough patch in your married life. Meet Vaidhavya, or widow yoga in astrology, responsible for problems in your married life. One of the bad yogas in astrology, Vaidhavya yoga even hints at the possibility of early widowhood or problems in your paradise.

From decoding its meaning and planetary combinations that shape Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope, we have got everything covered. So, what are you holding out for? Let us take a deep dive and ensure the ways to protect yourself from this malefic yoga in your horoscope.

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What is Widow Yoga in Astrology? 

It is time to meet one of the malefic and bad yogas in astrology: Vaidhavya or Widow Yoga. What happens in Vaidhavya yoga? Does it make a woman a widow? Let us look at all such questions through the lens of astrology. First things first, the presence of Vaidhavya yoga in someone’s kundali indicates a strong chance of losing their husband and becoming a widow. But it does not always revolve around widowhood.

Some planetary combinations that give birth to Vaidhavya yoga can open doors to problems in married life. Either your partner will suffer from serious health issues, or you will suffer from unnecessary fights or arguments with your spouse as per astrological beliefs. 

But wait for the little twist to enter the scene. If you think that Vaidhavya or widow yoga in astrology is only about malefic and inauspicious stuff, you could not be more wrong.  Beyond all the malefic things, Vaidhavya yoga can bless someone with financial stability and good relationships and keep your partner’s physical health all fine. 

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How to Detect Vaidhavya Yoga in Horoscope? 

Vaidhavya, or widow yoga in astrology, can be identified through the presence of several planetary combinations in an individual’s life. These combinations indicate challenges in married life, health issues of someone’s partner, or maybe widowhood. So, let us break down all these planetary combinations one by one: 

Vaidhavya Yoga Indicators 


Mars Aspect in the 7th House 

When planet Mars decides to rest in the 7th house in a person’s horoscope. Also, when it gets 3rd or 7th aspect from Saturn. 

Weak 7th House Lord 

If the ruling planet is weak in the 7th house or is under the strong influence of Saturn and Mars 

Lord of 7th House Aspects Saturn and Mars 

When the ruler of the 7th house casts its influence on Saturn and Mars 

Mars Affliction in the 2nd or 7th House of a Woman 

If Mars is seated in the 2nd house while affected by Saturn’s 3rd or 7th aspect. Or if Mars is located in the 7th lord in 12th house 

Analysis of 7th House for Husband’s Characteristics

A simple analysis of a woman’s horoscope’s 7th house to understand the husband’s age and health. Along with this, the position of the planet Venus or Shukra is seen. 

Presence of Malefic Planets in the 7th House 

When the malefic planets are found in the 7th house, such as Mars 

Effective Remedies for Widow Yoga in Kundali 

Is there any way to battle Vaidhavya yoga in the horoscope? Can performing some remedies change your martial destiny? Well, the answer is YES. We have come up with some simple and effective remedies that can help you face the inauspicious Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope. 

  • Do you know that worshipping Lord Shiva can help you fight the negative effects of widow yoga in astrology? Married and non-married women can worship Lord Shiva regularly to get rid of this yoga from their kundali. 
  • If a woman discovers the presence of Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope, she should worship Mangala Gauri for five years. Doing this will not only get her the blessings of Goddess Mangala Gauri but also will end the harmful effects of widow yoga from her birth chart.
  • Another remedy says an unmarried woman should perform a ‘Kumbh Vivah’ before her actual marriage. As per Hindu tradition, first, the bride is married to the idol of Lord Vishnu. After the rituals, the idol of Lord Vishnu is immersed in a water body such as a river, lake, etc. 
  • Along with this, affixing mango leaves daily on the main entrance of the house also helps in mitigating the harmful effects of one of the bad yogas in astrology. However, this remedy also says to change the dried mango leaves and use the fresh ones after 15 days. 
  • Married women who have Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope should worship and perform remedies related to the planets Mars (Mangal) and Saturn(Shani). It is believed that doing so will take care of the malefic effects caused by widow yoga in kundali. 

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Well, that’s a wrap on one of the bad yogas in astrology: Vaidhavya Yoga. If you have recently discovered the presence of widow yoga in your kundali, remember this inauspicious yoga can be taken care of with some effective remedies. So, it is you who can change the whole situation by performing remedies and prayers to the Almighty. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which planet is responsible for widowhood?

The planetary placement of Mars or Mangal in 8th house can make a person a widow. Not only this but if the malefic planet Rahu decides to take a seat in either of the houses, 7th, 8th or 12th, then there are strong chances of widowhood as per astrology.

2. What is Vaidhavya yoga in astrology?

Vaidhavya yoga in astrology forms in the presence of some malefic planetary placement in an individual’s kundali, such as Mangal in 8th house or the presence of the 7th lord in 12th house. It only creates problems or obstacles in married life but also can make a person a widow.

3. Can Vaidhavya yoga be handled by performing remedies?

Yes, performing effective remedies can actually help battle the malefic effects of Vaidhavya yoga from kundali. One of these remedies includes performing Kumbh vivah before the actual marriage of a woman. Along with this, she should worship Goddess Mangala Gauri for 5 years to remove this one of the bad yogas of astrology from her birth chart.

4. What are the effects of Vaidhavya yoga on someone’s life?

The presence of Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope can make a person a widow. However, in some situations, a person’s spouse has to deal with serious health ailments for a lifetime, as per astrological beliefs.

5. How can one identify the presence of Vaidhavya yoga in horoscope?

The presence of malefic planets such as Mars or Saturn in the 7th house gives birth to one of the bad yogas in astrology called Vaidhavya yoga. It shows the person’s married life will be filled with difficulties or challenges, or maybe their partner could suffer from serious health issues.

6. What are the planetary combinations for widowhood?

Astrology says that the negative influence on Venus, Jupiter, 2nd house and 7th house suggests the possibility of widowhood in someone’s kundali. Along with this, if the house known for marriage and partnerships, the 7th house, is weak and influenced by Saturn or Mars, then there are strong chances that a person would suffer from early widowhood.

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