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How Moonstone Benefits Your Emotional Healing? Find Out!

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We understand you might be looking for the best gemstone to wear while stepping into a new journey in your life. You might be feeling nervous, anxious and stressed, right? No worries, we’ve got a perfect solution for you to keep you calm and stress-free. It’s the semi-precious Moon Stone, also known as Chandrakaantha Mani. Heard of it? 

Moonstone is strongly associated with the healing and astrological properties that can benefit the wearers. It is also believed to carry feminine energy and the ability to enhance individuals’ emotions and intuitions. With that, let’s get going and see what’s more magical about moonstone benefits. 


What is Moonstone? 

Do you believe when people say the Moon is a light in the darkness of moments, it’s actually true. It lightens up the entire world when it glows bright at night. Likewise, Moonstone also works the same. It’s a precious and stunning gemstone with a bright and shiny pearly sheen that lightens up the life of an individual with its positive benefits. The Moonstone benefits are not something new, it has been used since ancient times as a healing property. 

Moreover, in astrology, moonstone benefits are associated with the planet moon and thus help enhance its qualities. Moonstone has a strong relation with individuals’ inner truth, wisdom, emotions, and ability to connect with their higher selves. 

It’s also believed that the power of moonstone is enhanced according to the lunar cycle, meaning its effects double when worn at night. Also, because moonstone is believed to have been formed from the crystalline beams of moonlight, it has a connection to the Moon.

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How and Where is Moonstone Found? 

Now, you might be guessing about Moonstone’s origin and how it was found. Was it found in India? Well, Moonstone is found and manufactured in India, but it’s majorly found in Sri Lanka and Australia. However, some of the other countries that manufacture Moonstone are Southern India, Madagascar, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. Many countries usually manufacture white and Blue moonstones, while India is the only country where Moonstone is found in a variety of colours, shapes, and structures. 

Moreover, moonstone is formed from a feldspar-group mineral called orthoclase, which consists of potassium aluminium silicate. After the mineral is found, the mixing of two minerals, orthoclase and albite, starts, and they are kept at an extremely high temperature. Then, when the gemstone cools, the minerals are separated into thin layers. This creates a shiny gemstone that creates a different shape and structure and is then craved in different jewellery. 

Top 8 Moonstone Types and Their Astrological Benefits 

Below are the moonstone benefits astrology that will help you know about the different types of moonstones and their benefits. 

1. Blue Moonstone 

Blue Moonstone is a popular stone usually found in Madagascar, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Australia. This stunning stone has a bluish hue and a shiny texture that includes metaphysical properties. 


Blue moonstone astrological benefits include its ability to enhance the planet’s moon and some healing properties. It helps calm and soothe individuals when they feel stressed and anxious. 

2. Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone is a member of the feldspar group, specifically a type of labradorite with a pearly and opalescent glow. This stone is not only famous for its beauty but also for its essential benefits in enhancing emotional stability and spiritual growth,


Rainbow Moonstone is often known as the birthstone for June borns. It aligns with the zodiac sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. It helps in balancing all chakras, enabling a pleasant flow of energy throughout the body.

3. Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone is a variety of stones known for its unique green hue, which ranges from a light, almost fine green to a deep, rich green colour. This gemstone is associated with growth and renewal. 


Green moonstone is mainly associated with feminine energies and is believed to benefit females during fertility and reproductive health. It is also used in rituals and practices with the aim of enhancing feminine power and fertility. 

4. Pink Moonstone 

The Pink moonstone is known for its captivating pink hues. Due to its soft yet powerful vibrations, pink moonstone is an increasingly popular choice for those looking for inner peace, harmony and improved relationships. 


Pink Moonstone is usually beneficial for increasing balance and harmony in a relationship. Wearing it attracts love, compassion, and empathy, strengthening and extending individuals’ bonds. 

5. White Moonstone 

White Moonstone is often referred to as the “Goddess Stone” due to its strong associations with feminine energy and lunar cycles. It is also strongly connected to various goddesses and the moon, which is considered a symbol of the divine feminine. 


White moonstone benefits travellers, especially as it’s said to protect those who travel at night or by sea. Some believe that wearing a white moonstone can also improve the appearance of the skin and hair, providing a youthful glow.

