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Influence of Saturn Moon Conjunction in Kundli

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Saturn Moon Conjunction

Did you know that in Vedic astrology, certain yoga is formed when two planets are conjunct, which can positively or negatively impact an individual’s birth chart? Likewise, when Saturn and Moon conjunct with one another, Punarphoo Dosha or Vish Yoga is formed. Moreover, Saturn is the slowest moving planet, which signifies our work ethics, boundaries in life and self-discipline.

However, on the other hand, the Moon is the fastest-traveling planet, which represents our emotional state of mind. Also, the conjunction of these two planets comes together to solve negative emotions that can confuse individuals while they make important life decisions. So, let’s move ahead to understand the effects of the moon saturn conjunction. 

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What does Saturn and Moon Conjunction mean in Vedic Astrology? 

According to Vedic astrology, when two planets shake hands, the impact and traits of the two planets also come together to influence individual life in general. However, when the moon conjunct Saturn, the emotional state of mind gets disturbed, making the native emotionally unstable. They struggle with expressing their emotions, which gets heavy with time, making them feel disconnected. 

Furthermore, as the Moon represents our emotional side and Saturn represents pain and sorrow when these two planets sit together in one house, the natives are sure to feel that their emotional side is being distributed. They feel disconnected from the outer world and always have the feeling of fear and depression. 

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Effects of Saturn Moon Conjunction in Different Houses 

Now that we are done discussing the meaning of moon saturn aspects in general. So, we will now get our hands on the effects of moon saturn conjunction in different houses and how it influences individuals’ lives. 

1. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 1st House 

When a full moon conjunct saturn in your horoscope, it means that there is a high possibility that the native will lose their parents in their childhood. They might grow up without the love and affection of their parents, which can cause them to have childhood trauma. 

2. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 2nd House 

Saturn conjunct moon natal in 2nd house indicates that the natives might face difficulties growing up in a family where there is also chaos among the family members due to the property. Moreover, the head of the family is always ill, which can make them financially unstable. 

3. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 3rd House

The placement of Saturn Moon conjunction in the 3rd house represents that the natives will have a tough time completing their studies. They will be burdened with family responsibilities at a very young age. 

4. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 4th House 

When Saturn Moon conjunct together in the 4th house, the the individuals will not receive motherly love and care. They will face various health issues because of which they will always be physically and mentally incapable. 

5. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 5th House 

In the 5th house, the moon saturn conjunction marriage signifies that the natives should not get married because their married life will not work. They always have disagreements and arguments with their partners, worsening their married life. 

6. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 6th House 

The Conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the 6th house does not give positive results where the individuals will face severe health issues. They might also face huge losses in their business, which can bring financial downfall. 

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7. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 7th House 

Saturn and Moon conjunction in 7th house in Navamsa chart means that the individual will not have a good relationship with their parents and siblings. Moreover, the Moon and Saturn in 7th house will not allow them to be attached to their family members, which can always lead to feeling emotionally drained and lonely. 

8. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 8th House 

The effects of Saturn Moon conjunction in the 8th house lead to slow success and struggle with creating a comfortable life for oneself. They will have a tough time working towards their goals and desires due to the lack of support from their family members.  

9. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 9th House 

In the 9th house, when Saturn and Moon are positioned, they cannot make a close relationship with their siblings. They will struggle with sharing their emotions with the people they love. 

10. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 10th House 

The Saturn Moon conjunction in the 10th house doesn’t allow the natives to travel to foreign countries for higher studies due to lack of financial support. They will have a hard time contributing expenses to make a fulfilling career. 

11. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 11th House 

When Saturn and Moon are positioned in the 11th house, the individuals will be betrayed by their close friends and families. They will have trust issues forming bonds with new people due to past relationships with people. 

12. Saturn and Moon Conjunction in 12th House 

The arrangement of Saturn and Moon in the 12th house means that the natives will go through incurable diseases that can make them lose their hard-earned money in all the past years. They will be emotionally and physically ill due to these ailments. 

Saturn Moon Conjunction Remedies

As we have discussed, the challenges and problems are caused by the conjunction of the moon and saturn. Now, let us move into finding the solution to get through the effects of these planetary combinations. 

  • You must offer prayers and offerings to Lord Ganesh by offering milk, rice, flowers, and money. This can help to clear the obstacles and barriers created in individuals’ lives due to the Saturn Moon conjunction.  
  • During the period of Saturn Moon conjunction, you must remember not to start any new business venture or start-up. Moreover, you must not get married during this duration because it can bring hurdles in your married life. 
  • Offer prayers and diya to a peepal tree every Saturday that can decrease the negative effects of Saturn Moon conjunction. 
  • To make the Shani happy, you can visit the shani temple every Saturday and light a diya that should be burning the whole day. 
  • You can observe fast on Monday and Saturday. On this day, you can offer food to animals and underprivileged people. 

Thus, Saturn and Moon conjunction brings challenges and difficulties in various aspects of life. These planetary combinations represent two different phases that can change our lives. So, for that, we’ve got some beneficial remedies that can greatly impact your life and make your life better. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Punarbhu Dosha?

When two planets, Saturn and Moon, conjunct together, a Punarbhu Dosha is formed in individuals’ kundali, impacting their career, married life, and overall health. Moreover, individuals’ emotions might fluctuate, making them struggle to express their emotions.

2. Is Shani Chandra Yuti in the 7th house favourable?

The combination of Shani and Chandra in the 7th house makes the individuals have a hard time gaining good financial stability. It doesn’t allow them to have a successful career path.

3. Does Saturn Moon conjunction make individuals emotional?

The placement of Saturn and Moon makes the individuals struggle to express their emotions. They are always emotionally drained, making them feel depressed and lonely.

4. What is the personality of the Moon Saturn conjunction?

The personality of individuals with Saturn Moon, conjunction in their birth chart, is that they will always be restricted towards expressing their emotions. They will not be able to express their love, care and affection even to people they love.

5. Are there any effective remedies for the consequences of Saturn Moon conjunction?

Astrology has a cure to every solution, so why not for Saturn Moon conjunction? According to astrology, worshipping lord Shiva and ganesha every day while you chant the Shiva mantra can nullify the effects of the Saturn moon conjunction.

6. How long does the impact of Saturn Moon conjunction last?

The duration of Saturn Moon conjunction depends on the individual’s birth chart. Also, it depends on the individuals’ effort to use effective remedies to nullify the effects of these deadly planetary combinations.

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