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The DOs and DONTs to Make Him Miss You

By April 20, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

The Do’s and Dont’s To Make Him Miss You:

Many movies and novels give ladies the idea of making a man fall in love heads over heels without the women taking any initiative. And that’s why you need this guide on making him miss you because, and believe us, you will have to work harder in real life!

If you often wonder how to make him miss you and commit, we can help. This article will stride you through the dos and don’ts that you should start following from the very beginning of the relationship. Dive in!

man fall in love

Don’t Chase After Him.

It’s in men’s blood to chase women who don’t come after them. Whether it’s driven by curiosity or ego, who’s to say? 

If you won’t call or text and get clingy for all that matters, again and again, he definitely will. So it’s essential to make him absorb your absence to know how wonderful it is when you’re around. 

Don’t Get Too Cosy too Soon.

Men like the high, and a little bit of seduction always do the trick. So if you’ve just had some dates, let him be there enough so that he knows you inside out. 

Holding hands and kissing will spur his imagination. But, when they carry it to the next level, schedule it in his head that he’ll have to labour harder and prove himself.


Don’t Be Submissive every time.

People say being submissive and saying yes to what he says will make him miss you when you’re not around. This is the rumour you need to avoid. 

Men love sassy, unpredictable women. But unfortunately, saying yes to whatever he asks for will make him lose interest too quickly. 

If you want him to miss you, learn to say no so that he makes an effort to pursue you more! In his gist, he’ll get used to you to make you say yes. 

Don’t Be Too Available.

When you have your friends, and you have a life. He needs to know that! So we’re not telling cancel on him after you two have assembled plans. Instead, we’re stating that don’t look too eager to spend all your time with him. 

Besides, the next time when he asks if you’re free on a Saturday for a date, let him assume your answer instead of a yes.  

Don't Be Too Available

Spend Quality Time With Him 

Ladies always have men after them. They enjoy the sass! But when he arranges a date and you two meet, make sure you achieve the most of that time. 

Make him laugh, have fun and make him feel wanted. But, to chase you, he needs some confirmation that he’s not wasting his efforts and time. 

You should also take the initiative to plan an adventure date with him if adventure is his thing. Finding something that you can enjoy equally can be the ice-breaker.  

Support Him to Confirm You’re Different From His Ex-girlfriends

Now, this, he has to see. There might have been moments when he would have missed his ex too. But the very point that she’s now his ex tells a lot.

Don’t question him all the time, and don’t keep fighting or nagging. These are the grounds that his once-upon-a-time girl is now his ex. You won’t enjoy going down the path. 

Concluding Thoughts Person

Concluding Thoughts:

In the end, remember that a relationship boils down to love and trust. But the journey to reach there is challenging. Unless he misses you, he won’t know how you’re distinct from the others and how can his life be without you. 

On that note, InstaAstro hopes that this guide on how to make him miss you has given you all the hopes you wanted.

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