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What Does It Mean To Have Vaidhriti Yoga In Your Kundli? 

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What Does It Mean To Have Vaidhriti Yoga In Your Kundli

Imagine a period where the wheel of fortune decides to run in the opposite direction! Instead of getting blessings and opportunities, it is only problems and hardships that you get. This is exactly what Vaidhriti yoga in astrology does to you. Interestingly, astrology is also the home of eight inauspicious yoga, and one of them is Vaidhriti yoga.

What are the reasons that it makes your life so difficult? Or how you can save yourself from these life’s puzzles? Read along to learn about Vaidhriti yoga in depth. 

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What is Vaidhriti Yoga in Astrology? 

Meet one of the eight inauspicious yogas of vedic astrology: Vaidhriti yoga. Formed with the placement of all the planets in the weak houses, 6th, 8th and 12th houses in respect of their ascendants or Moon, Vaidhriti yoga can be as notorious as you can expect. At the time when Vaidhriti yoga is formed, the Moon is in its waning phase. This aspect puts a full stop to all the good and auspicious events in our lives.

But here is the catch: the placement of Rahu also plays a major role in deciding your life’s blessing or challenges. If the Rahu decides to take a rest in either of the weak houses, 6th, 8th or 12th, then no one can protect you from facing unwanted hurdles in your life. Here is the good news as well. If Rahu takes a favourable position in your birth chart, these negative effects can be handled to some extent, as per Muhurat Parijat Grantha. 

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Vaidhriti Yoga Effects: How Does It Affect Your Life? 

Is having a Vaidhriti yoga in your birth chart only a bad thing? Or does it send some blessings or opportunities along your way? Be with us till the end to learn about Vaidhriti yoga effects on all aspects of your life. 

1. Impact of Vaidhriti Yoga on Your Education/ Professional Life 

When a person enters the prime years of his age to make his career, such as from 12- 21, this is when this inauspicious yoga gets active. It is believed that such a person has to face problems while pursuing higher education. Sometimes, the situation gets so worse that they have to leave their higher education in between.

Now, when it comes to career prospects, he or she is always surrounded by career problems. However, if a person decides to stay away from his hometown or birthplace, then there are chances that he might succeed sooner or later. 

2. Hidden Dangers of Vaidhriti Yoga on Your Health 

A person born with the Vaidhriti yoga in his birth chart has to deal with health issues till 8 years of age. All thanks to the weaker immune system that makes him ill and unhealthy all the time. Not only this, such a person also develops major health issues, especially in their old age. If this weren’t enough, a person has to deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or stress. 

3. Impact of Vaidhriti Yoga on Your Love/ Married Life 

Muhurat Chintamani Grantha claims that the presence of Vaidhriti yoga in the birth chart invites problems or delays in marriage. The Vaidhriti yoga effects are so adverse that sometimes, a person has to call off their engagement. Even for Vaidhriti yoga for marriage, he or she has to deal with issues in their marital relationship. This is why astrologers suggest matching and analysing your spouse’s birth chart before getting married. 

4. Exploring Financial Ups and Downs with Vaidhriti Yoga 

When it comes to the financial world, it is only debts, loans, losses and failures one should think about. Why, you may ask? Thanks to the negative effects of Vaidhriti yoga, a person has to suffer from lifelong financial issues and hurdles. No matter how hard he tries to make his finances stable and secure, there is always somewhere he lacks. Sometimes, it is losses in business, downfall in career or unexpected financial emergencies that make a person stuck in the never-ending cycle of financial stress. 

Things to Avoid During Vaidhriti Yoga 

Ever heard that your actions decide what challenges or opportunities the universe will bless you with? Maybe there are some things that you have done in the past that have caused unwanted problems in your life. So, here are some things you must avoid, specifically when you have Vaidhriti yoga in your kundali. 

  • If buying a new house or vehicle has been on your mind lately, then you must listen to what we have to say. Starting or doing something auspicious during the Vaidhriti yoga only invites problems in your life. So, as per astrological beliefs, one must avoid buying a new vehicle or property in the presence of Vaidhriti yoga in their kundali. 
  • Making a big financial deal or contract must also be avoided in the presence of Vaidhriti yoga. It is believed that if you sign an agreement or finalise a business deal during this period, there are strong chances that you will have to incur loss or failure. 
  • Marriage or engagement also falls under the category of auspicious events. This is why it is advised to avoid getting married or engaged during this period. Otherwise, you will get lifelong access to marital problems or arguments. 
  • Last but not least, if you are dealing with health issues, then going for surgery or an operation during Vaidhriti yoga is not something you should think about. Doing this will only attract complications or further health issues. 

