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Mothers Day 2022: Iconic Moms of Bollywood

By May 4, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

Mothers Day 2022: 

Bollywood beautiful women have not just achieved their well-deserved fame but have likewise broken barriers of stereotypical parenting. They have shown society that motherhood understands no bounds, be it adoption or surrogacy or having a child out of wedlock. So, this Mothers Day, let’s look at the moms of Bollywood who have smashed stereotypes and redefined women’s empowerment.

Sushmita Sen

The former Miss Universe, an inspiring mother, adopted two daughters after basking in success and being at an all-time high in her career. Sushmita’s elder daughter Renee is 20, while the younger one, Alisah, is 11. The actress says adopting her daughter was the best and wisest decision.

While the Miss Universe has found love in model Rohman Shawl. His bond with Sushmita’s adoptive children makes fans root for the lovebirds. However, Sushmita earns a crown for being as fierce as a lioness.

Sushmita Sen

Karan Johar

Filmmaker, and a mom, Karan Johar, has said that he is the mother of his twin children, Yash and Roohi. Karan- known for his honesty, even said he wouldn’t impose his wish on his children and support what they wanted to do, just like his parents supported his decision to be a filmmaker. Breaking the stereotype of becoming a parent only after marriage, he says he wanted to channel the love within himself. And what better way than two beautiful kids?  

Priyanka Chopra

Since Priyanka Chopra held her first child with her husband Nick Jonas, a baby girl born via surrogacy, the international icon has been quiet about welcoming parenthood. But, as a new parent right now, she keeps feeling that she will never be inflicting her desires, fears, or upbringing onto her child. There is no idea like this is my child, and I will shape everything. She says a child comes through you to find and build their own life.

Kalki Kochn with his family

Kalki Koechlin

From giving water birth to providing a gender-neutral name for the baby to singing lullabies, Kalki is beautifully embracing motherhood. The actress not only picks up unconventional roles for her films but also relishes a real-life persona that believes in breaking all stereotypes.

The unversed, National Award-winning actress was gifted with a baby girl in February 2020. As much as Kalki values being a mommy to her little one, she often goes to the internet to flaunt her motherly side among the moms of bollywood. Kalki made it clear when she declared her pregnancy with boyfriend Guy Hershberg that she won’t get married just because she was pregnant.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are parents to a five-year-old girl Nisha. Who they adopted in 2017, and twin boys, who blessed them through surrogacy. In an interview, Sunny revealed that they wanted to have a girl with adoption, and it was a perfect choice for them.

Sunny has repeatedly said she could never picture her life without her kids. The pair is often lauded by many from the entertainment fraternity for breaking the stereotypes.

Sunny Leone with her family

Neha Dhupia

It is a known fact that actress Neha Dhupia was pregnant when she married. Neha was already three months pregnant when she and Angad Bedi approached her parents about their marriage. Later, Angad talked about the surprise wedding on her radio show and how it wasn’t easy to convince Neha’s parents.

Roadies Girl has always managed to break stereotypes as moms of bollywood. Recently, she urged her followers not to sexualize breastfeeding via an Instagram post. In addition, Neha often extends awareness about breastfeeding and how it should be normalized rather than shamed.

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