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Surya Yantra: Surround Yourself with the Sun’s Power!

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Surya Yantra

What crosses your mind when you hear the word Surya Yantra? Take a wild guess! It clearly relates to Lord Sun. Sun Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras in astrology, as it serves the ultimate source of power – the Sun. This Sun God, also known as Surya Dev, has been guiding us as a source of light for thousands of ages now. Devotees offer oil to its reflection in the holy water, do a Namaskar and ask for his favours every day. 

However, there is an additional way to enhance Surya Dev’s presence in our lives. That is, installing Sun Yantra at home, office and other significant places. Do you wish to know its benefits and how it brings us closer to Lord Sun? Let us understand various aspects of it briefly.

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What is Surya Yantra?

Surya Yantra is a holy drawing or diagram used during worship and meditation in the name of Lord Surya. This diagram contains specific shapes interconnected with each other. People believe it attracts the blessings of Surya Dev, who symbolises life, light and strength. He is a great lord in Hindu mythology texts. Hence, you can imagine why this yantra is so popular among strong believers of God.  

The geometric shapes that form the Sun Yantra are a series of circles and triangles interlocked around a central point. Moreover, on closely looking into it, you also find certain symbols drawn on it. So, basically, the Sun Yantra contains 4 components – Bindu (the central point), Shatkon (Hexagonal star), Padma (Lotus leaves) and Chakra (circles). 

Components of Surya Yantra

The Sun Yantra visually represents the divine energy and radiance of the Sun. It shows that the life of humans on Earth revolves around the sun. Each of the components has a special meaning. Let us understand them one by one.

  • Bindu: Bindu is a point in the centre where all other components unite. They become one with the supreme form of energy – the Sun.
  • Shatkon: Shatkon is a star formed out of two triangles such that a hexagon is formed in the middle. It represents the unity of Shiva (Male energy) and Shakti (Female energy), which causes life.
  • Padma: Then comes the Lotus petals called Padma. It signifies purity and detachment from the material world. The petals serve as seats for Gods or Devas.
  • Chakra: Chakra means circle. It denotes the rotation of the Sun, which contributes to the functioning of the universe. 

Significance of Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra is a widely famous sacred diagram among devotees and priests. People regard the Sun and wish to have its strong presence in their surroundings. They do so by keeping this Yantra. Let us learn what significance it holds:

  • Surya Yantra brings the divine qualities of the Sun, i.e. leadership, truth, courage and authority, to the natives. That is why wearing the Surya locket benefits you, especially when the Sun is weak in your horoscope.
  • Additionally, when the power of the Sun (Surya) combines with the strength of Mercury (Budh), the divine forces become even stronger. That is why we have Surya Budh Yantra significantly mentioned in Hinduism, apart from Sun Yantra.
  • This Yantra plays an important role in name, fame and career. Additionally, it contributes to peaceful energy in the surroundings.
  • Also, people struggling with speech or speaking have experienced the power of wearing Sun Yantra or placing it in their homes and other important places.
  • Placing this Yantra in front of God’s idol and doing Surya Mantra Jaap – “Surya Devaya Namah!” is quite significant. It helps in expanding human power.

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Top 5 Surya Yantra Benefits

Now that we know how significant the Yantra is let us read how different Surya Yantra benefits us. At the same time, before knowing how it’s rightly placed, we must learn what benefits we might get with its placement. 

1. Gold Surya Yantra Benefits

When Surya Yantra is engraved on a gold material, it brings great benefits. This combination promises wealth and a prosperous life. Placing it at home or wearing it attracts financial abundance, success and peace. Gold is also a spiritually powerful metal. Hence, this Yantra on a Gold also relates to spiritual growth and development. Hence, it leads to spiritual awareness.

2. Copper Surya Yantra Benefits

Copper Sun Yantra is quite popular among devotees for appeasing the Sun and bringing its divine energy home. When the Surya mantra is made on a copper mental, it assures strong health and immunity. Moreover, Copper is known for its antimicrobial properties, thus keeping away health issues. Copper Surya Yantra benefits also extend to spreading positivity in the natives and their environment.

3. Silver Surya Yantra Benefits

Silver Sun Yantra also benefits natives in its own specific way. Silver brings mental calmness and calms the soul. When the creator of the soul – the Sun, meets Silver in Silver Surya Yantra, it is an auspicious moment. It helps people find the right amount of emotional balance. It also encourages people to know deep answers on spirituality and gain spiritual enlightenment.

