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Janmashtmi 2023: Krishna’s Blessings on These Zodiac Signs! 

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Janmashtmi 2023

‘Haathi ghoda paalki, Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki’. Isn’t it the best way to start the Janmashtami 2023 special blog? Well, as you know, Janmashtami 2023 is just around the corner, and we have got the news that Lord Krishna is going to shower all his love and blessings on some zodiac signs. This year, Janmashtami will be celebrated on 7th September 2023, Thursday. The day of Janmashthami is no less than a celebration for Lord Krishna’s devotees as they not only celebrate his birth but also honour his timeless lessons and invaluable teachings that encourage us to be a better version of ourselves. 

Now, talking about what we have got from the stars, who are the luckiest zodiac signs this Janmashtami 2023? Tune in to know whether your zodiac sign is the favourite of Lord Krishna or will get blessings from the god of love, peace and compassion this Krishnashtami 2023 date. 


Understanding Janmashtmi 2023 

Before discussing what the luckiest 4 zodiac signs that are close to Lord Krishna’s heart and are going to get lucky this Janmashtami 2023, let us first dig deep into why the Krishnashtami 2023 date holds importance in Hindu mythology. And now, as the name suggests, Lord Krishna took birth on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada, according to the Hindu calendar. Now you know why the birth of Lord Krishna is known as ‘Janmashtami’.

As per Hindu mythological beliefs, Lord Krishna’s true disciples and devotees celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna at the stroke of midnight and observe a fast on that day. One of the important factors that makes this day even more special is its spirit of unity. Why? This is because it is the day when people hailing from different backgrounds or ages come together and celebrate the values of love, compassion and spirituality, all those things Lord Krishna taught us. 

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Favourite Zodiac Signs of Lord Krishna

The one who worships Lord Krishna with utmost sincerity and devotion gets his blessings. Right? But have you ever wondered if the mischievous Laddu Gopal had his favourite disciples in the form of zodiac signs? Are there any entitled zodiac signs for Lord Krishna? So, let us find out together which zodiac would enjoy an extra dose of blessings from Laddu Gopal this Janmashtmi 2023. 

1. Taurus (April 20- May 20) – The Blessed Souls 

Guess who shares the zodiac sign with Laddu Gopal, aka Lord Krishna? It’s you, Taurus! As per Vedic astrology, Lord Krishna belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus (Vrishabh). Sharing the same zodiac sign, can you imagine that Lord Krishna would let you suffer from any problems or setbacks? Obviously not. People who belong to the zodiac sign Taurus hold a special place in Lord Krishna’s heart.

This is why he goes the extra mile to protect you from upcoming problems and blesses you with immense success and fortune. As per the astrological predictions, this Janmashtmi 2023, you might witness significant growth in your professional life. So, don’t forget to express your devotion and gratitude to the Almighty for your blessings this Janmashtmi 2023. 

2. Cancer (June 22- July 22) – Good Luck and Fortune 

Do you know that worshipping Lord Krishna opens the door of salvation for you? Though it might sound a bit silly to some of you, it is true. As per mythological beliefs, people who belong to the zodiac Cancer are considered the luckiest. Cancer is one of the favourite zodiac sign of Lord Krishna, and it is believed that he blesses his followers with good luck and fortune.

Not only this, but Lord Krishna also takes you out of your problems and brings you mental peace. Now you know whom to approach if you ever feel stuck or clueless. 

3. Leo (July 23- August 22) – Happiness and Peace 

People who belong to the zodiac Leo have always one thing in common. We are talking about them being hard-working and determined. And do you know why Lord Krishna favours this zodiac sign the most? Yes, you guessed it right. Leos being hardworking and serious towards their goals makes Shri Krishna happy and fills their life with happiness and success. Lord Krishna make sure that his devotee get more than he deserves or get the labour of his hard work.

This Janmashtmi 2023, Leos will get success and recognition in every aspect of their lives, be it their personal lives or professional. But the arrival of more happiness and peace in their lives will be unannounced. 

4. Libra (September 23- October 23) – Abundance and Reputation 

If you were born between September 23 and October 23, then Shri Krishna’s blessings are on the way. Hindu mythology believes that Libra is one of the favourite zodiac sign of Lord Krishna. This is why he brings more balance and harmony to the lives of Libra.

So, offering prayers or things that are his favourites can make him happy and will help you unlock the doors of abundance and recognition into your life. It is said that Libras who establish a deep connection with Lord Krishna experience a harmonious flow of abundance in their lives.

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How to Seek Blessings from Lord Krishna this Janmashtami 2023? 

Do you want to know how you can make your Janmashtmi 2023 a little special? Come with us as we explore some Janmashtami remedy through which you can please Lord Krishna and seek all his love and blessings this year!  

  • Do you know that worshipping Lord Krishna on the day of Janmashtami can help you get rid of Shani Dosha? It’s like a double dose of blessings for you, one hand seeking blessings from Lord Krishna and the other fading away all the upcoming hurdles in your life. 
  • The next Janmashtami remedy would interest devotees facing a rough patch in their finances. As per the astrological beliefs, those who offer rice pudding (also known as kheer) to Lord Krishna on Krishnashtami 2023 date witness a boost in their financial condition super soon. 
  • Is the element of happiness, peace and joy missing from your life? If yes, then some flowers can help you bring back the lost happiness and peace. It is believed that offering eight different types of flowers that are favourites of Lord Krishna, such as champak, mogra, jasmine and so on, brings happiness and joy. 


That’s a wrap on the zodiac signs who will be blessed with Lord Krishna’s blessings this Janmashtmi 2023. But, hey, don’t be discouraged if your zodiac sign cannot make it up to the list. Especially for you, we have prepared a list of remedies that might enhance your luck and bring love, peace and happiness to your life. So, without wasting any moment, visit InstaAstro to know how you can make your life worth living with Janmashthami remedy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What was Lord Krishna’s zodiac sign?

As per Vedic astrology, Lord Krishna zodiac sign was Taurus. Known for his mischievous nature, Lord Krishna always lived a stable, grounded and peaceful life. This is why people with a zodiac sign, Taurus, are known as the blessed souls.

2. Which zodiac should worship Lord Krishna?

Taurus is the one zodiac sign that should worship Lord Krishna. This is because Taurus is the zodiac sign of Lord Krishna. Some popular religious beliefs claim that the people of this zodiac sign worship Krishna with true devotion; they get salvation (mukti) after their death.

3. In which Nakshatra Krishna was born?

If Hindu Puranas are to be believed that the god of love, peace and compassion, Lord Krishna, was born in Rohini Nakshatra. As per Shri Krishna Kundali, he had a great sense of determination and passion to lead all his disciples.

4. Which zodiac sign is Krishna favourite?

Of all the twelve zodiac signs in astrology, there are a few zodiacs that hold a special place in Lord Krishna’s heart. These zodiac signs are Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Leo.

5. What is Lord Krishna’s moon sign?

As per Hindu mythological beliefs, Lord Krishna took birth on the eighth day of Bhadra month. On the day of this birth, the Moon took a rest in the zodiac sign, Taurus, making his Moon sign Taurus as per Sri Krishna horoscope.

6. When is Janmashtmi 2023?

Also known as Krishnahtami, this year, Janmashtami falls on the 6th and 7th of September 2023 as per Hindu lunar calendar. Moreover, the auspicious muhurat for Rohini Nakshatra begins at 9:20 AM( September 6) and will end at 10:25 AM (September 7).

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