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Ravi Yoga in Astrology: Meaning And Benefits

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Ravi Yoga

Ravi Yoga is a Yoga not known by many, and here we bring you a detailed insight into Ravi Yoga. Ravi Yoga, also known as Sun Yoga or Sunapha Yoga. It is indicative of the power of the Sun. It worships the Sun as its Lord. It is known to provide strength and energy. It has a significant position among all other forms of Yoga. Ravi Yoga is known to provide numerous benefits to mankind. 


Ravi Yoga Meaning

Ravi Yoga is an auspicious form of Yoga. It is formed from the lucky combination of the Sun and the Moon. People born with Ravi Yoga have strong personality and also hold a dominating aura. Ravi Yoga natives are born leaders, and they do each and every task with the utmost perfection.

Sun And It’s Significance In Ravi Yoga 

The sun’s significance plays a really important role in Ravi Yoga. The sun’s significance makes people born in Ravi Yoga have a leader-like personality. The sun is responsible for the positive energy Ravi yoga natives radiate. The Sun’s placement shapes their core personality, which is known to stand out from all others. 

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Ravi Yoga Benefits 

Ravi Yoga has immense benefits and is known to shape one’s personality. People born in Ravi yoga are among the few lucky individuals who get to cherish the Sun and the Moon’s energy simultaneously in their personalities. 

1. Charismatic Personality 

As Ravi Yoga has the energies of both the Sun and the Moon, it is known to radiate a charisma like no other. The charismatic personality natives of Ravi Yoga possess can be seen in the way they carry themselves. 

2. Leadership Skills 

They are said to be born leaders. The energy of the Sun provides them with a mindset to lead. Their leader-like personality helps open various doors, offering great opportunities. They are naturally skilled to guide others. 

3. Confidence 

The strong personality that they get from the sun gives them the confidence that they hold. Ravi Yoga makes the natives absolutely confident in expressing themselves. These natives don’t shy away from saying things on the face of people. 

4. Ambition 

Natives of Ravi yoga are very ambitious. Their ambitions have no end, and they work really hard to achieve each and everything that they desire to achieve. They are hard workers. They have really strong thinking abilities.

5. Creativity 

People with Ravi Yoga in their birth charts are really creative. They bring a creative angle to their work, and this is often why they are praised at work. They make things easy by adding a hint of creativity. 

6. Personal Growth

Ravi Yoga natives are always looking for growth in their personality and mindset. They learn new things from the people around them, which leads to a variety of knowledge from different fields. 

Ravi Yoga Formation 

Ravi Yoga is formed when the Sun and the Moon are placed in a particular formation. Usually, the Sun and Moon are placed in adjacent houses. This formation often balances the Sun and Moon’s energies. This formation is very auspicious in astrology and holds great significance. 

Ravi Pushya Yoga 

Ravi Pushya Yoga is highly regarded in Astrology as auspicious. It is believed that during This Yoga, Goddess Lakshmi resides at home. People born in Ravi Pushya Yoga have really high ambitions and are naturally blessed when it comes to money.

Pushya is one of the 27 Nakshatras, and when this Nakshatra falls on the day of occurrence of Ravi Yoga, it forms a really auspicious Yoga, the Ravi Pushya Yoga.

Ravi Pushya Yoga Date, Days and Timings 2024

Let’s look into the Date and the timings of Ravi Yoga in the year 2024.

Ravi Pushya Yoga Days Ravi Pushya Yoga Timings
June 9, 2024, Sunday 20:20 to 29:23+
July 7, 2024, Sunday 5:29 to 29:30+
August 4, 2024, Sunday 05:34 to 13:26

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Ravi Pushya Yoga Benefits

Ravi Pushya Yoga has numerous benefits and is a very lucky yoga for starting or buying new things. Let’s further know the benefits of Ravi Pushya Yoga. 

1. Buying Gold 

It is believed that buying gold during Ravi Pushya Yoga is really beneficial and auspicious. During Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, Goddess Lakshmi resides at home for a long and gold is regarded as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. 

2. Spiritual Practices 

It is highly auspicious to practice religion and devote time to worshipping. During this Yoga, one is blessed with everything one asks for. It is also a great time for Tantric practices because of the high-energy vibrations during this Yoga. 

3. Increased Efficiency 

Ravi Pushya Yoga is known to bless people with good fortune. In turn, it increases the efficiency. This increased efficiency becomes the reason for good fortune and the flow of money during this Yoga.

4. Buying Property 

It is a really auspicious time to buy property. Buying property during this time will surely give you great returns in future. Property is regarded as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, and hence, it further proves to be even more auspicious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Ravi yoga?

A particular positioning of the Sun and the Moon leads to the formation of this particular Yoga, which is regarded as really auspicious.

2. What are Ravi Pushya Yoga benefits?

Ravi Pushya Yoga is a highly auspicious time, and it has immense benefits from the perspective of buying new things and starting new ventures. It is regarded as a great time for devotion and spirituality.

3. What is Ravi Yoga good for?

Ravi yoga is good for more than one thing. It is auspicious for starting or buying new things. People born during this time have really strong personalities and are really lucky in terms of wealth and success.

4. What is Ravi Yoga Muhurat?

Ravi Yoga Muhurat is the time of formation of Ravi Yoga when the Sun and the Moon are in a particular position.

5. Is Ravi yoga auspicious?

Ravi Yoga is a really auspicious time, and it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi stays for a long time in the house during this time. It is auspicious for those born during this time and also for those planning on starting or buying new things.

6. Who is the God of Ravi Yoga?

The Sun is the Lord of Ravi Yoga, and worshipping the Sun God helps enhance the effect of Ravi Yoga on people born during Ravi Yoga.

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