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Pregnancy in Solar Eclipse: Lucky or Unlucky?

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Pregnancy in Solar Eclipse Lucky or Unlucky

We always worry about the pregnant women we know, but the worry increases during the solar eclipse. Our older generations always tell us that solar eclipses and pregnancy are not a good combination and are always harmful to women. Elders suggest staying inside the house and avoiding certain activities during the eclipse. Let’s find out if the pregnancy eclipse is really unlucky or lucky, as the solar eclipse is approaching us on Monday, 8th April 2024


What is ‘SUTAK’?

This is the time period that is considered inauspicious in the Hindu tradition, and the time period starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse and 5 hours before the lunar eclipse. It is also suggested that during the Sutak time period is important to stay indoors and one should avoid making any new decisions or starting a new work to avoid the negative energy. 

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Is Solar Eclipse Really Unlucky?

According to the beliefs of people, it is said to be a bad time period for pregnant women who have to take many precautions for their safety and their babies. But many people don’t know that the solar eclipse has a positive impact as solar eclipse and pregnancy both bring new beginnings in life.

The new beginning of the baby in the world and a new phase in life has many opportunities and the eclipse is a time period when you can grow spiritually, it is also known as a very important time.

Pregnant Women should use the eclipse time to dive into spirituality and to take care of themselves. They can stay indoors for their safety but this does not relate to the unlucky factor of the solar eclipse.

Myths About Solar Eclipse And Pregnancy

  1. People consider solar eclipse as bad for the unborn child.
  2. It is said that Eclipses are dangerous for pregnant women as they can affect the unborn child. 
  3. Another myth is that expected mothers should not wear pins.
  4. Solar eclipse induces labour pain.
  5. Looking at the sun can cause miscarriage.
  6. You should not eat anything during the eclipse.
  7. One should not drink water during the solar eclipse.
  8. It is said pregnant women should avoid doing household tasks during the eclipse. 
  9. It is advised to pregnant women that they should take rest but should not sleep during the eclipse.

Traits of Baby Born during Solar Eclipse

The babies born during the solar eclipse have positive traits in themselves. Though it individually matters on the rising sign as well, it is also said that solar eclipse babies are known to be energetic, focused and success-oriented. Growing up, they works very hard to always be on top and stay focused on their goals. They manifest the situation, they want in life and become very successful.

Pregnancy Precautions

  • Though the solar eclipse is positive and considered lucky, pregnant women should be careful towards their health. 
  • Pregnant women should avoid going outside or doing outdoor activities as it can be harmful during this time.
  • Avoid using sharp objects as they can be dangerous. Not only during the eclipse but also throughout the pregnancy, should pregnant women be careful with these.
  • Meditation should be done as it gives peace of mind and relaxes our soul, and the eclipse is considered the best time for spirituality.
  • You should take a shower after the solar eclipse as it can make you feel better afterwards.
  • You should not look at the sun directly during the eclipse as it can damage your eyes.

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Pregnancy Mantras

Solar Eclipse and Pregnancy are great times to be spiritual, and we have some mantras that you can chant during this phase or throughout the pregnancy for the safety of the baby and the safety of the pregnant woman.

1. Garbarakshambiga Sloka

Garbarakshambiga sloka is a mantra dedicated to the Goddess Garbhaakshambika, the protector of the womb and foetus. Chant this mantra to prevent abortion and the safety of the child. You should chant it 108 times for 21 days without skipping any day. The best time will be in the early morning. 

‘औं देवेन्धिराणी नमोस्तुब्यं ढेवेन्धिरा पिरिया बामिनी
विवाहाहा बाक्यम् आरोक्यम् पुथरा लाबम साधेहिमे
पधीं धेहि सुधां धेहि सौबक्यम् धेहिमे सुभे।
सौमाङ्गल्यां सुबं ज्ञानं धेहिमे गरबरक्षके’

‘Aum Devendhiraani Namosthubyam Dhevendhira Piriya Baamini
Vivaaha Baakyam Aarokyam Puthra Laabam Sadhehime
Padhim Dhehi Sudham Dhehi Soubaakyam Dhehime Subhe
Soumaangalyam Subam Gnayanam Dhehime Garbarakshake’

2. Pregnancy Raksha Mantra / Ramcharitmanas Chaupai

The Pregnancy Raksha Mantra is made to protect the baby from the harm and all the kind of complications. Lord Rama blessed the mother with protective energy throughout the pregnancy phase. You should Recite this Mantra 21 times every moring and one should not skip the mantra during the time. 

‘मङ्गल भावना अमङ्गल हरि
द्रवू सुदासार्थ अजिर बिहारी
दिन दयाल वीरद सम्भरी
हरहुनाथ मामा संकट भरी’

‘Mangala Bhavana Amangala Haari
Dravahu Sudasaratha Ajira Bihaari
Deen Dayaal Virad Smabhaari
Harahu Naath Mama Sankata Bhaari’

NOTE: It is always advisable for pregnant women to consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does chanting mantras help during solar eclipse and pregnancy?

Yes, when you chant mantras during solar eclipse and pregnancy, it releases a vibration in the surroundings, and those vibrations make the universe energy for you, and it helps remove the negative energy.

2. What happens when a baby is born during a solar eclipse?

The baby will not be affected by the solar eclipse, and they will have focused on their careers and will be success-oriented.

3. What are the negative effects of Solar Eclipse?

The negative effect is that it can affect your eyes when you look at it and can affect your skin.

4. What is the most important precaution that should be taken?

Pregnant women should take many precautions, but they should take care of themselves and avoid going out if they are not needed.

5. Can a pregnant lady sleep during a solar eclipse?

Yes, you can take a rest when you needed but you cannot fall asleep during the solar eclipse.

6. Why should we do meditation during a solar eclipse?

The time during the solar eclipse is considered auspicious and best for spiritual growth; hence, meditating during the pregnancy eclipse can help you and the baby have positive vibrations.

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