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Nimbu-Mirchi Remedy: Reason and Significance

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Have you ever wondered about the significance and importance of the Nimbu and Mirchis people hang in their house? Do you also want to know the reason behind this age-old tradition? Well, worry not as InstaAstro is here today with another exciting blog. In this blog we will learn about the importance and significance of hanging Nimbu Mirchi in our personal space. We will also look at the aspects like the Nimbu Mirchi superstition, Nimbu Mirchi totka and Nimbu Mirchi remedy. So, let us now get into it. Moreover, if you want more such exciting blogs then visit InstaAstro’s website or download the app to get regular and free updates for the same. 

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Nimbu-Mirchi Significance:

In India, it is a common sight of hanging lemon (nimbu) tied along with seven chillies (Mirchi) at the entrance of a door, inside of our cars, or at the back of any vehicle. Nimbu Mirchi or Seven green chillies and lemon hanging on a thread outside the entrance wards off the evil eye of Alakshmi, the evil sister of Goddess Lakshmi. Alakshami is termed to be inauspicious. Moreover, it brings misery and trouble along with financial issues in an individual’s life. Thus, people change the old ones with new ones once in a while.

The story behind: 

There is also a story behind. Once, both the sisters Alaskhmi and Lakshmi came to a merchant’s house and asked him to describe how beautiful they looked individually. The merchant diplomatically managed the situation. He bowed and replied, “Jyeshtha (elder sister) Alakshmi looks gorgeous as she goes from inside to the outside of the house, and Kanishtha (younger sister) Lakshmi also looks beautiful as she enters the house from outside to the inside.”

Thus people came to a conclusion that Alakshmi brings poverty and misery. So, she looks good when she exits the house and to ward her off, nimbu and mirch are on the entrance. According to Ayurveda, lemon or nimbu is ‘pitta-shamak’. It reduces anger or irritation. And chilly or Mirchi are tamasic /rajasic by their hot nature. So if Alakshmi consumes these chillies, the lemon is sure to decrease her anger to leave the house.

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Nimbu Mirchi

The Belief:

According to legends, there is a belief stating that wherever Lakshmi goes Alakshmi follows. Moreover, Goddess Lakshmi enjoys sweets thus, she is served sweets in pujas. In contrast, Alakshmi likes sour and spicy food like nimbu and Mirchi. So people dangle nimbu and Mirchi outside the home. Lastly, Alakshmi accepts the offerings and does not enter. According to the belief, Alakshmi loses all her anger and after consuming lemon and chillies. The sour flavour of the lemon and the spiciness of the chillies helps in doing so. Moreover, after this Alakshmi leaves without throwing her evil eye. 

This nimbu Mirchi remedy is also called Nazar Battu. The nimbu mirchi is changed every Friday night and replaced by a new one on Saturday morning. Later, it is thrown away from the place so the address cannot be found ever. 

Nimbu Mirchi

Scientific significance lemon and Chilli hung outside the house.

There is scientific acclaim behind it also when we see something like Chilli and lemon. The person with negative energy starts to feel its taste, due to which they cannot see it for a long time and instantly divert their attention from there. Or the spicy flavour of citrus and Chilli disbands a person’s concentration with an evil eye.

There are a lot of benefits of hanging lemon and chillies in an individual’s personal space. The hanging of lemon and chillies keep the environment pure and filled with positive vibes. Moreover, Lemon absorbs negative vibes and energies. So also, according to Vastu Shastra, there is no negative energy in the house where there is a lemon tree.

You can also hang a metal Green Chilli and Lemon to protect from Evil Eye to keep your business safe. This traditional battu has chillies and nimbus, whereas the seven mirchis and nimbu are made of brass and coloured green.

Nazar Battu benefits

There are a lot of benefits of hanging Nimbu Mirchi in an individual’s personal space. Mentioned below are some benefits of hanging or having a Nazar Battu. These are as follows: 

  • Protection of an individual from Negativity.
  • Warding off the arrival of Alakshmi in an individual’s home. 
  • Protection from evil eye.
  • Reduces anger and irritation


These were the benefits and reasons of hanging nimbu and mirchi outside your house. Moreover, as we can see, it is not just a superstition but also has a very strong scientific reasoning behind it. If you want to read more such interesting blogs then you should check InstaAstro’s website or download the app for the same. Also, you can talk to the best astrologers there who will provide you with solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to make Nimbu Mirchi for Nazar?

You can make the Nimbu Mirchi nazarbattu with the help of some simple ingredients. These include a thread, nimbu and mirchi. The steps are as follows:Take a ripe yellow Nimbu and 7 Mirchis. Take a black thread and tie a knot at the end.With the help of a needle insert the 7 mirchis first and then the nimbu in the thread.Tie a knot on the top to secure it.Your nimbu mirchi is ready to hang.

2. What is Nazar Battu in English?

A nazarbattu in English is Evil Eye protector. It is used by many people to keep negative energies away from them.

3. How to remove Alakshmi from home?

Mentioned below are steps to help remove alakshami from an individual’s house. These are as follows: Using a lemon chilli hanging. A Nimbu Mirchi hanging will keep Goddess Alakshmi away from you and your house.Organise a Lakshmi pujaWorshipping Goddess SaraswatiDonating Silk or Cotton clother to needy

4. What is the use of nimbu mirchi?

Nimbu Mirchi hanging, also called nimbu mirchi nazar battu is used for a lot of reasons. It protects an individual from evil eye of thers. Moreover, it also prevents the coming of Goddess Alakshami in an individual’s house.

5. Where can we hang nimbu mirchi?

Nimbu Mirchi can be hung at almost any place. It comes around to be a nazar battu for car. Moreover, it is most commonly used as an evil eye door hanger.

6. How many mirchi are there in nimbu mirchi?

In a Nazarbattu of Nimbu Mirchi, there a re a total of 7 mirchis. These Mirchis are placed below the nimbu and then hung ot protect people from negativity and evil eye.


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