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The Five Layers Of Koshas & Its Vedic Astrology Relationship

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The Five Layers Of Koshas & Its Vedic Astrology Relationship

The human body is the most beautiful and the ultimate creation of God? But what makes the physical body healthy and function well? It’s the Panch Koshas or Sheaths, meaning the outer covering of the human body that generates the energy system in our body through breath, mind, intellect and bliss.

Now, let’s examine the 5 koshas of human body, which represent the different layers and help us gain a deep understanding of the overall approach to health and healing. 

Facing Health Issues

What are Koshas or Sheaths? 

The Koshas are the different layers of the human body that cover our true selves, or Atman. The word Kosha comes from the Sanskrit word, which means the outer covering, and it describes the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Human existence and the overall body are more than what they seem. The human body has a pancha kosha that represents the different layers, which include the gross body, subtle body, mental body, wisdom body, and bliss body. All these factors work as a roadmap towards self-enlightenment and self-discovery. 

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Panchakosha Theory 

Here’s a table that will help you understand what the 5 koshas of human body are associated with. This gives you a brief overview of Koshas in yoga. 

Five Koshas  Significance  Elements 
Annamaya Kosha  Food and Nourishment  Earth Element 
Pranamaya Kosha  Functioning of Body  Water Element 
Manomaya Kosha  Feeling Thoughts and Emotions  Fire Element 
Vijnanamaya Kosha  Spiritual Growth and Development  Air Element 
Anandamaya Kosha  Bliss, joy and happiness  Space Element

Relationship of Vedic Astrology with Panch Koshas

Koshas are somehow related to astrology as the factors of Panch kosha deal with the individual physical, mental and emotional state of mind, just as the planets in astrology do. In astrology, all the planets play a significant role in human lives, just like all the five koshas.

Let’s say, for example, the Annamaya Kosha and Pranamanya Kosha are associated with food and vital sheath, which gives individuals the ability to nourish life. Similarly, in astrology, the planets have a major role in aligning with spiritual and transformational qualities necessary for sustaining life. 

Moreover, in vedic astrology, the different elements, such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, also have a great contribution towards the panch koshas. The different elements in astrology are associated with the divine and universal connection, just as the Manomaya and Vijnanmaya are. 

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5 Koshas of Human Body

People have become more aligned with their mental and physical well-being now. The panch kosha explains the different layers of the human body and how peeling them one by one can improve overall mental, physical, and spiritual growth. 

1. Annamaya Kosha: Food Sheath 

  • Among the 5 koshas of human body, Annamaya Kosha, also known as the food body, is the outermost layer. It is the most significant layer as it sustains and nourishes the body.
  • The Sanskrit word Anna, meaning food itself, explains the importance of this kosha. Thus, this food sheath feeds the overall body with food, making the human body function well. 
  • The Annamaya kosha works as the engine to function the body by feeding it food and water, which is essential for human development and survival. This is one of the basic needs humans need to keep their bones, muscles, and all the other organs properly functioning. 

2. Pranamaya Kosha: Vital Sheath 

  • According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, the Paranamaya Kosha is the essential element that helps the human body function.
  • Pranamaya Kosha is associated with the energy flowing through the human body, which keeps the human alive, such as breathing, digestion, and blood circulation. 
  • The Pranamaya Kosha is influenced by the energy flow or the Prana that circulates through the body. The flow of prana is essential because it passes through the life force energy via chakras and nadis (energy channels) in the human body. However, one must always practise asana and pranayama to keep this kosha active. 

3. Manomaya Kosha: Mental Sheath 

  • The Manomaya kosha is associated with the human ability to think, imagine, and reason.
  • Mana means the mind, so all the factors related to our mental health and cognitive (ability to think) function are due to the Manomaya Kosha. Imagine people who are physically fit but mentally disturbed; this can be due to the inactivated Manomaya Kosha. 
  • Manomaya kosha allows humans to learn, solve problems, and differentiate between right and wrong using their brains. Also, all the emotions and thoughts coming into our mind are influenced by the Manomaya Kosha, affecting the energy flow in the human body. 

4. Vijnanamaya Kosha: Intellectual Sheath 

  • The Vijnanamaya Kosha is the sheath that goes beyond the physical existence and functioning of the human body. The word Vijnana means “the power of judgment or understanding.” This is associated with our intellectual power, which makes individuals cleaver, sharp, and knowledgeable.
  • The most crucial factor about the Vijnanamaya Kosha is that it differentiates humans from animals because humans can only live freely and make decisions. 
  • Knowing yourself through spirituality is also what makes humans mentally awake. Our minds cannot grasp all the messages passed on by our brains, but through Vijnanamaya Kosha, one can go deep into the dhyana and listen to one’s inner calling. This kosha allows humans to make decisions and respond proactively. 

5. Anandamaya Kosha: Blissful Sheath 

  • The Anandamaya Kosha is the fifth and last layer of the human body. It’s the spiritual bliss attained through spiritual activities.
  • People usually neglect this kosha, but it’s the most important factor in becoming spiritually enlightened and aware of one’s level of consciousness. Moreover, although saints generally practice this, it’s essential to incorporate it into one’s day-to-day life. 
  • In Sanskrit, the Anandamaya Kosha is believed to be associated with divine energies that allow people to connect with the supreme God. Bhakti and devotion to God give natives happiness, joy, and bliss. One can also attract blissful sheaths through selfless service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What do you understand by panch kosh?

The Koshas are the five most important layers of the human body, which include mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Yoga teachers have recognised this for spiritual liberation for ages.

2. What are the 5 koshas of human body?

The pancha kosha of the human body are Annamaya Kosha (Food Sheath), Pranamaya Kosha (Vital Sheath), Manomaya Kosha (Mental Sheath), Vijnanamaya Kosha (Intellectual Sheath) and Anandamaya Kosha (Blissful Sheath).

3. Where do the 5 koshas come from?

The concept of Kosha comes from the Taittriya Upanishad, which explains the different layers of the human body. They further explain that they are the top five most important aspects of human existence.

4. Agya chakra relates to which of the following koshas?

The Agya chakra is associated with the Vijnanamaya Kosha, the intellectual sheath. It is located at the centre of the forehead and is believed to be the base of intuition and wisdom.

5. What are the benefits of Pancha Kosha?

The 5 koshas of human body are important elements that calm the mind and make the natives feel free from all unnecessary worldly affairs. They enhance individuals’ physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

6. How are Chakras and Kosha related?

Koshas are the layers of the being, and Chakras are energy centres within the human body. The koshas and chakras are related because they both deal with the human body and mind, and their balance is essential for overall health and well-being.

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