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Spiritual Exhaustion: What It Is and How to Heal from the Effects

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Spiritual Exhaustion

Spiritual Exhaustion

As humans, we only work on two aspects of health: mind and body. If we are tired we rest, if we are mentally exhausted we watch a comforting movie or read a book, but what happens when after all this, the daily stresses and challenges of the world become overwhelming and tedious?
Then, it is time to look into the health of our soul.

Given that we are in the physical world, it is easy to think that we can address all our stresses if we only look at the mind and body. Consequently, we are spirits having a human experience so just like our body and mind, our spirit needs rest and recuperation too. Daily stress of work and personal life, not only exhausts our mind and body but our spirit as well.  Physical tiredness can be cared for with sleep and mental tiredness can be looked after by other relevant methods. Spiritual tiredness or exhaustion is a bit more complex to deal with.

Let’s first start by understanding the signs of spiritual tiredness

  • When we keep experiences sudden pains with no medical history or diagnosis.
  • Mild panic attacks start setting in at unwanted time and place.
  • When daily tasks feel challenging and we feel unequipped to face any new task.
  • Sleep disorders set in causing unwanted dreams or unrest.
  • Unwanted and unanchored (intense, with no stimulus) feelings of resentment, bitterness, joy, jealousy crowd your mind.
  • Feelings of loneliness, disorientation or being out of sync will speak volumes
  • Future seems overwhelming and we feel deeply unmotivated

These are all signs of spiritual exhaustion. They have to be addressed in the way that our spirit gets the time to rest while our body recuperates in its own time.

For this, we can do a few simple things to recharge our soul in our daily lives:

  • Meditation is a great way to rest our mind. It calms down the outside chatter while giving the mind and soul to digest the overload of information and keep that which makes it feel motivated and positive.
  • For some, art is a great way to incorporate soul healing. Whether it is singing, dancing, painting or any similar activity, a few minutes spent doing what we love and what channels our imagination, works wonders.
  • Gratitude for oneself is extremely important. We should maintain a healthy dialog around ourselves too while making sure that we don’t have negativity or unmotivated talk around us.
  • Finally, self-care goes a long way for spiritual health too. Whether it is just a massage or a long bath, taking time with oneself with no stimulating social media around is a great way to recuperate.


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