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What Is Kanyadaan In Hindu Marriage?

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Indian Hindu Marriage is known for its valuable rituals and ceremonies that add great significance to bringing two people together. Among all those ceremonies, one of the most important is Kanyadan in Hindu marriage. 

Kanyadan meaning giving away one’s daughter to the groom and passing away the father’s responsibility to her spouse. Moreover, Kanyadan in Vedas holds a significant place in Hindu rituals. It was considered one of the most auspicious deeds, believed to cleanse the bride’s parents of all their past deeds. 

So, stay along to learn about how the rituals of Kanyadaan have evolved over time. 


What is Kanyadaan? 

Kanyadaan meaning to hand over one’s daughter to her groom as a part of passing away the father’s responsibilities to her groom for a lifetime. The ritual of Kanyadan is considered to be filled with bittersweet emotions as the father gives away his daughter, whom he has nurtured all his life. It’s one of the most valuable rituals, and it is very difficult for the bride’s parents to give away their daughter. 

Moreover, if we have to explain the meaning of Kanyadaan in English, where Kanya means bride and Daan means to offer. So, the concept of Kanyadaan is that the father has to offer his daughter to her groom, promising the father to take care of his daughter and take up her responsibilities all his life. Lastly, the rituals of Kanyadan in hindu marriage mark a change in the role of a bride because, after these rituals, she now belongs to a new family as a daughter-in-law. 

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How Did the Concept of Kanyadaan Evolve? 

Firstly, according to religious belief in Hinduism, if we have to discuss the concept of wedding kanyadan, then the groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu, and the bride is to be Goddess Lakshmi. So, when the father offers the hand of his daughter to the groom, it means that the father is offering the Laxmi of his house to her spouse. So, it is believed that when a new bride enters her in-laws’ home, her auspicious entrance into the house brings good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

Moreover, another concept that highlights the importance of Kanyadaan is the text of Manu Smriti (The first Sanskrit text to be translated into english in 1776). So, this text states that there should be a woman’s protection by the male who acts as her guardian. So, till the time when a girl or a woman is unmarried, it’s the responsibility of a father to be her guardian. But, after the ritual of Kanyadan in hindu marriage, her husband is her guardian, who takes up all her responsibilities and makes a vow to be loyal to her throughout her life. 

How is the Ritual of Kanyadaan Performed? 

The ritual of Kanyadan in Vedas has some specific rituals that need to be strictly followed to complete the ceremony. So, here’s how the ritual of Kanyadan in hindu marriage takes place. 

1. Observing Fast 

The first thing to remember about the Kanyadaan ritual is observing fasting. The father or the one who is performing the ritual should abstain from eating anything until the Kanyadaan ceremony is performed. 

2. Placing the hand of the bride of the groom 

To start with, the father places the right hand of his daughter over the right hand of the groom as a part of the ritual. This means that the father of the bride is giving away his daughter to the groom. While he keeps his hand over the groom’s, the groom has to take the vow to be loyal and take care of the bride for a lifetime. 

3. Pouring of holy water

The mother of the bride slowly pours holy water over the hand of the bride so that it slowly flows through her palm and finger and passes on to the groom. This means that even the mother of the bride makes an equal contribution by giving away her daughter to the groom. 

4. Prayers and taking of a vow

After this, the priest chants kanyadaan mantras and asks the groom to take certain vows that he has to stick to all his life. Meanwhile, the bride is also asked to take the vow that she will keep as a wife throughout the marriage. 

5. Placing religious things on the palms of couples 

While the pandit chant mantras, some of the auspicious things such as rice, betel leaves, coins, betel nuts, money, fruits and flowers are placed in the hands of both groom and bride as a part of the wedding kanyadan rituals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Kanyadaan?

Kanyadan in hindu marriage is one of the most auspicious and sacred hindu rituals. This ritual has been followed for generations and has also been mentioned in Vedic scriptures. It is a very emotional and pure Indian wedding ritual where the father gives away his daughter to her groom.

2. Why is Kanyadaan an important part of Hindu marriage?

Kanyadaan is considered an important ritual of Hindu marriage because it is the most valuable and bittersweet moment. It’s believed that it’s the most humble ritual where the bride’s parents can wash off all their past deeds. Also, after the ritual of Kanyadaan, the bride belongs to a different family altogether.

3. How is Kanyadan Performed?

The father performs the Kanyadaan ritual, placing his daughter’s hand over the groom’s and handing his daughter over to the groom. After that, the mother of the bride pours the holy waters, and certain things like betel nuts, rice, fruits, and flowers are placed while the pandit chants the holy mantra.

4. Why is Kanyadaan the biggest Daan?

Kanyadaan is also known as the Mahadaan because the father of the bride gives away his most precious person, whom he has nurtured all his life, to the other person. It’s a moment of mixed emotions when the father has to introduce his daughter to a new family.

5. Who performs the Ritual of Kanyadaan?

The ritual of Kanydan is especially performed by the father and the mother of the bride, but if the bride does not have her parents, then the elderly person can perform the rituals.

6. Is Hindu marriage complete without Kanyadan?

Hindu marriage is not complete without the ritual of Kanyadaan. This is one of the most significant rituals, and thus, the marriage remains incomplete without performing the ritual of Kanyadaan.

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