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Unique Astrology Yogas that Predict Your Fame Quotient

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Unique Astrology Yogas that Predict Your Fame Quotient

Izzat (respect), Dault (wealth), and Shaurat (fame) are three things that every person desires. If someone is blessed with these three things, he or she is no less than a celebrity. From Mukesh Ambani to Bill Gates and from Amitabh Bachchan to Virat Kohli, there is a long list of successful people who have enjoyed the fruit of success in the form of name, fame, wealth, and respect.

Ultimate success and achievement open the door to fame, respect, and money. Believe it or not, destiny also plays a vital role in bringing massive fame. There are some Astro yogas or combinations that are synonyms for fame and success. Thus, find the answer to the question, “Will I be successful in life astrology?”.

Measuring Fame Quotient as per the Birth Chart

Every birth chart or horoscope says something about the present, past, and future of the native. Without a doubt, some Astro combinations bring massive fame to a person. Only an astrologer can predict if you have it in you or not. Different houses and planets in the birth chart indicate a huge reputation. Yogas for massive fame is not present in every kundali. There are a few Kundali’s that are enriched with a fame quotient.

The Position of the Moon

The moon in the horoscope indicates fame. That is why astrologers give importance to the placement of the Moon in kundali. It is the condition of the natal Moon that sets the quotient of fame the native will get.
• You will get fame if the Moon enjoys a prominent position in the natal chart.
• You will get fame if the Moon is placed well and also aspected by Venus or Jupiter.

Horoscope and Houses Related to Fame

Fame never comes easily. You need to be born or blessed with a few Astro combinations to make a big difference. Fame in astrology depends upon a few houses in the horoscope.
• Have a close look at the 5th, 9th, and 10th houses of the horoscope. An afflicted 4th or 12th house is the biggest hurdle that makes one deprived of popularity.
• Fame as per astrology comes to a person who has a well-placed Moon in the 10th house. In such a case, the native gets abundant fame.
• The 7th house in kundali also matters the most as it relates to the house of desires and masses.

The Lagna in Kundli

Remember that Lagna in Kundli should be very strong to get the fruit of fame. A strong Lagna with its powerful lord makes things happen in the favour of the natives. It is also important to get a strong foundation of ascendance in the horoscope. The following two strong yogas give an edge. Check out this yoga.
• Arudha Lagna with benefic aspect
• Stronger Lagna houses assisting Arudha Lagna

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Position of Lord Venus

When it comes to considering fame in astrology, the role of Venus can be taken lightly. Here, you need to check this yoga. Check out this yoga.
• Placement of Venus in the 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house
Remember that the Venus planet should be free from any sort of malefic influence. If Venus or Rahu is placed in the Magha star, it can bring immense fame.

The Position of Lord Sun

In any horoscope, it is the Sun that is known to be the basic karaka for admiration. Hence, this important planet, with its perfect position, can change things rapidly. Check out this yoga.
Sun should be strong in its position

The Position of Lord Shani (Saturn)

Like Moon and Lagna, A strong Saturn with perfect placement in a horoscope can also do wonders to enrich with fame and success. Check out this yoga.
• Strong Saturn placed with Rahu or Venus

Gaja-Kesari yoga, Adhi yoga, and Panch Mahapurush yoga are also some astrological yogas for fame. The presence of these yogas in kundali takes things to the next level.

Just talk to an online Indian astrologer anywhere in India and find out if you have magical yoga combinations for massive fame in astrology or not. The certified and experienced astrologer will take you in the right direction and will show a clear picture.

Simply download an astrology app, recharge the wallet, choose an astrologer of your choice, and share your birth chart details. Within a few minutes, you will get an accurate prediction and indication of your fame quotient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which house is for fame in astrology?

The houses that help an individual get fame include the 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th houses in an individual’s kundli.

2. Which planet helps in getting fame?

Planets that help in getting fame are Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

3. Which planet brings misfortune and defame?

Planets like Rahu and Ketu in malefic positions are said to bring misfortune and defame upon an individual.

4. What are some remedies to get fame?

Chanting the gayatri mantra and worshipping Sun is known to be beneficial for an individual who wants fame in their life.

5. Does Jupiter give fame?

Yes, the planet Jupiter is known to give an individual fame, wealth and prosperity in their life.

6. Which planet affects success?

In Vedic astrology, planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu tend to affect the success of an individual.

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