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5 Impactful Astrological Remedies of Peacock Feather

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Astrological Remedies Of Peacock Feather

The Peacock feather has been a symbol of love, positivity and beauty as per various mythological tales. Also, as per astrology experts, the Peacock leaf is strongly associated with Navagrahas (nine planets of astrology). Keeping a peacock feather in a wallet or at home could tone down even any strong malefic in your Navagrahas as per the birth chart.

But you would be amazed to hear that there are yet countless numbers of peacock feather remedies for daily life as per astrology, or you would also say it is a “wonder feather in astrology”. It could simply do wonders for increasing your wealth, removing any vastu dosh, bringing love into your life, and much more.

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Astrological Significance of Peacock Feather

Mor Pankh, or peacock feather, is one of the most significant things as per astrology. Apart from being a solution to treat any of Navagraha doshas, a peacock feather has many other benefits too. It is known to bring positive vibes and eliminate any negativity from our lives. Moreover, for ages, it has been associated with bringing good fortune as well. 

Is it good to keep peacock feathers at home? Where to keep peacock feather as per vastu? Is peacock feather dream catcher a good option? Also, if you have a vastu dosh, then keep reading this blog. Otherwise, you may consult a professional astrologer for more specified recommendations and peacock feather remedies. 

Peacock Feather

Mythological Stories and Their Significance

Mythology helps us see the significance of everything in this world with the universal power of God. There are various stories and facts that could depict a lot about how so many things have a divine significance in our lives, like a peacock feather. It also has various stories, but here, we will focus on some of the most told ones and know what does Peacock feather symbolizes. These tales are as follows: 

  • Indra Dev and Mor Pankh’s story

According to the texts of Uttara Ramayana, once Lord Indra had to hide behind the tail of a peacock for 1000 years to save himself from Ravana. As per the story, Ravana wanted to have all the powers of Lord Indra and become the ultimate power to rule over all the other gods. 

Despite Ravana’s fear, the Peacock didn’t utter a word and remained faithful to Lord Indra. This made Lord Indra bless the Peacock to have colourful feathers, which used to pale earlier. Moreover, he also gave him powers to fight snakes. There is also a strong belief that after the blessings, only the peacock feathers became magical and powerful healers for many astrological remedies as well.

Indra Dev with MorPankh

  • Lord Krishna and Peacock’s story

As per mythological texts, once, Lord Krishna was grazing his cows in Govardhan Parvat. While he was sitting over there, he started playing his flute. The melodious music coming out of his flute hypnotised all the peacocks, and they started dancing. The entire scenery was so mesmerising that it transfixed even Gods from Heaven. Lord Krishna continued playing for many days. When he stopped playing, all the peacocks were so happy that they started crying with joy and bowed in front of him.

To show him respect and love, the king of the peacocks gave him a few of his feathers. And when Lord Krishna touched them, they became pious and magical from that moment. Since then, gaining this ultimate association with Lord Krishna, peacock feathers became a symbol of love and eternity. So, if you are having trouble with your loved ones, you could try peacock feather remedy to sort it out. Moreover, this is also the story behind “Why does Lord Krishna wear a peacock feather?”. You could also check out this blog. 

  • Goddess Lakshmi and Morpankhi Association

Morpankhi is one of the famously known accessories of Goddess Lakshmi. That is why it is also considered useful to improve your financial status. As per peacock feather Vastu Shastra, there is a strong belief that keeping peacock feathers in the southeast direction of your house or office could do wonders. This peacock feather remedy could heal these planetary positions and bring wealth and prosperity. It also brings optimism and gratitude to your hearts.

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Peacock Feather Remedies in Astrology

We already know that peacock feathers are very auspicious, per mythological stories. Many gods have blessed peacocks with mystical powers that could help humans with a lot of problems in their lives. In this section, we are specifically going to talk about different aspects that could be healed with these magical feathers. Let’s take a look at these benefits of peacock feather one by one. These peacock feather uses are a follows: 

1. Peacock Feather Remedy for Wealth 

Astrology gives us various ways to use this peacock feather as a remedy to gain wealth. If your planetary positions aren’t allowing you to have a good financial status, then there are a few listed options you could try:

  • Sprinkle some gangajal over a few peacock feathers. If you have a Radha-Krishna Murti in your house, keep these feathers in Lord Krishna’s crown. Regularly worship the idols and ask for the betterment of your wealth. Now, after 30 days, keeping peacock feather in wallet will give you excellent results. Moreover, you could also keep these feathers in your locker.
  • Another simple remedy is that you could keep a few peacock feathers in the southeast direction of your house. This, too, will help you get beneficial results very soon.

