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Red Ruby Gemstone Benefits: Strenghten the Sun in your Kundli!

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Red Ruby Gemstone

Are you looking to buy a new piece of jewellery? Well, we have a stone for you that will increase the beauty of your collection and give you immense astrological benefits, too! Gemstones have fascinated people for ages with their beauty and mysterious qualities. The red ruby holds a special place in astrology among these precious stones. The red ruby has a deep connection to the Sun. Furthermore, this connection has blessed the ruby with a wealth of astrological benefits. Join us on a journey through the astrological benefits of Ruby gemstones. Let’s explore its interesting history, significance and how to wear it!

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What is Red Ruby?

Red ruby is an extraordinary gemstone which is extremely beautiful as well as resourceful. This gemstone has earned the position of the King of all gemstones in astrology. Therefore, we can guess the magical properties this stone has to offer. 

The red ruby stone benefits its wearer in various ways. Firstly, it shares a deep connection with the Sun. The Sun is the centre of the universe and has a lot of influence over our lives. Therefore, a red ruby helps us gain the favours of the Sun and makes us experience astrological benefits related to the Sun. 

Furthermore, it is a beautiful stone which can be worn as any form of jewellery. Moreover, this makes it a popular choice for beautiful jewellery. Overall, the Ruby stone is the perfect way to bring both luxuries as well as the favours of the stars to your life!

History and Significance of Red Ruby Gemstone

The ruby stone holds great historical value in both India as well as the world. This stone shines brightly in the royalty of Burma, which is now Myanmar. Burmese people consider the red ruby a valuable treasure, and they call it the stone of immortality. This is because people believed that wearing a ruby stone to war guaranteed the win of a soldier. 

Furthermore, the significance of Ruby spreads to Europe as well. People in Europe considered the ruby to be a protective shield. Just like in Burma, European people also believed that the red ruby benefits the wearer by protecting them from harm and bringing good fortune.

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Red Ruby Astrological Benefits 

In Indian history, people have always considered the red ruby stone the most precious gemstone. This is because of its immense astrological benefits and its magical connection with the Sun. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s learn about the amazing red ruby stone astrological benefits!

1. Sun’s Blessings 

If you are looking to improve the position of the Sun in your Kundli, the Red Ruby is just the right stone to bring home. Wearing or bringing a red ruby strengthens the influence of the Sun in your life. Furthermore, you can also receive the benefits of the Sun’s Mahadasha through this wonderful gemstone. It also removes any negative effects of the Sun in one’s Kundali.

2. Nivaranam of Doshas 

The red ruby stone, also known as the Manik stone, is a powerful tool to get rid of various doshas in our Kundli. A ruby ring for girl or boys helps them remove the adverse effects of Manglik doshas in their lives. The Manglik Dosha is one of the most feared doshas in Vedic astrology. Therefore, people wear this stone for a smooth marriage.

3. Health Benefits 

This stone does not only have astrological benefits, but it also has health benefits as well! Wearing or bringing this gemstone can bless you with longevity and good health. You can see visible changes after wearing ruby. Wearing a red ruby can be excellent for your heart as well as your blood. Therefore, it also helps in regulating blood pressure and heart diseases.

4. Self-confidence

Some of the red ruby stone benefits are certain positive personality traits. These include excellent leadership, ambition, and dedication. Therefore, people who wear this gemstone are the centre of attention because of their magnetic personality and confidence. They do not struggle with self-worth issues or lack of self-esteem.

5. Career Benefits 

The Manik stone is the perfect way to bring a boost to your career. This is because the red ruby astrological benefits make way for success in your life. Furthermore, the changes after wearing a ruby gemstone also bring you fame and recognition for your achievements. Therefore, you can expect growth in your business or a sudden promotion if you bring the red ruby home or wear it!

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Things to keep in mind when wearing a Red Ruby Gemstone

There are a few things you can do to enhance the influence of this wonderful stone in your life. Let’s learn about the right ways to wear a Red Ruby gemstone.

1. Picking the correct stone 

The first step for buying any precious or semi-precious gemstone is checking its quality. The most beneficial ruby stone should be the natural stone with a pigeon blood red colour. Furthermore, its ideal weight should be between 3-6 carats or as your astrologer recommends. Therefore, make sure to buy a ruby stone from a reliable source.

2. Which metal to wear the Ruby stone with? 

To gain the maximum ruby Stone benefits, picking the right metal for it is essential. If you are planning to wear this beautiful stone as jewellery, you should know about the metal which brings out its best qualities. These metals are gold and silver. Therefore, you can make a ruby stone case using gold or silver to make the most out of it.

3. Choose the Right finger

A ruby ring for girl or boy works best when you wear it on the correct finger. The best finger for a red ruby stone ring is the ring finger of your dominant hand. You can also consult an astrologer who will give you a better idea of which finger is the best for you. Furthermore, make sure that the stone touches your skin directly. 

4. Time to wear 

The key to receiving the amazing red ruby stone astrological benefits is to wear it at the correct time. The auspicious time to wear the red ruby stone is during the Shukla Paksha. Additionally, you can wear it in the first morning hour of Sunday, which is 5 AM to 6 AM. This is the best time to wear the beautiful stone to gain its maximum benefits. 

5. Activating the stone 

Before wearing, you should activate a gemstone to unlock its full potential. Therefore, you can activate the Red Ruby gemstone by pouring or dipping it in Panchamrit made of Gangajal and honey. Furthermore, you can also move incense sticks around the stone eleven times. Lastly, recite the Surya Mantra “Om Suryay Namah” ‘ॐ सूर्याय नमः‘ before wearing the stone to gain the blessings of Lord Surya. 

In conclusion, the red ruby is like a special friend that brings various blessings into your life. These blessings and benefits extend to various areas of your life, ranging from your health to your career. But remember, choosing to wear a red ruby should be done carefully with the help of experts who understand how it fits into your life. So, if you’re thinking about wearing one, we have our dedicated in-house astrologers to help you with the process. Visit the InstaAstro website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who should not wear ruby gemstone?

Certain people should not wear ruby gemstones because they do not suit their kundli. These include Libra ascendant, Taurus ascendant, Capricorn ascendant, Virgo ascendant and Aquarius ascendant.

2. Which mantra to read before wearing a red ruby stone?

You should read the Surya Mantra” Om Suryay Namah” before wearing a red ruby stone. Furthermore, you can recite this mantra 108 times for maximum benefits.

3. Who should wear a red ruby for astrological benefits?

Individuals with a weak Sun in their birth charts or Kundli or those seeking to strengthen the Sun’s influence in their lives can wear a red ruby for immense astrological benefits.

4. Which diseases can be healed by wearing a Ruby gemstone?

The Red ruby stone holds the power to get rid of various diseases. It can give you relief from issues related to the eyes, blood circulation and heart. Furthermore, it also helps with various mental health problems along with self-esteem issues.

5. What are the side effects of the Ruby gemstone?

There are generally no harmful side effects of wearing a red ruby. However, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s a genuine, untreated gemstone and to follow care instructions. Wearing fake ruby can cause various harmful effects to an individual.

6. How should you take care of Ruby gemstone?

To care for a red ruby, clean it with a soft cloth, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, store it separately to prevent scratches, and have it professionally checked from time to time.

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