6. Gray Moonstone 

Gray moonstone, also called New Moon Stone, is a feldspar mineral with an opalescent, pearly shine. It is mostly grey in tone and has a silvery and metallic shine. The colour can range from light gray to dark gray.


The Gray Moonstone can be very beneficial for people who deal with insomnia and have difficulty sleeping. You must place this stone under your pillow to improve your sleep quality. It can also be beneficial for kidney stones and other urinary ailments.

7. Black Moonstone 

Black Moonstone has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its jet-black shiny texture. It is mostly found in India and Burma. It carries a strong metaphysical energy that is used to reduce the effects of the negative evil eye. 


In recent times, Black Moonstone is mostly used in jewellery due to its stunning and eye-catching effect. This stone has a strong association with the third eye chakra and crown chakras. So, it’s believed that this stone helps in spiritual protection and strengthens intuition.

8. Star Moonstone 

Star moonstone, also known as Starburst Moonstone, is a rare and highly in-demand variety of moonstone. When exposed to light, its dazzling optical phenomenon, asterism, creates a beautiful star-like pattern. 


Star moonstone is highly beneficial for enhancing intuition, promoting emotional balance, and connecting with feminine energy. It is also considered a stone of protection that guides individuals in their journey of life, bringing a sense of direction and purpose.

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Instructions for Wearing Moonstone 

These are some essential tips on how to wear these stones correctly. Following these instructions will help you reap more benefits and gain protection from them. 

How to wear Moonstone Gemstone 

  • Moonstone can be worn anyway you wish to wear. You can wear a ring or a pendant which is made using Moonstone. However, it’s essential that you need to consult an expert if you are looking for some specific guidance. 
  • Before wearing a Moonstone, you must chant “VAM” 108 times. Doing this will keep the gemstone energised. 
  • Moonstone should always be worn on the small finger of the right hand. 

Best time to Wear Moonstone 

  • The most preferred time to wear a Moonstone is Monday morning during Shukla Paksha.
  • If you also wear it daily, make sure to clean your moonstone in clear water or raw milk before wearing it every day.
  • You can also leave the moonstone overnight dipped in water and wear it every morning while meditating. 

What to do before wearing Moonstone 

  • Before wearing a moonstone, always ensure that you wear the right stone by consulting an expert who will guide you to get the best stone that resonates with your energies. 
  • You must chant “Om Soum Somaye Namah” while offering prayers to Chandra (Moon God) before wearing a Moonstone. 
  • For moonstone benefits, you should always wear a moonstone in silver or Gold jewellery and keep it in raw milk for 8 hours before wearing it. 

How to re-energise Moon Stone? 

  • Placing a Moonstone under moonlight overnight can enhance its energy and intensity. 
  • Place it under running water for some time and wipe it with a clean cloth. This will detoxify your moonstone, making it more powerful to wear. 
  • Do not directly wear a moonstone. Always keep it in a clean place and sprinkle some holy water and an incense stick on it to purify its energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who can wear moonstone?

Moonstones can be worn by anyone despite their gender and zodiac signs. However, it’s always safe and best to get a consultation from astrologers who can give better guidance.

2. What are moonstone bracelet benefits?

When you wear a Moonstone bracelet, it is attached to your body. It keeps you away from malefic energies, helps in emotional healing, and makes you mentally and emotionally strong.

3. Can you wear moonstone every day?

Yes, you can wear a moonstone every day, but ensure that you wear a high-quality Moonstone so it does not get damaged during daily use.

4. Which Rashi can wear Moon Stone?

The Moonstone is usually preferred by the Cancer zodiac signs, as the planet Moon rules them. So, the moonstone is usually called the stone for Cancerians.

5. Which finger to wear moonstone ring?

The Moonstone should always be worn on the little finger of your right hand. This is because wearing Moonstone on the right-hand keeps the chakras balanced and aligned.

6. What gemstone should be avoided wearing with moonstone?

If you are wearing moonstone, you should always avoid wearing pearls, opal, quartz and  Blue Topaz along with Moonstone. Doing this can overstimulate the energy, making you feel weak and exhausted.

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