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What Should you Know About Saturn in the 12th House?

By November 29, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments
Saturn Planet

We all know about Planet Saturn. But, have you ever wondered about its effects when in different houses? Each and every house of the kundli of an individual tends to rule different aspects of their life. Planet Saturn has a notorious nature. Thus, when it is placed in different houses in an individual’s Kundli, it tends to have different effects. These effects might be positive and also can come around to be negative. 

Saturn in 12th house in Navamsa chart could take a person’s personality and life to extremes. Therefore, the natives should be fully aware of the placement of Saturn in the last house of Navamsa chart. The Planet Saturn or Shani, as most commonly called, is the strictest one of all. It will not turn you down if you have a clean karmic chart but also punishes you severely if you have evil deeds from the past or present. Now how does its effect get stronger in 12th house? Let’s take a look.

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12th House in Astrology

There are a total of 12 houses in an individual’s kundli. Each of these houses of astrology tends to rule over a different aspect of an individual’s life. Additionally, the placement of a planet in a specific house of an individual’s Kundli tends to define the effects on that house. This means that the placement of a certain planet in a certain house will define the effects that an individual will face in the sphere of life. These come around to be positive as well as negative.

The 12th house in Kundli comes around to rule over aspects involving the ending of life, the beginning of the spiritual journey, the taking away of things, and unconsciousness. These aspects of an individual’s life are far more complex than any other. Thus, it becomes crucial that an individual faces balance in these aspects to have a smooth functioning life. Because of the aspects on which the 12th house rules, it comes around as the House of Subconscious. Let us now have a look at the positive and negative effects that n individual might face when Saturn is placed in the 12th House. 

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Positive Impacts

The twelfth house, the last one, is a symbol of closure. It associates with the closing or ending of things eventually. When Saturn is in the 12th house, this placement strengthens Saturn’s reactions to all your deeds in life. So if Saturn holds up the 12th house firmly, it won’t necessarily mean it would be all bad.


1. Calm and Confident Personality

Natives having Saturn’s placement in their 12th house are often very polite, calm, and assertive about their beliefs. This trait gives them a confident aura. They always prefer being alone and not surrounded by a lot of people. They could be found in a library or watching their favourite movie alone rather than partying on the weekend. This trait goes true for Taurus and Pisces ascendant in 12 th house Saturn.

Calm and Confident Personality

2. Spiritual souls

If the 12th house has a vital placement of Saturn or Shani, this placement could lead your life towards spirituality. Starting this celestial position makes the natives indulge in regular spiritual activities. Also, they always believe in working for a good cause or charity. These natives might also be influenced by the ayurvedic lifestyle and bring their needs to the simplest in their early life stages only.

Spiritual souls

3. Go to Foreign land

The placement is one of the appealing aspects of having Saturn in our 12th house, going to a foreign nation. Then, of course, the natives could make connections to someone living abroad and eventually land there too. But sooner or later, they intend to work as a public servant in a jail, asylum or hospital, where they could see the changes they make.

Go to Foreign

4. Negativity goes away

The twelfth house is the house of complete uncertainty and loss, but when Saturn has a vital placement over this house, natives have nothing to be scared of

. This celestial placement allows the natives to eliminate all the negativity from their life. As discussed earlier, they believe in being alone and having a spiritual nature, so it just moulds their way to the ultimate soulful journey.

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Negative Impacts

A strong Saturn might sound better than our lousy perception of Shani. But, if Saturn is even a little bit debilitated, this could be worse than you could dream. The natives have to face a lot of atrocities in their personal and professional life. Moreover, this could affect their mental state or lead to depression.

Nagatve Person

1. Marriage might fail

The placement of Saturn in the twelfth house creates a lot of tension in the native’s married life because the position often leads to the native choosing solidarity rather than being a people person. Here, the partner might not react positively in such a situation, so a lot of arguments, fights, and drama will be along the way.

