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Check out these Lucky Gemstones for September Borns!

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Sapphire Lucky Gemstone for the September Borns

September is the ninth month of the Gregorian Calendar and is the onset of the fall season. The zodiac signs associated with this month are Libra and Virgo. The people born in this month are patient, tolerant and highly organized. Moreover, they love doing everything correctly, whether in their personal or professional life. However, for September-borns to flourish and thrive more, there are certain Lucky Gemstones that help them become more successful and productive in life. Gemstones are known to help individuals attract positive changes in their life.

Moreover, these gemstones also help in aligning an individual’s Chakras and providing them mental peace. When used carefully, these gemstones are the most auspicious and beneficial thing for an individual. So, let us ave a look at the lucky gemtones for the natives of September born. Moreover, of you want to read more suh interesting blogs, then do visit InstaAstro’s site, there you will be able to read many more informative yet interesting blogs which will help you feed your curiosity. Now, let us sive in the world of Gmestones and know the best-suited gemstone for the native of September born. 

Birthstone for September

Vedic Astrology suggests a gemstone for all the September-borns to tap into their inner powers and emerge as better and more evolved individuals. Let’s find out more about it. Sapphire is the birthstone that is a lucky gemstone for all the September borns. This birthstone is especially lucky for people born in September and is their primary stone. The stone is symbolic of purity, sincerity and truth. Whoever wears this stone achieves wisdom, peace, humility and happiness.

About Blue Sapphire

Procured from Corundum, the Sapphire crystal is an aluminium oxide mineral. Moreover, it is the second hardest natural mineral. And is one-fourth of the hardness of the Diamond. Blue Sapphire is also a rare stone. It is a high priced stone. Moreover, it is also considered to be one of the most precious stones in the world. This stone is widely used in jewellery. The jewellery made from sapphire stone can be used as a fashion accessory. However, on the other hand, the stone is also known to have astrological and spiritual benefits for an individual. 

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Origin of Its Name

The derivation of the word Sapphire is from a culmination of the Greek word “Sapheiros” and the Latin word “Saphirus”. Both these words mean blue in their respective languages. This gemstone has special mentions in the ancient history of the world. Moreover, people have always considered it lucky ever since its origin. Various folklores also have their basis and origin from the Blue Sapphire. 

Water Element

The stone is in association with the water. It tends to represent good vibration and confidence. Moreover, the planet Saturn rules over this stone, and people wear it to pacify and satiate all the ill effects of Saturn. Along with this, the appearance of the Sapphire stone is also very calming. The stone is also known to calm an individual. It also tends to help in aligning an individual’s Chakras. 

Numerological Representation of Sapphire

The numeric representation of the Sapphire stone is number 2 . Number 2 relates to good energy and is a positive numerical representation of the gemstone. This number is generally associated with good luck and also positivity. Thus, the stone tends to be positive for individuals who tend to wear it. 

Benefits of Wearing the Sapphire

As we have now already known a lot about the sapphire stone, it is now time to know about its benefits. There are various benefits and advantages of the gemstone. Similarly, the sapphire stone is also known to have a lot of benefits. Apart from looking absolutely gorgeous, this stone is also very well-known to be a healing stone. Let us now have a look at some benefits of the sapphire stone. These are as follows:  

1. Motivation and Discipline

People who wear the gemstone are often more motivated and disciplined than the rest. The stone is known to make people have increased and good focus along with this. People who wear sapphire stones are known to have an inclination towards doing things themselves. Moreover, they also tend to follow a disciplined and good lifestyle. 

2. Wisdom

As mentioned above, Sapphire wearers activate the throat chakras and the third eye, thus bringing in wisdom and enlightenment. Individuals who wear sapphire also have good communication skills. Along with wisdom, their confidence also increases. 

3. The Stone of Love

This Sapphire is the stone of love as it strengthens relationships and also enforces commitment. Many engagement rings today have sapphire stones in them as they signify love, just like Princess Diana’s ring. 

4. Power and Concentration

The gemstone gives its wearer the power to do better and also facilitates stronger concentration. People who wear sapphire come around to be courageous in nature. Along with this, they have increased focus and concentration power. 

5. Wards off negativity

The Sapphire gemstone wards off all kinds of negativity, aggression and bad vibrations. Thus, Sapphire controls all the elements and factors that could cause conflicts. 

6. Better Communication

The gemstone facilitates positive communication and clarity of thought. Therefore, this, in a way, puts us in a better position in the social environment.

7. Emotional Strength

Apart from physical and mental strength, the Sapphire gives out emotional strength and balances the Sacral Chakra. Thus, brings about good fortune, happiness and prosperity. 

Therefore, other than this, Ruby is another variation of the Sapphire which is auspicious and lucky for September Borns. Moreover, Moonstone and Agate are among other stones deemed to bring luck to people with the zodiacs- Virgo and Libra. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which gemstone is considered lucky for September Borns?

Sapphire as a gemstone is considered auspicious and incredibly lucky for all the September born, whether Virgo or Libra.

2. What is Sapphire Gemstone also known as?

The Sapphire Gemstone is known as the “Stone of Wisdom”, and in ancient history, people used to wear it to find out the spiritual truth.

3. Why did the kings wear the Sapphire?

The mighty rulers and Kings in ancient history used to wear the stone around their necks to prevent them and their kingdom from any calamity.

4. What is the benefit of wearing blue Sapphire?

Wearing the gemstone brings clarity, gives you wisdom, relieves stress and brings about happiness. Moreover, it also brings about positive changes and affirmations in an individual’s life.

5. Why is the stone known as the 'Stone of Wisdom'?

This stone is commonly known as the “Stone of Wisdom” because of the psychic awakening and enlightenment that it brings to its wearer.

6. Is Neelam stone the same as the Blue Sapphire?

The Blue Sapphire is known as the Neelam stone and is one of the most powerful and effective stones in Vedic Astrology.

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