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Meera and Krishna Eternal Love Story

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Lord Krishna & Meera Bai Love Story

Some Love Stories get even stronger with the passing of time. One such story of eternal love is “Krishna and Meera love story”. Meera wasn’t just a devotee of Lord Krishna. But her relationship with Krishna was more of a lover, a friend, a wife; for her, he was her whole world. She used to write poems and hymns for her beloved “Girdhar Gopala”, dress him up and talk to him all day. Even after her marriage with Bhoj Raj, the son of Rana Sangha, she couldn’t make herself stop loving her “Kanha”. Her immense love, with time, created jealousy and insecurity in her husband’s heart, and finally, she had to face the consequences.

What happened after that? Why did krishna marry Meera? Who is Meera to krishna? Scroll down to learn more about this divine love of Meera and Krishna in detail. To read many more such interesting mythological stories, visit our official website or download the app “InstaAstro”. 


Who was Meera Bai?

Meera, or Meera Bai, is known for her eternal love for “Shri Krishna”. Meera Bai story has been sung for ages and ages. All those hymns and poems that she wrote became memories of Meera and Krishna divine love. But who was Meera Bai? Where was she born? What was her story? 

Meera Bai was the daughter of a very prestigious Rajput King, Raja Ratan Singh and his wife, Veer Kumari. She was born in the year 1498 in Khurki, Rajasthan. She was born with a charming grace on her face; those big-bold eyes, a beautifully carved face, and a magnificent smile always attracted everyone towards her. 

Even as a kid, she was polite and kind-hearted to everyone near her. But destiny had other plans for her. At a very young age, she had to face the death of her parents, firstly her father and then her mother. Meera Bai was barely 10 when she was left to live with her grandparents, Rao Dudaji and his wife. 

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Meera Bai

How did Meera Krishna Story start?

We have all heard of the famous “Krishna and Meera love story”, but how did it start? Why did Krishna marry Meera?

Meera was almost four years old; one day, when she was playing in the courtyard. Suddenly she heard a Saint calling from outside. She went towards the main door and asked him to come inside very politely. She also offered him some food and water. Later as the weather was scorching hot, she asked him to rest inside for a while. While the saint rested, he kept his Krishna murti near the temple.

The beauty of that Murti captivated Meera, and she kept looking at it and, after a while, started talking to it as if it was alive. When the saint woke up, he noticed this. So, when he was about to leave, he asked Meera what she wanted for all her devotion and kindness. She couldn’t help but ask for his Krishna Murti. Then, everyone in that room became quiet. Even the saint wasn’t sure of what had to be done. So, he started walking without saying a word.

But seeing that little girl cry for his Krishna made his heart melt. And finally, he decided to give his Krishna murti to her. She became so happy, as if she would have gotten the whole world. After this, everything between Meera and Krishna became one. She used to talk to him, dress him up, play with him, dance with him and sing poems to him. Each breath, each word was for her Krishna as if his love and affection always bound her. And that’s how she fell in love with her Krishna. 

Why did Krishna marry Meera?

Once, Meera and her entire family went to a wedding. She also took her Kanha along; how could she even forget? She even stitched new clothes and pagdi for him. Meera was just 1tenat that time; after reaching there, she was so fascinated with the entire decoration and concept of marriage that she asked her mother, “Mai saa! Who will be my husband?” 

Her mother laughed and answered, “Who else would it be? Your kanha only na!” Meera took her mother’s word so seriously that from that day, she only thought Krishna to be his husband. And as per various spiritual texts, she till her last breath only and only devoted her love to Krishna. Meera and Krishna love story weren’t just about love; it was more than that. It was a story of trust, devotion and, most of all, sacrifice. 

Lord Krishna & Meera Bai

Why did Meera have to Marry Bhoj Raj?

