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Reason why Goddess Laxmi cursed Lord Brahma

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Goddess Saraswati and Brahma

What was the relation between Brahma and Saraswati? Why Brahma married Saraswati? Why did Goddess Saraswati curse Brahma Deva?

As we grow deep in our knowledge of knowing these truths about the lords we start to question them too, right? 

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Mythological meaning of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

When this entire universe was created, its end date was also decided on the same day. Mythologically, Brahma became the creator, Vishnu, the preserver and Mahesh or Shiva was the destroyer of this universe. All three came together and decided on their roles per their prakruti. 

“Prakruti” has a very great significance in the human body too. There are three kinds:

  1. Pitt turns on the Sattvik (knowledge) Prakruti into the human soul and body.
  2. Vaayu brings us the Rajas (desirous) Prakruti in our bodies.
  3. And, Kaph is responsible for making us tend towards the Tamas (destructive) Prakruti.

Scholars also tell us that the Tridev, “the three gods of the universe”, bring out our true humanity. And the more we meditate, the more we connect with the tri-natured gods as well.

tri-natured gods

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Who is Goddess Saraswati?

Maa Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Also, she makes us more indulgent towards art, culture and literature. But where did she come from? Is Saraswati daughter of Brahma? 

One of the verse of Saraswati Purana, tell us that while creating this universe Lord Brahma ji also took an essence of himself and made “Saraswati” his daughter. She is known to be the first goddess who was created and not born, as per Hindu mythology. 

Saraswati had bold and beautiful features. Also, it has been said when she appeared in front of Brahma, she was gleaming like gold. 

After seeing her, Brahma Dev was also amazed by how beautiful his own daughter was. Gradually, his feelings grew stronger with each passing day. Finally, he thought of marrying her. On knowing this, Goddess Saraswati thought of hiding in every possible direction she could. 

But Brahma Dev was destined to marry Saraswati and found her anyhow. And finally, Saraswati had to give up and agree on marrying her own father. 

According to Brahma Purana, “Shatarupa”, goddess of multiple forms, was the only daughter of Brahma Dev. She was created by taking a bit of every body part of Brahma himself. Moreover, Mata Sarawati was just another form of Goddess Shatarupa.

Goddess Saraswati

Why did Goddess Saraswati curse Brahma ji?

As per this mythological story, once, while Lord Brahma was meditating. He was so lost in it that he didn’t notice a few petals of his lotus flower falling on barren land, on earth. 

When he opened his eyes and saw that those fallen petals had turned into beautiful lakes, he felt pleased and went to that place. He decided to name the place “Pushkar”. 

Moreover, he also decided to perform a ceremonial Yagya at that place. For the Yagya, it was necessary to become successful he was told to call his wife “Saraswati”. 

He asked Narad Muni to go to Sarawati and give her this message. So, as instructed, Narad ji went to her and asked to come and join Brahma dev for the Yagya. But Saraswati said she would only go with Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati and Indrani.

As a result, she couldn’t reach the venue at the designated time. This made Brahma furious with anger. He felt disrespected and decided not to wait any longer. Out of rage, he married Goddess Gayatri on the spot and asked her to join the Yagya. 

Both of them completed the Yagya successfully. In the end, when Mata Saraswati finally arrived with other Goddesses. She was taken aback by seeing Mata Gayatri sitting next to her husband. 

In her full angst, Goddess Saraswati curse Brahma Dev, saying that nobody would ever worship him. Also, he will not have any temples or sacred places in his regard. On seeing this, everybody approached Lord Shiva to stop this fight.

Lord Brahma

Why did only Pushkar have a Brahma temple?

When Lord Shiva arrived at the site, he asked Mata Saraswati to ease down on the curse a bit. So, when she calmed down, she said only in this place would Lord Brahma be worshipped, and he would also have a famous temple.

Since that day, it is believed that Lord Brahma has been worshipped in Pushkar, Rajasthan and a few other places in India because of the curse. Moreover, it is also believed that Goddess Saraswati sat near the Brahma Pushkar temple. 

And still, she is there to give her blessings to all the married ladies for the long life of their Suhaag. Some people say that she has cursed him, but she also sat near the Brahma temple out of her love for him.

Brahma temple


Mythology has several myths and stories that still amaze us and sometimes force us to think, was it actually true? However, God, a very subjective topic, is still the biggest force most of us believe in. 

One such story is the “Brahma and Saraswati story” and the famous “Saraswati river curse”. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this mythological Hindu tale from the renowned Saraswati Purana. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How many Pushkar lakes were there in total?

As per the Brahma Purana, when Brahma Kamal’s few petals fell on the earth. They turned into three beautiful lakes, which Brahma himself further named. He called them Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar and Kanishtha Pushkar.

2. Which Prakriti was Brahma related with?

As per the scriptures, Brahma is known to bring all three prakruti or elements together to make the universe. So, it could not be said that his energy could relate to only a single prakruti or element.

3. Who did Lord Brahma marry during the Pushkar yagya?

As per Brahma Purana, while Goddess Saraswati became late for the Pushkar yagya. Lord Brahma, in his anger, married Goddess Gayatri to perform the Yagya with him.

4. What is the name of Brahma and Saraswati, son?

Mythologically, it is said that Brahma and Saraswati had a son named “Manu”. But he was considered impious and couldn’t be kept in heaven along with the other gods. So, it was decided that he would be the first human to be sent to earth.

5. What is the truth of the Brahma Saraswati story?

As per Hindu mythology, it is known that Brahma created the universe. He also created Saraswati, the first ever goddess to be created and not born. And as Goddess Saraswati was beautiful and intelligent, Lord Brahma could not control his lustful gaze on her and eventually married her. As per other sources, Saraswati was another form of Brahma’s daughter, “Shatarupa”, the goddess of infinite forms.

6. Did Lord Shiva punish Brahma for marrying his own daughter?

As per Shiva Purana, After Brahma dev forcefully married his own daughter, Goddess Saraswati. Every God pleaded with Lord Shiva to teach him a lesson for doing such an awful deed. As a result, Shiva went to him to confess the sin he had committed by marrying his own daughter. But Brahma, instead of accepting his mistake, boasted about creating Goddess Saraswati and told Shiva he could do whatever he wanted. So, in angst and fury, Lord Shiva separated his most malefic head, the fifth head, from his body.

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