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Dhanteras 2023: Welcome Blessings From Laxmi, Kuber and Yama!

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Dhanteras 2023

Were you looking to buy jewellery or gold? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Dhanteras 2023 is the time for you to welcome the shine of ornaments as well as the blessings of deities to your life. This festival holds great significance in the Hindu community for various reasons. Furthermore, on this day, people perform a bunch of exciting rituals which make this festival even more enthusiastic. Want to know the reason behind celebrating Dhanteras? Keep reading to learn about Dhanteras timing, its meaning and how to celebrate it!

Dhanteras 2023 Date: 10 November 2023
Puja Muhurat begins: 6:19 PM
Puja Muhurat Ends: 8:23 PM
Dhanteras Puja Time for buying begins: 10 November 2023, 2:35 PM
Dhanteras Puja Time for buying ends: 11 November 2023, 6:40 AM

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What is Dhanteras?

A festival which welcomes wealth and fortune to your life- It’s the festival of Dhanteras! Understanding the purpose of our festivals makes us grow more in our beliefs and traditions. Therefore, in order to celebrate a festival in the truest manner, we must learn about what it means.

The meaning of Dhanteras lies in its name itself. The two Sanskrit words, Dhan and Teras, come together to make the name of this festival. Dhan means money, whereas Teras means thirteenth. As a result, Dhanteras is the festival of wealth which comes on the thirteenth day of the Kartik month of the Krishna Paksha.

Furthermore, this festival marks the beginning of the biggest festival of the Hindu community, Diwali. On Dhanteras, people pray to several deities and seek their blessings. People also ask for fortune and financial gain in their lives on this festival of wealth. Additionally, it is an auspicious day to buy utensils and various other goods for yourself.

Significance of Dhanteras in Hinduism

The significance of Dhantrayodashi in Hinduism is neverending. Many Hindus across India worship Goddess Laxmi alongside Lord Ganesha and Lord Kuber on this festival. Goddess Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth. Therefore, she showers her devotees with wealth and blessings.

Additionally, Maha Laxmi holds great importance behind the celebration of this festival. According to Hindu Mythology, the gods and the Asuras were fighting for Amrit. Therefore, they performed the Samudra Manthan in the divine ocean of milk. As a result, goddess Laxmi emerged out of the sea on the Trayodashi tithi. Therefore, people celebrate Dhanteras on the Trayodashi Tithi every year to mark this auspicious event.

Dhanteras also marks the birth of Lord Dhanvantari. In Hinduism, Dhanvantari holds immense knowledge about medicine and Ayurveda. According to Hindu Mythology, during the Samudra Mantan, Dhanvantri emerged from the sea. Therefore, on Dhanteras, people pray to Lord Dhanvantari for good health for themselves and their families.

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Dhanteras 2023 Rituals

The festival of Dhanteras is a time to indulge in fun as well as religious activities with your family! Every region of India has a different way of celebrating this auspicious festival. So, to make Dhanteras 2023 even more special for you, let’s learn about various Dhanteras rituals:

1. Dhanteras Puja Preparations

One of the most auspicious parts of this festival is the Dhanteras Puja. Therefore, people put a lot of effort into the preparations for the Puja. To prepare for this Puja, you should wake up early in the morning in the Brahma Muhurat. Afterwards, take a bath to cleanse your body and mind. People across India decorate their houses to welcome the goddess Laxmi into their homes.

2. Welcoming Goddess Laxmi to your House

Just like you clean your house for the arrival of guests, you need to clean your house for the welcome of Mahalakshmi. Therefore, people decorate their houses with love and devotion for the goddess. Devotees hang torans on their entrances and make rangolis to welcome the goddess of wealth to their abodes. Furthermore, people also draw tiny footprints of Mahalaxmi using Kumkum or rice flour.

3. Lighting Diyas

Diyas are an important part of many sacred hindu rituals. Therefore, if you see the streets near your house lit up, know that it’s time for Dhanteras. People light diyas and lamps to illuminate their houses. More specifically, devotees light thirteen diyas on this day to honour goddess Laxmi, Lord Kuber and Yamaraj. This ritual is also known as Yamadeepam. Yamadeepam helps protect family members from untimely deaths and blesses them with Lord Yama’s blessings.

4. Laxmi Pujan

Goddess Laxmi blesses anyone to prays to her on Dhanteras with immense wealth and fortune. Therefore, people gather with their families to offer prayers to the goddess of abundance. Devotees set up an altar for her and placed an idol or a photo of goddess Laxmi on it. Furthermore, they offer various offerings like flowers, incense sticks and prasad. People worship cows in the southern states of India and prepare Naivedayam in Maharashtra to please the goddess.

