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Plant This to Reduce Shani, Mangal Dosh from Your Horoscope

By April 20, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Neem Tree

Shani, Mangal Dosh in Your Horoscope:

Astrology experts say that Mangal dosha is mild in those situations when the dosha is due to Lagna. This thing is popular as low Mangal dosha. The Mangal dosha caused by the Moon is more substantial, and the Mars dosha caused by Venus is the most frozen. 

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Neem has great importance in astrology. It comes in use not only according to the vision of heavenly bodies but also for certain types of religious work and the solution to many astrological problems. In addition, the neem tree is considered very valuable for increasing family satisfaction and good fortune and removing negative energy from the house.

Neem Plant

Some benefits of Worshipping Neem Tree to Reduce Shani, Mangal dosha

  • Worshipping Neem can be extraordinarily viable if you have Mangal dosha in your Kundali.
  • On Tuesday, along with offering water to the neem tree, light a lamp of jasmine oil. By doing this on 11 consecutive Tuesdays, you can Mangal Dosh by the gift of Pawanputra Hanuman Ji.
  • Those persons brought into the world in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra should worship the Neem tree today. Along with the Neem tree, you should not hurt its wood, leaves, or fruit.
  • Neem TreeIf you face any problems in your new business, then after taking a bath, you should go to the Neem tree and worship it purposefully with roli, rice, etc.
  •  To address the position of Shani in the horoscope, plant a Neem tree outside the house in the correct heading. Alongside this, do a havan with its wood.
  • If you want to continue your progress in the future. Then you should bow before the neem tree with folded hands and offer water at the base of the tree.
  • The coolness also remains if a neem tree is outside the house, eliminating the negative energy. 

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Neem Leaf

Conclusion: – 

A Dosha (imperfection) in the horoscope is responsible for every failure of human pursuit. A few of these Doshas are generally known, though some of these defects are not common and therefore not commonly known. Whatever these Doshas in the Kundali might be, they give their opinion in the horoscope.

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