Marriage might fail

2. Loss of wealth

Loss is part of destiny for the natives of 12th house, Saturn. When the placement weakens, this leads to no wealth accumulation and continuous loss in business. The natives might go into a lot of debt or use malpractices to make money and eventually land up in jail. In other cases, they might face bankruptcy or theft.


3. Deteriorating health

Health is a significant issue if the celestial placement of Saturn isn’t vital in the 12th house, as the natives might have to go under depression. They could bottle up their feelings which could gradually lower their confidence and mental health. In severe cases, they might attempt suicide when unable to serve their means.

Deteriorating health

4. Lack of life goals

The natives of this celestial configuration are often very dedicated to their work. But if Saturn is weak in its placement in the last house, the natives might be too lazy to do anything. They might end up having no goals in their life and career. They might often feel like losing up on everything and could harm themselves and feel jealous of others’ achievements.

Life Goals

Effects of Saturn in 12th House for Zodiac Signs

The placement of Saturn in 12th house is known to be a neutral position for this planet. Saturn in 12th house has positive as well as negative effects on the life of an individual. However, these effects vary according to the zodiac sign of a person. Let us have a look the the effects Saturn has on a person’s life when placed in the 12th house. These effects are as follows: 

  • Saturn in 12th house for Aries Ascendant makes an individual philanthropic and giving in nature. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Taurus Ascendant makes an individual gain monetary wealth in their life. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Gemini Ascendant makes an individual knowledgable and learned. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Cancer Ascendant makes an individual private in nature. They want to keep their personal life, as well as their emotions, hidden from any and every person in their life. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Leo Ascendant makes an individual have a strong will. They will also come around to be overconfident in nature. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Virgo Ascendant makes an individual obsessed with themselves. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Libra Ascendant makes an individual seek balance in their life. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Scorpio Ascendant makes an individual judgemental in nature. They are also people who hide their emotions. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Sagittarius Ascendant makes an individual knowledgable and learned. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Capricorn Ascendant makes an individual focused and determined in nature. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Aquarius Ascendant makes an individual hard-working in nature. The individuals also seek freedom in their lives and will work hard to gain it. 
  • Saturn in 12th house for Pisces Ascendant makes an individual self-centered. The individuals also have trust issues in their lives. 


According to all the lords of 12 houses in astrology, Saturn is the only planet having two lords in the 12th house because of having a dual sign nature. The earth gets its malefic nature from its origin, and the placement in the 12th house makes it even more vital. But it’s not just the placement and intensity that takes up your entire navamsa chart. In case of any confusion, you could check out our official astrology website, “”, and get in touch with our professional astrologers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. Is Shani in 12th house good?

Shani is famous for its mischievous nature. However, the intensity of his nature decides whether an individual will get opportunities or punishments.

2. Characteristics of Saturn in 12th house for Sagittarius?

This position comes around as “mooltrikona”. It tends to favour the ascendant.

3. What does 12th house depict?

The 12th House in Astrology tends to represent the taking away of things. These may include your life goals, dreams, and even ambitions. In some cases, things can be as extreme as taking away a person. However, these effects happen when Saturn is in a malefic position.

4. What are the effects of retrograde saturn in 12th house?

The effects of retrograde Saturn in the 12th House have a mixture of effects. The effects range from positive towards negative. It will help you achieve success but might also make the path more difficult for you.

5. What are the effects of Combust Saturn in 12th House?

Saturn in 12th house has both negative and positive effects. This is determined by the position of the planet. Moreover, a combust Saturn in 12th house tends to make affect an individual’s life in both ways. Positive effects include gaining success and also holding an authoritative position. However, negative effects include the natives suffering from mental disorders.

6. How will the natives of saturn in 12th house marriage life be like?

When Saturn is placed in the 12th House, there are some effects it also has on the marriage and family aspect of the native. This means that the natives are blessed with a supportive spouse. Moreover, the natives will also experience marital bliss. However, the negative effects include the native’s marriage falling apart.

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