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Rohini Vrat 2024: Know the Significance and Important Rituals 

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Rohini Vrat 2024

Imagine just by keeping fast, you can get rid of financial burdens and live a happy and long life! Here comes the Rohini vrat 2024, which can do it all for you and holds a special significance in Hindu culture and rituals. Named after one of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology, Rohini vrat is related to Lord Krishna.

With the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rohini, one can bring relief from sorrow and troubles in his life. Read along to know the meaning, significance and the right rituals to perform Rohini vrat this 2024. 

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Rohini Vrat 2024 Meaning and Significance 

Rohini Vrat holds a special significance in Hindu culture due to its association with one of the 27 nakshatras in Vedic astrology, i.e., Rohini Nakshatra. As per Hindu tradition, this vrat is associated with Lord Krishna and only occurs when Rohini Nakshatra gains strength after sunrise. But do you know about the interesting part? Rohini vrat is celebrated approximately every 27 days and is observed 12 to 13 times a year! 

Holding a special significance in the Jain community, women observe this day-long fast for the long lives of their husbands and for a happy and healthy married life. However, as per the rules and rituals, a person observing this fast should continue it for 3,5 or 7 years. It is believed that after the completion of the fast, devotees must conclude it with a Udyapan ritual. A person observing Rohini vrat gets rid of all problems in his life be it personal or professional. That’s the power of observing Rohini vrat 2024. 

Rohini Vrat Month Day  Rohini Vrat 2024 Date 
January  Sunday January 21, 2024
February  Sunday February 18, 2024 
March Saturday March 16, 2024
April Friday April 12, 2024
May  Friday May 10, 2024 
June  Thursday  June 6, 2024 
July  Wednesday  July 3, 2024
July  Wednesday  July 31, 2024
August  Tuesday August 27, 2024 
September  Monday September 23, 2024 
October  Monday October 21, 2024
November  Sunday November 17, 2024
December  Saturday December 14, 2024 

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Essential Steps for Successfully Keeping Rohini Vrat 2024 

Do you know that following these essential steps for keeping Rohini vrat 2024 can get you direct access to Lord Krishna, Lord Brahma and Lord Vasupujya’s blessings? Well, here is the step-by-step guide to observing Rohini vrat in 2024: 

  • The first and foremost step talks about choosing the date for Rohini vrat 2024. This special religious observance occurs 12 to 13 times a year. So, a person observing a fast must decide a date to observe the fast. 
  • The next step involves the purification of the mind, body and soul by taking a shower. After this, a devotee must set up the place of pooja in the temple. This ritual includes setting up an altar by keeping the idols of Rohini Goddess or Lord Vasupujya(for Jains). 
  • After setting up the altar, some people also recite Rohini vrat katha and mantras to get the blessings of the Goddess Rohini. 
  • Now, after that, the devotee must observe a day-long fasting ritual by not consuming any food for the whole day until the rise of the next nakshatra, i.e., Mirgashirsha Nakshatra. 
  • One of the most important Rohini vrat 2024 rituals is to donate essential items such as food and clothes to the needy. 

Unlocking Blessings: 4 Benefits of Keeping Rohini Vrat in 2024

Keeping Rohini vrat 2024 means welcoming Lord Krishna’s and Goddess Rohini’s blessings into your life. Right? But what about the other benefits that come along with Rohini vrat? Here are the 4 incredible benefits you can enjoy keeping the Rohini vrat this 2024: 

1. Long and Healthy Life 

Devotees who observe the Rohini vrat 2024 with the utmost dedication and belief in their hearts enjoy a healthy and long life. In some parts of the Jain community, women observe the Rohini vrat for the long life of their husbands. Not only this, but a person suffering from prolonged illness also witnesses drastic improvements in his health. Thanks to the Rohini Vrat benefits. 

2. Gets rid of Financial Debts and Burdens

A person struggling with poverty, financial debts and burdens gets relief by observing a Rohini vrat 2024. It is believed that with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rohini, an individual experiences financial stability and security in the form of sudden income gains or profits in business. 

3. Happy and Healthy Married Life 

Observing a Rohini Vrat 2024 not only takes care of your financial burdens but also blesses you with peace and harmony in your married life. So, if an individual suffers from marital life problems, then with the blessings of Goddess Rohini, he can put a full stop to fights and arguments and live a happy marital life. 

4. Purification of Mind and Heart 

Last but not least, keeping Rohini vrat also purifies one’s mind, body and soul. As per popular beliefs, the Rohini fast is one of the ways through which a devotee can welcome peace and positivity in his life, getting rid of all the negativity around him.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the meaning of Rohini fast?

Rohini Vrat is said to be one of the most important fasts observed in the Hindu and Jain communities. On this day, people worship Lord Krishna and Rohini Goddess only to get a long, happy and healthy life. Interestingly, there are 12 Rohini fasts every year.

2. How is Rohini fast observed?

People observing the fast of Rohini Vrat need to follow proper rituals and rules to get the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rohini. The rules and rituals include doing a Udyapan (after the completion of Rohini vrat) and visiting the Vasupujya temple. Moreover, people observing the fast of Rohini must also donate essential items to the needy.

3. Who was Rohini goddess?

As per Hindu mythology, Rohini Goddess was one of the 27 daughters of King Daksha and Queen Ashini. Moreover, Rohini Goddess is also one of the 27 wives of Lord Moon (Chandra Deva). Some claim that Rohini was one of the favourite consorts of Chandra Deva.

4. What is the Rohini Nakshatra time?

For people observing Rohini Vrat 2024 on January 4, the Rohini Nakshatra time is from January 3, 2024 (4:26 PM) to January 4, 2024 (6:48 PM).

5. Which god was born in Rohini Nakshatra?

Hindu mythology believes that Lord Krishna was the god who was born during the Rohini Nakshatra time. However, some beliefs also claim that Lord Krishna himself chose Rohini Nakshatra only to show the divine nature of his incarnation on the earth.

6. What are the benefits of keeping a Rohini vrat?

As per the Hindu mythological beliefs, a devotee observing a Rohini Vrat 2024 is said to have several benefits, from financial to spiritual. With the blessings of the Goddess Rohini, an individual tackles financial obstacles and witnesses a period of financial growth and stability. Not only this, but he also gets rid of the past life’s bad karmic deeds.

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