5. Dhanteras Vrat

Additionally, many devotees keep a fast on this day. Fasting at festivals is a very popular Hindu ritual. This is because fasting is the simplest way to do an act of devotion for the gods to seek their blessings. Therefore, devotees keep a daylong fast on Dhanteras and break it after performing Laxmi Pujan in the evening. Then, they consume the prasad they offer to goddess Laxmi. Furthermore, people also sing various bhajans and recite Mantras to receive divine blessings.

6. Buying New Things

Here comes the fun part of this festival! Dhanteras is the perfect opportunity to go shopping and also gain benefits because of it. How amazing is that? On this day, people bring silver and gold utensils to their homes. Furthermore, buying brooms is also lucky on this day. People welcome harmony and fortune into their homes by bringing new things on this day. Many devotees also buy salt and coriander seeds along with utensils on this day.

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Dhanteras 2023 Story

Our fun and interesting festivals are incomplete without the engaging stories behind them. The same goes for the festival of wealth, Dhanteras. Learning about the stories behind our festivals deepens our understanding of our culture and religion. So without any further ado, let’s explore the interesting stories behind Dhanteras 2023!

1. Story of Mahalaxmi’s Stay on Earth

According to Hindu mythology, one day Lord Vishnu and his wife, goddess Laxmi, went to look at how things were on Earth. While on their tour, Lord Vishnu told Maa Laxmi not to fall for any temptations on Earth. He also told her not to look or go in the southern direction.

However, goddess Laxmi’s curious nature made her look in that direction. She looked south and saw a field full of sugarcane. Maa Laxmi could not control her temptation, and as a result, she consumed a sugar cane. Upon learning about this, Lord Vishnu was disappointed, and hence, he asked Mahalaxmi to spend twelve years on Earth.
She had to stay on the sugarcane field for twelve years and help the farmer who owned the field.

In these twelve years, goddess Laxmi showered her blessings upon the farmer. Therefore, wealth and fortune made their way into his life. However, after twelve years, lord Vishnu came to take his wife back. The farmer tried to convince lord Vishnu not to do so but failed. Upon this, goddess Laxmi told the farmer that she would come back on Dhanteras every year and give her blessings to him and his family.

2. Story of Yamaraj

According to the legend, the story behind Dhanteras is that of a wife saving her husband from death. This story is about the son of King Hima. His horoscope said that he would die because of a snake bite after his marriage. Therefore, to prevent this, his wife lit up many diyas in front of their house and laid out her jewellery and all precious things.

Lord Yamaraj, the god of death, visited their house to take the husband. However, upon reaching the entrance, he could not see anything. It is because of the bright shine of the diyas and ornaments. Therefore, lord Yamaraj went back without taking the husband to the afterlife. Hence, people decorate their homes with diyas and buy new ornaments to gain protection from Lord Yama.

In conclusion, Dhanteras is the time to reconnect with your family and participate in various fun rituals. Seeking god’s blessings together will shower the family with whatever they seek. Furthermore, performing these rituals on Dhanteras 2023 will bless you with wealth as well as knowledge. So prepare to buy new ornaments with your family this year and make Dhanteras a meaningful celebration. Visit InstaAstro’s website and download the app to read about more such interesting festivals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the Dhanteras mantra Sanskrit?

The Dhanteras Mantra Sanskrit is Om Dhanvantraye Namah. Chanting this mantra brings prosperity and wealth to your house.

2. How many diyas to light on Dhanteras?

You should light thirteen diyas on Dhanteras. It is because these diyas represent Lord Kuber, Goddess Laxmi and Yamaraj. Placing these lamps at different locations will welcome blessings from these gods to your home.

3. Which deity is worshipped on dhanteras?

No one deity is worshipped on Dhanteras, but people seek blessings from various deities on this day. These include Mahalaxmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber as well as Lord Yama.

4. What colour to wear on Dhanteras?

Wearing red is an important part of various religious and auspicious rituals in Hinduism. This is because this colour represents the divine feminine goddesses. Therefore, you can wear red on Dhanteras.

5. What should we avoid on Dhanteras?

You should avoid bringing iron and steel utensils to your homes. Furthermore, you should also not buy sharp objects on this day.

6. Why do people buy brooms on Dhanteras?

People buy brooms on Dhanteras because they represent purity and cleanliness. If one’s house is clean, goddess Laxmi resides there.

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