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Mom’s Home Remedies To Swear By

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Mom’s Home Remedies To Swear By

Doesn’t it feel like moms have answers to all questions? It’s like they have this magic touch that can heal any and every illness. Well, sometimes it’s their home remedies that come to our rescue when we get sick. During our childhood, we believed that our mother’s presence and touch will protect us and keep us safe from all evils. Well, this is true as well. It does seem that no matter if the pain is emotional or physical, mothers always have a cure for it.

English CTRThe use of home remedies is prevalent in each and every house. From the benefits of turmeric to using cloves as pain killers, home remedies and cure for almost all illnesses. Let us now have a look at these home remedies and their benefits.
Vicks,Salt,Lemon & Ginger

Home remedies meaning

In a general sense, we understand home remedies to be the use of items present at home that help in providing relief to an individual. The relief can be from any sort of pain, either physical or emotional. However, the actual meaning of the term Home remedies related to the use of natural remedies or treatment for various health related issues. These natural ingredients can be commonly found at any individual’s house. Thus, the word home is associated with these remedies. Moreover, these are often passed from generation to generation either in verbal form or in written sense.

Mom’s home remedies involve the use of household items including herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, in modern times, people want a more natural way of living life rather than injecting themselves with injections or chemical filled pills and medications. Thus, they turn to home remedies as their solution. These remedies are cost effective and also are completely natural. These home remedies do not use any harmful ingredients or chemicals. Moreover, there are not any side effects to the use of these remedies.

However, the use of home remedies should be done only after the consultation of a doctor. These home remedies can be a very efficient way to help an individual deal with minor health issues like cough and cold. However, if the symptoms worsen then the individual must visit a doctor and seek professional help.

On tackling colds and cases of flu

When children catch a cold, mothers would often sit down with a bucket of hot water nearby. Next, they would apply vapor rub on the soles of our feet and instruct us to dip them in the water. We submerged our feet and sipped on a steaming cup of cinnamon tea.

The tea was readily available for us to enjoy. The power of vapor rub has eucalyptus essential oil, which helps loosen up the mucus in our chest. Gargling salt water cures a sore throat, runny nose, or flu-like symptoms. 

On tackling colds

Multiple Home Remedies:

Home remedies help an individual treat and cure a lot of minor issues without the use of heavy medication. It helps individuals heal organically. These remedies involve the use of items that can be commonly found in an individual’s house. Moreover, some popular mom’s home remedies include the use of honey for cough and sore throat.

Moreover, using Aloe Vera can help soothe burns and calm skin irritations and rashes. Along these, the use of ginger for relief in nausea and vomiting and using saltwater gargle for sore throat and mouth ulcers. Additionally, inhaling steam for congestion, using tea tree oil for acne and fungal infections, and using baking soda for heartburn and indigestion are some other effective home remedies. However, it is always advised to consult a healthcare professional before using any of these remedies for any and every problem.

Home Remedies

On eliminating headaches

Mothers have a popular remedy that involves using vapor rub on the temples, the back of the ears, and neck. Firstly, heat onion peels on a grill until they become warm and soft. Next, add salt to the vapor rub. Finally, place the warm onion peels on the temples.

Mothers do this anytime they have a headache. Their mothers taught them, and they have passed it down for further generations.


To relieve cramps and stomach aches

Moms would swear on a tea made from onion skins that their mother and grandmother used to make that would relieve period pains. Passed down from great grandmothers, a spoonful of castor oil worked for various reasons, mainly to help stomach aches. It doesn’t taste delicious, but it works. Usually, it takes two to three spoonful to reach its fullest potential.

Grandma home remedies for weight loss

Grandmoms have answers to all questions and solutions to all problems. If you want to lose some weight go check with your grandma for some of her home remedies. Well, we present you here with some Grandma home remedies for weight loss. These are as follows:
– One of the best grandma home remedies is the use of cinnamon, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduces food cravings.
– Drinking green tea can aid in weight loss due to its high antioxidant content, which helps improve metabolism and burn calories.
– Eating a diet rich in fiber, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can also help control appetite and prevent overeating.
– Incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine through simple activities like walking, cycling, or dancing. Moreover, regular exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.
– Lastly, these natural and holistic remedies can aid in achieving. They also help in maintaining a healthy weight while promoting overall wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are simple home remedies?

Simple home remedies use items present at an individual’s house to for the treatment of health related issues. Home remedies are known to be very helpful by many individuals.

2. What are the home remedies for common diseases?

Some examples include the use of honey for cough, ginger and honey together for cold, turmeric paste for headaches and cloves for dental pain relief. These are the most effective home remedies that are used in each and every household.

3. Do home remedies for illness really work?

Well, Mom’s home remedies are used in each and every household in India. The ongoing use of these age-old home remedies prove that they are quite effective. Moreover, these remedies are completely natural and thus do not contain any harmful chemical.

4. What is an effective home remedy for keeping the sugar level in the body in control?

Some effective home remedy for controlling blood sugar levels is to increase your fiber intake. Fiber slows down the digestion process, which helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. Moreover, another helpful home remedy is to exercise regularly. A simple 30-minute walk each day can help lower blood sugar levels.

5. What are the home remedies to cure cuts and bruises?

When dealing with bruises, mothers often resort to the use of onions. These vegetables have a direct impact on the red blood cells, which helps stimulate their production. Thus, they are very helpful when treating bruises to get rid of the mark soon. Moreover, the use of leftover potato skins to heal wounds is also very common. Potatoes help wounds heal quickly by reducing inflammation.

6. What is the best home remedy for earache?

One of the best home remedies for earaches is to apply a warm compress to the affected ear. The warmth can help reduce pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow to the area. You can use a warm, damp cloth or a heating pad on a low setting to create a warm compress.

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