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Monday to Sunday God Days: Connect with Divine on their Special Days!

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Did you know why certain people go to Hanuman temples on Tuesday? Or why do people keep the Mahalaxmi Vrat on Friday? This is because, In Hinduism, a rich and diverse religion, deities play a central role in people’s lives. Each day of the week connects with a specific Hindu god or goddess. Therefore, devotees pay homage to these gods on their respective days. Let’s discuss about Monday to Sunday God days, their significance, and how to seek their blessings.

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Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu mythology, he is the god of transformation. This makes him the destroyer who has the responsibility to put an end to things which need transformation. Lord Shiva is also famous for his cosmic dance Tandav and his role in the cycle of creation. Therefore, Lord Shiva is the answer for Monday which god day. 

Planet of Monday

Moon is the planet which rules this day. It is because Lord Shiva wears a moon on his head. It represents emotions as well as intuition.

Rituals for Monday

  • Devotees observe fasting and visit Shiva temples on lord shiva day of the week. On Mondays, people wake up and take a bath to pray to lord Shiva.
  • Afterwards, they perform Abhisheka on Shivling.
  • Therefore, they apply chandan on the Shivling and pour milk, water and Panchamrit on it.
  • People also pray to Lord Shiva’s wife, Goddess Parvati, his vehicle Nandi as well as Sheshnag.
  • Devotees also offer Bael Leaves for Shiv Ji and chant Om Namah Shivaay.
  • They do this to seek god’s blessings for spiritual growth, inner peace, and protection from evil forces.


If you are wondering that on Tuesday which god is worshipped? The answer is Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength, devotion, and selfless service. Hanuman was the most dedicated devotee of Lord Rama. Therefore, he played a significant role in the epic Ramayana. Devotees worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays, seeking his blessings for courage, protection, and victory over obstacles.

Planet of Tuesday

Many people also call Tuesday Mangalwar. This is because its ruling planet is Mars. Along with Lord Hanuman, Mars governs our strength and courage.

Rituals for Tuesday

  • On Tuesdays, many devotees visit Hanuman temples to offer their prayers.
  • They also donate prasad to people in need.
  • People chant the Hanuman Chalisa, which fills them with devotion and positivity.
  • Devotees also offer Sindoor to Lord Hanuman as it is auspicious.
  • Many people keep a vrat to remove the adverse effects of Mars.


If you ask, Wednesday which god day? Vitthal Dev is your answer. Vitthal dev is another form of Lord Krishna. Krishna is famous for his divine playfulness and enchanting personality. Lord Krishna symbolises love, devotion, and divine wisdom. Many believe that starting something new on this day will surely give you the results you seek.

Planet of Wednesday

The planet Mercury governs Wednesday. This gives this day the name Budhwar. Mercury is the planet of communication as well as business. Therefore, starting a business on this day is extremely auspicious.

Rituals for Wednesday

  • Devotees observe fasting, recite their prayers, and visit Krishna temples on Wednesdays.
  • They seek Wednesday god Lord Krishna’s blessings for prosperity, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • People also read Bhagwat Geeta, a very important holy text on this day.
  • Wednesday is also a great day to dress up in green clothes.
  • Devotees offer Tulsi leaves as well as a green gram to Lord Krishna
  • Many also keep the Budhvar Vrat and seek intelligence as well as knowledge.

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Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the supreme deity who maintains and preserves the universe. The answer to Thursday which god day is lord Vishnu. He s the source of cosmic order and harmony. It is also the day of lord Bhrihaspati. He is the god of knowledge as well as learning. This gives Thursday the name Guruvar or Brihaspativar.

Planet of Thursday

The planet that rules over Thursday is Jupiter. Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality.

Rituals for Thursday

  • Devotees offer prayers, observe fasting, and visit Vishnu temples on Thursdays.
  • They seek his blessings for prosperity, stability, and protection.
  • Vishnu’s various forms, such as Rama and Krishna, are also worshipped on this day.
  • People read the Bhagwad Puran and wear yellow clothes on this day.
  • They also offer chana daal, Bengal gram, as well as milk and ghee to the god to receive his blessings.