4. Brass Surya Yantra Benefits

Brass signifies strength. Therefore, Surya Yantra, carved out on brass, offers natives the strength to overcome any challenges. It makes their heart strangers and make them courageous. It boosts their confidence and attracts prosperity in all aspects of life. Brass also associates itself with protection. Hence, people who keep this at home or in the office are safe from negative energies.

5. Crystal Surya Yantra Benefits

Crystal represents clarity and purity. A Surya Yantra cut out on a Crystal improves mental strength and brings focus. With increased concentration, the natives are able to learn better and accomplish goals. Moreover, its energy encourages natives to remain true to themselves. At the same time, it doubles the positive energies in the surroundings. It also motivates people to get knowledge on spirituality.

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Best Vastu Direction for Placing Surya Yantra

It’s time to finally address where to place the Surya Yantra so that it impresses Surya Dev. To do this, we need to consider the right Vastu for homes, offices and shops. Do this on a Sunday Morning after a bath, wearing yellow clothes for the following directions.

1. Surya Yantra Direction for Home Vastu

Home is where we stay, and therefore, its air should always feel positive. In Vastu Shastra, the placement of Surya Yantra in your home is best suited to the East direction. The East represents the rising sun. This means a new beginning, strength and positivity. To attract its benefits effectively, position it on the eastern wall of your puja room or mediation area.

Make sure that it is placed at eye level. This ensures easy visibility during worship and meditation. Devotees believe that this placement promotes the overall well-being of the family. At the same time, it fills the home environment with the fresh energy of the Sun.

2. Surya Yantra Direction for Office Vastu

The northeast direction is considered the most auspicious for placing Surya Yantra in an office or workspace. This ensures that we completely follow Vastu principles. The North promises wealth and prosperity, while the East is a marker of new opportunities, abundance and success. Hence, installing it in the Northeast direction is a great Vastu. 

In the North direction, position the Yantra on the wall in the east. This should also be facing your desk or primary workspace. If, for some reason, this alignment is not possible, locate it in the eastern section of your office, where it can be easily seen and accessed. This will also ensure a cooperative work environment, enhance productivity and invite success.

3. Surya Yantra Direction for Shop/Business Vastu

The basic aim of your shop is to attract customers and ensure they are satisfied. But how can we guarantee it all the time? Consider placing Surya Yantra in the right Vastu for your business. As per Vastu, this Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing west. This ensures opportunities, expansion and growth in business. 

Ideally, place it on a wall in the east, preferably behind the cash counter or in a prominent area visible to both customers and employees. Position it in a manner that it faces the people standing in the west. A well-maintained and clean Sun Yantra in this position is believed to spread positive energy.


In conclusion, Surya Yantra has impacted and improved the lives of many. Placing it the right way has ensured the natives the power of a million Suns! That is all possible positive vibrations from the supreme resource of existence – the Sun. If you need more information on how astrology helps utilise yantras, get in touch with expert astrologers at InstaAstro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who can benefit from Surya Yantra's Blessing?

Surya Yantra offers blessings from the supreme form of energy – the Sun. Every human being on Earth can benefit from it. However, people who have a weak Sun in their horoscope must wear it or place it in their surroundings without fail.

2. How can Surya Yantra bring blessings of the Sun?

Sun Yantra’s diagram contains components that define the divine properties of the Sun – Padma, Bindu, Shatkon and Chakra. Each of them defines one feature that Lord Sun has for benefitting mankind.

3. Why is Copper Surya Yantra so popular?

Copper has many medicinal properties and has been helpful in eliminating health issues for ages. When a Copper metal has Surya Yantra engraved on it, the positive energy and healing power of the material intensifies even more.

4. How to make Surya strong in your zodiac?

Every morning, offer water to Lord Sun in a Copper vessel. Also, place the widely used Copper Sun Yantra in front of God’s idol while performing pooja and meditating.

5. Where should I place Sun Yantra in home?

Placing Sun Yantra anywhere in the eastern section of your home would bring positivity, peace, prosperity and good health to the family members. It is more auspicious if the east of your house has a temple.

6. What are the benefits of Copper Surya Yantra?

Copper Sun Yantra eliminates all kinds of negative energies and obstacles from a native’s life. If a native has been facing failures and health issues for a long time, place it at home and worship the Lord Sun every morning.

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