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Makar Sankranti 2024: One Festival Different names!

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Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is an auspicious hindu festival that marks the beginning of the harvest festival. This festival is celebrated with different rituals in all parts of India where people have different ways to offer gratitude and celebrate them. However, the Sanskrit Makar Sankranti festival’s name is ‘Sankramana’. Let’s begin by learning how this festival is celebrated in other parts of the country and the Makar Sankranti names in different states. 

2024 Makar Sankranti Date and Time

  • Makar Sankranti Phalam Date: 15th January 2024 (Monday) 
  • Makara Sankranti Punya Kala: 07:15 AM to 05:46 PM
  • Makara Sankranti Maha Punya Kala: 07:15 AM to 09:00 AM

English CTR

The Celebration of Makar Sankranti Names in Different States 

According to astrology, it’s believed that during Sankranti, the planet Sun enters into the House of Saturn in Capricorn. The celebration of Sankranti is popular in many states of India, but the only difference is that different names know it. They also have different rituals to celebrate them. Many people might consider it a different festival altogether, but here we will explore the celebration of Makar Sankranti in different states of India. 

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1. Poush Sankranti in the state of West Bengal

After Durga Puja, the Poush Sankranti is the major festival celebrated by the people of West Bengal. It is an important festival where people offer prayers and offerings to Sun God for fruitful crops. During this festival, a huge fair or mela is organised by people to double the celebration.

During the gathering of people in the mela, Aarti is performed by people to honour God and celebrate this festival. Moreover, on this auspicious occasion, people eat pithey, a traditional sweet made of rice. Also, Gokul pithey, patisapta and Dudh puli are the important feasts added to the menu. 

2. Makaravilakku in the state of Kerala

Makaravilakku is the most sacred festival in the state of Kerala. It is like a saying that Kerala is home to God, where people are devoted to prayers and chantings. The festival of Makaravilakku is celebrated with great spirit in Sabrimala temple, where all the devotees gather together to offer prayers and seek blessings.

Moreover, this festival is celebrated in January, when the devotees offer prayers to Lord Ayyapan. The temple priest offers Prasad, known as Prasadasudhi, made in earthen pots for cooking as a blessing from God. Also, Makaravilakku means the flame of the light, so light diyas are a part of the ritual during this festival. 

3. Khichdi in the state of Uttar Pradesh 

One of the most celebrated festivals in Uttar Pradesh is Khichdi. It is a name given as Khichdi because people prepare khichdi on this day, made of dal and rice offered to people as a part of the ritual. During this festival, the Sankranti Mela or Kumbh Mela is an important part of the celebration throughout Prayag.

On this day, people visit the nearby holy rivers, such as the Ganga, Saraswati, or Yamuna rivers, known as the Magh Snan. However, this is done to wash away all the impurities, seek blessings from Sun God and attain Moksha. 

4. Thai Pongal in the state of Tamil Nadu 

Makar Sankranti names in different states include the celebration of Pongal, where Sankranti is celebrated as Pongal in Tamil Nadu. On this day, people celebrate the journey of the Sun in the northward direction and offer thanksgiving to Lord Surya for fruitful harvesting throughout the year. It is celebrated in the middle of January when the people offer cooked rice with jaggery to God.

Moreover, the festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days, beginning with Bhogi Pongal, followed by Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal and lastly, Kaanum Pongal. Also, on this day, as a part of the enjoyment, an interesting and traditional significant sport is played, known as Jallikattu. 

5. Pedda Panduga in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the festival of Makar Sankranti as Pedda Panduga is celebrated with great joy and happiness. People dedicate this day to the Sun God and the celebration of the Sun entering the 10th House.

Moreover, people clean their homes and decorate the entrance of the home with Muggu (Rangoli) as a belief that God will be entering their homes. Also, traditional sweets and foods are prepared, such as bobatullu, paramannam, pulihora and ariselu, which are first offered to God and then distributed among family and friends. 

6. Magh Bihu in the state of Assam and other parts of North East 

The festival of Bihu is celebrated in Assam and many other states in the northeast. This festival is very close to the heart of northeastern people, which holds strong emotions for the whole community. This festival is celebrated as a part of appreciating Mother Nature and Sun God, who have been showing their blessings throughout the year.

Shunga and Til pitha, pona and laroo (Coconut laado) are traditional and unique items prepared during the Bihu Festival. Moreover, Uruka is the special night during this festival where people invite guests for a feast at their homes. 

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7. Vasi Uttarayan in the state of Gujarat

Vasi uttrayan is a popular festival in Gujarat, and people are all set to make this festival grand. This day is also known as International Kite Day, where people throughout the country take part in this festival. Moreover, it is a traditional belief that has been followed from the times of royal kings and Nawabs, where they used to fly kites with a belief to awaken the Gods and ask for blessings.

Also, in Ahmedabad, you can witness huge Sankranti fairs and Pataang Bazaar, where you can get kites of your choice to fly on the day of Vasi Uttarayan. 

8. Maghi in the state of Punjab 

In Punjab, among the Sikh community, Sankranti is celebrated as Maaghi, where people prepare bonfires to burn away all the negativities. People gather together on the night of Maghi and round around the fire, seeking blessings from the fire God- Agni. They perform traditional folk songs and dances known as bhangra, where people are filled with the festive mood.

Moreover, on this day, people also offer respect and gratitude to Dulla Bhati, which is also mentioned in the traditional Punjabi folk song. The festival of Maghi is also famous in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Jammu Kashmir. 


So, as the festival of Makar Sankranti 2024 arrives, it’s the time when you can seek blessings from the Sun God because it is the most auspicious time of the year. We hope this Sankranti brings new opportunities, blessings, hopes and positivities to your lives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the 14 January festival called?

The auspicious Hindu festival that falls on the 14th and 15th of January is Makar Sankranti, which is called in many other states of India. However, in all the states, Makar Sankranti is known by different names.

2. What is Makar Sankranti other names date 2024?

Some of the most famous other names for Makar Sankranti are – Khichdi (14th of January), Pongal (15th January to 18th January), Maghi (13th January) and Bihu (14th to 20th April).

3. What is the Colour of Sankranti?

Unlike any other festivals celebrated in India, the colour to wear on the day of Makar Sankranti is black. However, people also choose to wear red, yellow or white on this day.

4. What are the things to avoid on Sankranti?

There is no such thing to avoid during Makar Sankranti, but you must not eat non-vegetarian food, such as onion or garlic, during the festival.

5. Which God is Worshipped on Makar Sankranti?

The Makar Sankranti festival is about offering prayers and seeking blessings from the Sun God, Lord Surya. However, in Punjab, during the Maghi festival, people also offer gratitude to Lord Agni, fire God.

6. What food items are prepared on Makar Sankranti?

Some famous food items and sweets prepared during Makar Sankranti are Til ke Ladoo, Peanut Chikki (Gajak), sweets made of rice, moong lentils, and jaggery.

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