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2. Peacock Feather remedies for Vastu Dosh

Vastu Dosh or any malefic caused by the wrong Vastu in our house is pretty common nowadays. However, peacock feather benefits for vastu dosh is one of the most known remedies as per astrology. Let’s take a look at all you need to do and how to keep peacock feathers at home:

  • Take eight long peacock feathers and tie them together using a white thread. While tying them, make sure to chant “Om Somay Namah” and later keep them in the northeast direction of your house. This will surely ward off any Vastu dosh in your life.
  • Keeping a Mor Pankh or peacock feather at the entrance of your house is also considered auspicious to keep any evil eye or negative influences at bay.

3. Peacock Feather Remedies for Planetary Position

Being associated with the Navagrahas of astrology, the significance of peacock feather for planetary position is also a known significance. The peacock feather could be a perfect remedy for any inflicted planetary effects, as per your birth chart. Specifically, we will focus on peacock feather remedies for Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. 

  • Remedy for Rahu– This remedy should strictly be performed on a Saturday, before sunrise. Take two peacock feathers and tie them with a brown thread; now, keep them on a plate along with two beetle nuts (Supari) over them. Chant “Om Rahave Namah Jagray Stahpaya Swaha” while you sprinkle some gangajal over it. Placing a diya or earthen lamp on the same plate offers this to Rahu to tone down any malefic in your life.
  • Remedy for Saturn– Tie three peacock feathers with a black thread. Now, place three betel nuts along with the tied feathers on a clean plate. Chant “Om Shanaishwaraya Namaha Jagraya Sthapatya Swaha” while sprinkling Gangajal over the feathers. Finally, lit and placed three earthen lamps filled with oil on the plate. And also offer a few gulab jamuns to impress Lord Shani. 
  • Remedy for Ketu- Take a single peacock feather and tie a grey-coloured thread around it. Now sprinkle some Gangajal over it while chanting “Om Ketve Namah Jagray Sthapaya Swaha”. Place a betel nut, two pitchers of water, and some fruits to nullify the malefic of enraged Ketu in your Kundali.

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4. Peacock Feather Health Remedies 

Strong, angry planetary positions could severely affect our health; a peacock feather could do wonders for astrological problems. Apart from placing them in a specific direction to soothe these planetary malefic, there are a few medicinal properties of these magical feathers used for various health treatments like nausea and vomiting. This peacock feather health benefits from removing toxins from our bodies, minds and lives. 

5. Peacock Feather Remedies for Love

As we all know, Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather over his head, which directly relates this phenomenal feather to bringing love and intimacy into our lives. Here are a few remedies for improving your relationships or bringing romance back into your life:

  • Take a Mor Pankh and put some orange sindoor over it. Now, write the person’s name with whom you want to improve your relationship or have a misunderstanding. Later, keep this Morpankh near your pillow overnight, and in the morning, throw it away in running water. This will bring the love, friendship and intimacy back with that person.
  • Keeping a Peacock feather in your bedroom could also improve your relationship with your spouse. Also, in general, if you feel there are a lot of arguments in your house, then keep mor pankh in bedroom or in drawing room. You will soon notice to see the results.
  • Along with this, keeping a peacock feather inside book is also considered auspicious. This is known to be one of the most beneficial mor pankh benefits. 

Lord Krishna


Peacock feather, Mor Pankh, wonder feather, and much more. Since ancient times, this peacock feather both side eye has been known for its divine association with Gods. Moreover, there are so many astrological and medical remedies to remove negativity and toxins from our lives; this blog contains a list of remedies you should know to ward off the Evil eye, Vastu Dosh, planetary imperfections and much more. Also, for more astrology-related information, you could visit the official website of “InstaAstro” by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How many peacock feathers to keep at home?

According to Vaastu Shastra, an individual must keep at least eight peacock feathers at home to gain auspicious outcomes.

2. Can peacock feather use in pregnancy?

Keeping a peacock feather in your bedroom or living room is beneficial as it wards off any evil eye, increases positive energy, and purifies the air, along with many other benefits. Also, it keeps any Vastu doshas at bay as well.

3. Where to keep peacock feather in bedroom for love?

Peacock feathers should be placed in your bedroom where it’s most of the time visible to you, and after a week or so, you will see the difference. You will see more love and affection between you and your partner.

4. What are the medicinal properties of a Peacock feather?

Since ancient times, peacock feathers have been known to remove toxins from our bodies. Also, as per Ayurvedic, there is a medicine called “Mayura Chandrika Bhasma”, made from peacock feathers. It is used to cure symptoms like vomiting and nausea. Along with it, major diseases like asthma could also be treated with this Peacock feather medicine.

5. What is the peacock feather remedy for wealth?

According to astrology, keeping a peacock feather in the southeast direction of your house could bring wealth and prosperity to your life. Moreover, keeping a Mor Pankh in your wallet or vault could also give you beneficial results.

6. What powers did Lord Indra give to Peacocks?

After Lord Indra was impressed with Peacock’s loyalty, he blessed it to have colourful feathers along with a lot of medicinal and magical powers.

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