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Know All About the Half Moon in the Palm!

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Half Moon In palm

Remember the old saying about the half moon in palm? We all used to look at our hands and predict who would have a beautiful husband or wife. Well! That trick of half moon in hand could be actual. According to astrologers, the semi circle on palm could tell much about your life, personality and better half. Additionally, palmistry has always been a very significant part of astrology. However, there more to it. So, in order to know more about half moon meaning, read the entire blog for the same. To learn more interesting facts about astrology or palmistry, visit the official webpage of InstaAstro. Moreover, you could download their app and chat with astrologers for further help.

The Shape of the Half Moon in Hand

It is believed that the curvier the moon in hand gets, the more influential the results are. Now it might sound superficial to you, but the lines on our palms are also directly connected with our internal organs. So, the placement or the curvature of the moon lines affects the nerves on our hands.

As a result, it also shows on our bodies, minds and souls. Moreover, the half moon in hand is associated with a person’s creativity, good looks and intellect. Also, based on the curve of the half moon in hand, it could be divided into two kinds:

Half Moon In Hand

The plain moon

This shape is obtained when the lines making the half moon are partially curved. This shape looks like a flattened moon from the bottom, i.e. somewhat like this “\__/”. In palmistry, this shape depicts creativity along with moderate looks.

plain moon in Hand

The Crescent Moon

The second shape is a profound crescent moon. This shape is the most beneficial according to palmistry, as it is not associated with bright minds and beautiful personalities for the native. Moreover, astrology considers this half waxing moon a symbol of change and coping with it. So, in palmistry, this half moon in hand is just another replica of finding tranquillity from within in your life.

bright minds

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What is Hidden Inside the Half Moon in Hand?

Astrology is the ancient science of correlating your life with the placement of stars in your birth charts. It’s been divided into several other categories, out of which palmistry is one of the most known till date. “Haathon ki rekhayein” has everything written in them. So let’s read what your moon luck in female hand as well as male hand has been trying to reveal to you.

1. Self-Independence

Having a half moon on palm indicates an person who is self-dependent. They believe in completing whatever they go for. Moreover, they are very stern about everything they choose in life. They want things to be done a certain way, so they prefer doing it alone. If we speak of the half moon palm marriage aspect, then the natives are genuinely attracted to the inner beauty of a person.

Self-Independence Person

2. Attractive personality

An attractive personality is one of the other prominent features of the half moon in hand. As per Vedic astrology, the moon is defined as the giver of inner glow. Similarly, the hand moon signifies inner beauty. Thus, making the native extremely attractive and appealing. They have a subtle glow over their face, resembling poise in their hearts.

Attractive personality

3. Calm and composed

As mentioned above, the natives with a semi circle on their palms have poised minds. Moreover, they have relaxed and composed personalities. They don’t believe in rushing and taking one step at a time. Furthermore, these people are mostly inclined towards meditation and spiritual activities.

Calm and composed woman

4. Creative beings

It is hard to believe that these sober people could come out with very out-of-the-box ideas. But as we all know, creativity exists in the most sober minds. They might not show it, but they are enthusiastic about participating in the workplace or personal life. They love going for items that are out of their comfort zone, something that might scare them. And that’s how they are in their minds, too, creative and eclectic.

Creative beings 

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“The half moon on the palm” is not just a beautiful astrological sign but depicts a lot about your personality. The half moon on the palm majorly says a lot about your spouse and their personality traits. Having a curvy half moon clearly means that you are going to have a beautiful spouse. Moreover, being yourself an intelligent and independent person, you are always attracted to the same. 

For more detailed information, go online and check the InstaAstro official website. Then, talk to our astrologers to get answers to any of your queries. Also, you could download the app to purchase gemstones, moonstones or rudraksha online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the meaning of a full moon on palm?

In palmistry, it is one of the beneficial signs, and it reflects the inner traits like tranquillity, creativity and intellect of a person’s mind.

2. Does half moon on female palm mean something different?

No, it is the same as for a male palm. For females, too, it defines their personality and intellect traits.

3. What does half moon palm marriage mean?

This sign could mean two things about marriage. First, that your spouse is going to be extremely attractive and second, that two similar moon shaped handed people would have a beautiful and long lasting marriage.

4. Does the half moon on palm traits change as per the zodiac too?

As each zodiac is associated with a unique planet. The intensity of the palm moon could go higher or lower depending on whether the planet is in sync with the palm sign or not.

5. Does the half moon also decide the colour of our future spouse?

This is going too extreme; a half moon is usually a depiction of having a good looking spouse that doesn’t necessarily have to mean a fair complexion or a particular set of features.

6. Is the half moon in hand auspicious?

If you have a half moon in your hand, it is one of the auspicious astrological signs. It means you have high intellect, good looks and a creative mind. Moreover, you could have a beautiful spouse too in future.

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