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Tarot Cards Readings to bring your Career to a New Level

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A person’s career is crucial to their existence. Whatever job route you decide to choose will have a significant influence on your life. Along with your lifestyle, your work will define your position in society. In other words, your relationships and social circle will depend on your career. The results of a career tarot reading go beyond general predictions about how your professional life will develop to providing detailed information about areas you were previously blind to. Tarot card reading for career can help you see what your future holds and the best way to mould it. This interpretation reveals what is on your side and what is not, providing you with the exact advice you need. Learning more about your career aspects through your Kundli would be best. Here InstaAstro presents the best career tarot readings through the best tarot cards for careers!

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Best tarot cards for career- Take yours to the next level!

1. The Emperor 

If drawn for the future, this card is fortunate to answer tarot questions about careers. It demonstrates that you have a powerful position and authority in your work line. You are likely to adhere to the rules and guidelines you have chosen. You would be in a position of authority or come into power. The Egyptian sign of life, the ankh, is held by the emperor, who also has an orb in his left hand that stands in for the globe he commands.

The emperor card 

2. Wheel of Fortune 

When you seek a job, this card can give you a break. It’s almost like a lucky time. If you’re looking for work, you could get lucky or land a position with a reputable organization. You’re going to have several opportunities. The outcome of the Wheel of Fortune may indicate a significant life-turning point. You suddenly have access to possibilities you could never have imagined, and you have the potential to alter your life drastically. Although it could be strange and unexpected, consider this career tarot reading as an opportunity to change your life’s course completely.

Wheel of Fortune card

3. The Star

This career tarot reading indicates success and suggests that you could advance to a more critical job and achieve fame. You’re likely to get praise for your work and receive recognition for it. You could succeed there as well. You may be able to multitask. The Star gives you a sense of renewed hope and faith as well as a sense of genuine blessing. Your life is about to enter a serene, loving phase marked by mental stability, calm energy, and a deeper awareness of you and others around you. As you are now prepared to receive the various benefits, this is a period of considerable personal growth and development for you.

The Star card

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4. The Magician 

Mainly for work and business, this career tarot reading card is advantageous. Here, the person assumes control and gains knowledge of all available resources. He can use resources as efficiently as possible. The person is skilled at handling all situations and is good at manipulating things.

The Magician card

5. Ten of Pentacles 

This card from the career tarot spread holds significance for success. The man has white hair and is accompanied by white dogs. If the native gets this card in their reading, it signifies a sustainable future with the family’s support and rewards in long-term goals. In addition, the native will have loyal people around who will have the native’s back at all times.

Ten of Pentacles card

6. The Empress

The career tarot reading represents plenty. This career tarot reading shows a pleasant existence, surrounded by the pleasures and luxuries of life. The Empress comes in your Tarot readings; take a minute to consider expressing thanks for everything you have accomplished. By doing this, you shall build on this energy and produce even more wealth in the future. This card depicts success, plenty, and inventiveness. This card predicts success and a pleasant future. There is a solid chance of abundance, and you may get a new job offer.

The Empress card

7. Ace of Pentacles 

If you are looking for work, this card indicates that you will probably find employment soon as you have great opportunities. Just be careful to give it good care. This card depicts the launch of a new business. The Ace of Pentacles also represents riches in a broader sense than just your cash flow. You could find ways to get a new income stream, a gift, or an unexpected windfall of money. Another option is to build riches in a broader sense, such as joy, satisfaction, promise, and love, as the Ace represents prosperity in all facets of your life. 

Ace of Pentacles card

8. The World

This career tarot reading represents completion, just as some of your tasks have been successfully finished. This card is an accomplishment card. You are likely to achieve all of the objectives or goals you have set for yourself. It demonstrates success elsewhere as well.

The World card

9. Nine of Cups 

If it materializes, this is the wishing card and prosperity. You will likely succeed in your search for the required position or promotion per this career tarot reading. Similarly, the 3 of pentacles, 2 of cups, and 6 of cups are helpful cards if you want to form a partnership or if you want to know whether one already exists.

Nine of Cups  card

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10. Two of Wands 

In Tarot, the Twos of anything usually signify choices of some kind. With these two, you may decide whether to take a chance or remain with what you know. You are aware that the world has something more or more significant to give you, but you also recognize that to take advantage of this chance, you must leave your comfortable surroundings. Even if you have already made a significant investment in your present situation, you must take action and look into your possibilities. This career tarot reading also indicates a job role or career path change. 

Two of Wands card


Career advancement is a crucial component of both our personal and professional lives. It is crucial in our professional lives since none of us want to remain in the same position or job forever; without creating or having a career development plan, we won’t be able to advance professionally. It is crucial to have a professional development plan in our personal lives since it will enable us to accomplish the dreams,

we have always held dear, making our family and friends happy and proud of us in the process. InstaAstro aims to help you with your career advancement, and to know more, check out your Kundli here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Which career tarot reading shows a career change?

The Two of Wands signifies a change of sorts as you must choose between the status quo or taking a risk.

2. What card shows career growth?

The Star shows growth in good times for success and fame. To find out your personal tarot reading career money, you can contact your preferred Astrologer on an online platform like InstaAstro for a very reasonable price.

3. What Tarot spread for career shows favorable partnerships?

The three pentacles, two cups, and six cups are helpful cards if you want to form a partnership or if you want to know whether one already exists.

4. Which card shows I might get a job?

The outcome of the Wheel of Fortune may indicate a significant life-turning point. You suddenly have access to possibilities you could never have imagined, and you have the potential to alter your life drastically.

5. What card reflects a promotion in a career?

The Star and the World shows good times for your career.

6. Which career tarot reading indicates financial and career stability?

The emperor shows financial and career stability, while the Empress shows financial abundance.

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