Friday is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune, and abundance. If you are wondering Friday which god day, you should know that it is the day to celebrate the divine feminine. Along with Goddess Laxmi, people also pray to goddess Santoshi, Durga and Annapurneshmari.

Planet of Friday

This day is the day of Venus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It also represents wealth which is the greatest blessing of Mahalaxmi. Therefore, Friday is also known as Shukravar.

Rituals for Friday

  • Devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day, seeking her blessings for material and spiritual prosperity.
  • Many households light oil lamps and decorate their homes.
  • They also conduct Lakshmi puja to invite her divine presence.
  • Additionally, people keep the solah Shukravar Vrat to receive the blessings of the goddess.


Saturday is the day of Lord Shani. He is the deity of justice, discipline, and karmic balance. Lord Shani governs the influence of planetary movements on individuals’ lives. Many devotees seek his blessings to remove the effects of evil planet alignments. Your answer to Saturday which god day, is Lord Shani.

Planet of Saturday

It is the day of the planet Saturn. Saturn has many effects on our Kundlis as well as life. It is a planet that gives us the fruit of our actions. It can also bless us with wealth and fortune.

Rituals for Saturday

  • On this day, people wear black clothes to gain protection from Shani.
  • People also recite Hanuman Chalisa on this day.
  • Additionally, people perform acts of charity on Saturdays.
  • Keeping a diya under a Peepal tree can also give you the blessings of lord Shani.


Suppose you are wondering about Sunday which god day. Your answer is Suryadev. Lord Surya is the god of the sun and the source of light. He governs Sunday. He blesses the world with positive energy as well as light. Gaining the blessings of lord Surya gives us the positivity to go through life.

Planet of Sunday

It is the day of the sun which gives this day its name Sunday. The Hindi name for the sun is Ravi. Therefore, Ravivar is another name for this auspicious day.

Rituals for Sunday

  • Devotees offer prayers to Lord Surya on Sundays.
  • They seek his blessings for good health, prosperity, as well as spiritual enlightenment.
  • People also perform Surya Namaskar and dedicate it to the sun.
  • Devotees also wear red clothes and offer red flowers to seek the blessings of the sun god.
  • Additionally, they observe a day-long fast in which they only eat once a day before sunset.
  • This also gives them protection from skin diseases.

In conclusion, Dedicating specific gods days of the week to Hindu gods and goddesses adds spirituality to daily life. It is a reminder of the divine presence in all things around us. We at InstaAstro aim to help you gain a better understanding of our culture and connect with the divine. Do visit our website and download our app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which is Krishna day in week?

Wednesday is the Krishna day of the week. People worship Lord Krishna or Vitthal dev to gain their blessings of knowledge and wisdom on Wednesday.

2. What is the significance of each day of the week in Hinduism?

Each day of the week holds religious significance in Hinduism. Worshiping the associated deity on that specific day can bring blessings and fulfill desires of the devotees.

3. Can one worship deities on days other than their day?

Yes, devotees are free to worship any deity on any day according to their personal preferences. However, worshipping the gods on their days can maximise the divine benefits and blessings.

4. Are there any specific rituals or practices for each day of the week?

Yes, there are specific rituals and practices for each day of the week. Devotees often observe fasting, perform special pujas, recite specific mantras or hymns, and visit temples of the deity of the day.

5. Is it necessary to worship deities on their specific days for their blessings?

No, it is not necessary to worship deities on their specific days for their blessings. devotees can seek the blessings of any deity on any day. However, worshiping deities on their specific days enhances the divine connection.

6. Which god is for Sundays in Hindu culture?

Sundays are the days of Lord Surya, the Hindu god of the Sun. Worshiping Lord Surya on Sundays gives vitality, good health, and blessings regarding fame and success. Therefore, devotees offer prayers and perform various rituals for Surya Dev on Sunday.

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