Firstly, Meera lost her father and then her mother. At the young age of 10, she was left with her grandparents. But she was so engrossed in loving Krishna that she had no complaints about anything she faced in her life. Soon she became young enough to get married, and various Rishtas came for her, but his grandfather, Rao Duda ji, didn’t like them. Then one day, Rana Sanga sent a marriage proposal for his son, Bhoj Raj, a tall, smart and handsome prince. 

After listening to this proposal, Rao Duda ji couldn’t have said no; this was the perfect rishta he was searching for his granddaughter. When he went to tell this Meera, she cried and said that she had already been married to her Kanha by her mother. But despite everything, she couldn’t reject the offer and had to marry Bhoj Raj. After their marriage, Meera would keep herself busy worshipping, singing and dancing for her beloved “Kanha”.

She regularly visited a nearby Krishna temple and would dance and sit along for hours with other saints. Although Raja Bhoj understood Meera’s love for krishna but he also aspired some love for himself from his wife. As time passed, everyone became against Meera’s relationship with Krishna. At times people would talk behind her back and call her insane, but this never affected her love for Krishna. 

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How did Krishna and Meera become one?

One day when Raja Bhoj returned to his palace, he saw Meera standing in the middle of the courtyard. Everyone was screaming at her. He became anxious to know what had happened, so he went directly to his father. Then he came to know that Meera had accepted a gift from Akbar, a Mughal. Akbar had sent a gold necklace for Meera’s Krishna. This was the time when Mughals and Rajputs couldn’t see eye to eye. And that was a crime which Meerabai did by accepting a gift from the Mughals. 

She was given the tag of “Deshdrohi”; the only punishment for that was death. Meera was quietly listening to all this but didn’t utter a word from her mouth. But Raja Bhoj couldn’t agree that she was a traitor; he knew her love for Krishna made her accept such a gift from a Mughal. But he was too helpless to do anything about it.

Meera Bai was given a bowl of poison to drink. She took the entire bowl and drank all of it smilingly. After that, she took her ektara and went towards the krishna temple, singing her favourite verse, “Mere toh Girdhar Gopala durso na koi”. Everybody waited for her outside the temple to cry in pain, but there was no noise. So, they went inside the temple, and all they saw was her ektara and her saffron attire wrapped around the Krishna idol. It is said that Meera’s love for Krishna ultimately immersed her in his “Girdhar Gopala”. And that’s how Meera and Krishna became one for eternity. 

Lord Krishna & Meera Bai


“Krishna and Meera Love story” is not just about love; it’s a story of devotion, sacrifice, trust, and beyond everything forgetting your own self completely. This story has grown even stronger with time too. InstaAstro has several other mythological and devotional stories on its platform; to read them, visit the official website or download the app. Moreover, for an astrological consultation, you could tap on the tab given for chat or call. Also, if you are a first-time user, grab this opportunity for just Rs 1/.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Meerabai?

Meera, or Meerabai, was the daughter of the Rajputana king, Raja Ratan Singh and his wife, Veer Kumari. She was born in the year 1498 in Khurki, Rajasthan. She became a famous 16th-century mystic poet and devotee of Shri Krishna. Meera Bai was married to Rana Sangha’s son, Bhoj Raj Sisodia.

2. Who was Meera bai husband?

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3. Was Meerabai married to Krishna?

Meera Bai was just 10 when her mother told her the meaning of marriage. When she asked her mother who would be her groom, she answered, “Who better be than her Krishna?”. Small Meera took her mother’s words so seriously that even till her last breath, she only devoted her love to her Krishna.

4. Whose daughter was Meerabai?

‘Meerabai was born into a Rajputana family. She was the daughter of Raja Ratan Singh and the granddaughter of Rao Dudaji.

5. How many poems did Meera Bai write?

Meera Bai is one of the most known devotees and mystic poets of her time. History is carved with Meera’s love for krishna and who is Meera to krishna. She used to write poems for his “Girdhar gopala”, and she wrote 1300+ poems or bhajans.

6. Where could I find fascinating mythological tales online?

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