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Mercury in 3rd House: How it Shapes Your Thought Patterns

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Shapes Your Thought

Mercury, being a benefic planet, always brings positive changes and opportunities in a person’s life. Right? Well, surprisingly, the planetary placement, Mercury in 3rd house, is not always good and positive. Instead, it does everything from making a person suspicious in personal relationships to losing focus and concentrating on work.

This planetary placement is known for showering blessings and opportunities to individuals. However, whichever side a person will lie on depends on Mercury’s position in his kundali. There is nothing else better than a strong Mercury in your 3rd house. But the negative influence of Mercury can also not be neglected. So, it is time to discover Mercury’s mysteries in the 3rd house in astrology! 

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What does Mercury in 3rd House Mean in Vedic Astrology? 

The placement of Mercury in the third house in an individual’s birth chart makes a person blessed with strong and effective communication skills. If there is a problem at work or in one’s personal life, a person with Budh in the 3rd house will come up with the perfect solution and get out of the situation very easily.

Not only do they impress others with their magic of words, but they also have a strong memory power. These two factors make these individuals excel in their professions, especially those related to creativity and art. Also, Mercury, placed in the 3rd house, takes care of the individual’s relationships with his siblings. 

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Major Life Areas to Get Affected by Mercury in 3rd House 

  • Communication and public speaking skills 
  • Relationship with colleagues and siblings 
  • Career and profession 


Positive Effects of Mercury in 3rd House

Negative Effects of Mercury in 3rd House


Impresses others with effective communication skills 

Gets calculative while dealing with people 


Maintains good relations with siblings, colleagues and neighbours

Their rude behaviour may hurt others

Professional Success 

Gets successful in career by applying logical thinking

Do not go along with colleagues and disregard other’s guidance 

Behaviour and Attitude  Open and approachable

Self-centred and arrogant 

1. How Mercury in 3rd House Shapes Your Overall Personality 

You would hardly find a person with Budh in 3rd house facing difficulties while expressing their ideas freely. This is because their overall personality with Mercury in 3rd house in Navamsa chart is all about being vocal. Moreover, this planetary placement makes them a bit more attentive towards planning everything in detail, whether it is their personal or professional life.

One trait that could perfectly define the overall personality of a person with Mercury in the third house is their wild imagination powers. Besides their strong communication skills, their open-mindedness is something that makes them attractive and gets the attention of others. 

2. Role of Mercury in 3rd House in Shaping Your Career 

In the professional world, a person with Budh in 3rd house shines the most with their determination, talent, punctuality and, of course, hard work. If these individuals decide to pursue a career that revolves around journalism, media (print or electronic media), or writing (novelist or content writing), there is no looking back for them. It means their chances of success increase when they opt for these professions.

Moving on, if these individuals are given managerial or executive roles to handle, their leadership qualities and communication skills are what make them successful. 

3. Exploring the Effects of Mercury in 3rd House on Your Romantic Connections

The approach of an individual with Mercury in 3rd house when it comes to matters of the heart is somewhat different. Instead of searching for a long-lasting and committed relationship, they look for something casual. Thanks to their flirtatious nature and charming personality, are quite popular in their social circle. Even if they agree to a serious and committed relationship, these individuals will always be having trust issues with their partners.

Problems arise when their loyal and loving partner expects the same kind of effort from them. But interestingly, these individuals part ways on good terms and remain close friends with their ex-partners. 

4. Influence of Mercury in 3rd House on Your Marriage 

How does it feel to get a close friend and lover in your life partner? This is what the married life of an individual with Mercury in the third house looks like. Throughout their married lives, these individuals experience a sense of peace, harmony, spark, and romance.

Not only do they become a source of inspiration for others, but they also tend to communicate effortlessly with each other. The best part is that their life partners come out to be significant figures in their lives and even encourage them to work harder toward their goals and ambitions. 

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Effective Remedies for Balancing Mercury’s Influence in the 3rd House 

What do you do when the planet of communication itself brings you a problem in this arena? Is there any way through which to remove the obstacles created by Mercury and lead towards the period of growth? Well, of course, our simple and effective measures called remedies are here for your rescue! So, let us look into the ways through which you can balance all the negative influences of Mercury in your birth chart! 

  • The planet of communication, Mercury associates with the colour green as per astrology. So, in order to calm down the ill effects of Mercury, one must donate green-coloured things such as food items (green lentils, clothes, vegetables or fruits) on Wednesday. 
  • If Mercury is weak in your third house, wearing the Green Emerald gemstone (also known as Panna) can work wonders for you. It is believed that the Green Emerald strengthens the Mercury in your kundali and takes care of the upcoming problems and challenges in your life. 
  • Fasting on Wednesday and seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu would save you from all the ill effects of Mercury. 
  • Feeding food to ants and birds makes you safe from all kinds of problems in your career, finances and married life, as per astrological beliefs.


Well, that’s a wrap on the Mercury in 3rd house in astrology. Mercury in 3rd house lets you enjoy the perks of strong and effective communication, photographic memory, and a chance to travel abroad. But at the same time, it is also famous for creating obstacles in a person’s life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the meaning of Mercury in 3rd house?

The placement of Mercury in 3rd house impacts the individual’s communication skills and blesses them with impressive public speaking skills and efficient communication skills. Also, Mercury sitting in the 3rd house spikes their curiosity levels.

2. What jobs can you get in Mercury in the third house?

As per astrology, a person with Mercury in the 3rd house excels in the professions related to writing, communication and media. These individuals are believed to thrive if they choose journalism, content writing and novel writing as their career.

3. In which house is Mercury not good?

Mercury, being a benefic planet, does not show favourable results when placed in houses such as 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. It is believed that a person with these planetary placements in his birth chart often faces problems and obstacles in major aspects of life.

4. What are the benefits of Mercury in the third house?

One of the benefits of Mercury in the third house is that it boosts an individual’s communication power, giving them a strong and effective personality. Moreover, with Mercury in the third house, a person’s relationship with his siblings gets stronger.

5. Are there any bad effects of Mercury in 3rd house?

As much as the person holds knowledge and wisdom in his profession, the Mercury in 3rd house obstructs him from showing his talent and worth to others. People running their businesses often face losses and struggle to make gains.

6. What does Mercury in 3rd house synastry mean?

Mercury in 3rd house synastry makes two people emotionally and mentally connected with each other. Their relationship is built strongly on one aspect, which is open and honest communication. Moreover, they see their relationship as a way to grow together.

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