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Unlocking the Benefits of Vaidhriti Yoga Remedies 

What to do when the combined energies of the malefic planet, Rahu, and Diti? Is there any way through which you can save yourself from the hurdles or setbacks life throws at you? Enter the super simple and effective Vaidhriti yoga remedies you can perform to make your chaotic or messy life a little better. It is your golden chance to stay one step ahead of the malefic and inauspicious Vaidhriti yoga remedies!  

  • One of the foremost steps while performing Vaidhriti yoga remedies is to please and get the blessings of Goddess Diti, the mother of demons. Why, you may ask? Well, being the lord of the Vaidhriti yoga, goddess Diti is the one responsible for sending all the financial, health or career-related issues in your life. So, to bring her by your side, you must worship Goddess Diti daily. 
  • The next remedy talks about donating necessary things such as clothes or food to the needy. It is believed that if you donate cloth items or food to needy people, you get the blessings of Goddess Diti as well as Lord Hanuman.
  • If you want to live a comfortable and successful life away from all the hardships, then don’t forget to pay your respect to the elderly members of your family and also to the people who are differently abled. 
  • ‘Naase Rog Hare Sab Peera, Japat Nirantar Hanumat Beera’, this verse of Hanuman Chalisa talks about how one can stay away from all sorts of health issues or problems by chanting the name of Lord Hanuman. So, this Vaidhriti Yoga remedies mentions reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily for a happy and healthier life. 


Well, that’s all we could tell you about Vaidhriti yoga in astrology. Though this yoga seems to invite unwanted problems in all of the major aspects of your life, astrology provides you with a one-stop solution. By performing simple and effective remedies, you can get rid of unnecessary problems and worries and work towards your dreams and aspirations easily. 

Hey! I’m Kasak Shirotriya, and as a content writer at InstaAstro, your appreciation encourages me to keep my words flowing! If you found this blog helpful, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and staying one step ahead of all your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are the benefits of Vaidhriti yoga Shanti?

A person born with this inauspicious yoga needs to perform a Vaidhriti yoga shanti pooja. One of the major benefits of Vaidhriti yoga shanti pooja is that it removes obstacles or delays in marriage, career growth, and higher education as per astrological beliefs.

2. What is the remedy for Vaidhriti yoga?

To remove or reduce the ill effects of Vaidhriti yoga from the birth chart, one must perform remedies to please and get the blessings of Mata Diti, the lord of Vaidhriti yoga. Along with this, one can also chant Hanuman Chalisa daily to keep all the obstacles and hurdles away.

3. What is Vaidhriti yoga in astrology?

Of all the 27 yogas in astrology, here comes the last and the most inauspicious yoga, Vaidhriti yoga. It is formed when all the seven planets in astrology decide to sit in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses in respect of their Ascendant or the Moon. The presence of Vaidhriti yoga in an individual’s kundali invites obstacles, problems, delays or failures in all aspects of their lives.

4. Is Vaidhriti yoga good or bad in astrology?

Vaidhriti yoga is one of the most eight inauspicious yoga in vedic astrology. The credit should be given to its ruling planet, Rahu and the lord Diti (the mother of demons). The combined energies of the malefic planet Rahu and Diti create unnecessary obstacles in an individual’s life.

5. What are Vaidhriti's yoga characteristics?

Being hard working and determined to reach goals is the speciality for people with Vaidhriti yoga in their birth charts. Along with this, Vaidhriti yoga effects make a person knowledgeable and talented. Losing hope or being negative is not something that a person with Vaidhriti yoga would prefer to do. No matter what the situation is, their goal is to stay cheerful and positive.

6. What is the personality of a Vaidhriti yoga born?

A person born under the Vaidhriti yoga struggles with a lot of things in his life, whether professional or personal. Despite having talent and skills, these people do not get the recognition or acknowledgement they deserve. If this weren’t enough, they also face problems in pursuing their higher education as per astrological beliefs.

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