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How to Predict Marriage Using Astrology

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If we are talking about the importance to predict marriage using astrology, then we can never ignore its role. This is something that people have proved over generations and over centuries. Astrology is not just predicting your future but also helps you understand your inner being better. This ancient science has gained popularity and respect with time. It helps us gain clarity about our life’s purpose and assists us in making decisions from a neutral perspective.

Marriage is an essential milestone in everyone’s life, making this topic even more enjoyable! The married life predictions made by our astrologers at InstaAstro will help you in various ways, including finding the marriage date from Kundli, checking the planetary positions and letting you choose your marriage date as per your comfort.


When will I get Married According to my Birth Date?

Have you ever wondered about how to know marriage age by kundali? This is a troublesome question that arises in everyone’s life. Marrying is essential to have a more prosperous and happy life. It is also important to marry on the correct date and time. For this, you can use our free marriage prediction by date of birth calculator to predict marriage using astrology and know the marriage’s auspicious date and time.

In Vedic astrology, Dasa and Antar Dasa are periods when the planet’s influence is felt. The dasa period starts with the planetary movement in one’s horoscope and ends after several years. Antar Dasa begins from the beginning of this period until its end.

While calculating marriage dates, one must consider these factors (dasa and antar dasa) along with other parameters like Dasha yoga, transit charts etc. It will help to predict a particular date for marriage or even if it will happen at all. Therefore, your married life astrology prediction is made by determining all the doshas and planetary positions to avoid problems in the marriage. The marriage yog in kundli of an individual lets us know about the time frame in which the individual will get married. 

The Role of Navamsa chart 

The Navamsa chart is an essential and fundamental chart used in astrology. The navamsa chart use in marriage prediction helps predict when you will tie the knot with your partner. The navamsa chart also helps expect whether or not your relationship will last long-term.

It decides the course of your marital life and gives the astrology prediction of your married life. In this chart, the position of the planets in your first house, seventh house, and the position of Saturn predicts marriage life. The first house indicates the native’s personality, the seventh house tells the native’s marriage, and Saturn indicates married life.

If you are a Gemini or Virgo, then Mercury rules your first house. If you are a Pisces, your seventh house is ruled by Jupiter. Similarly, for other signs as well!


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The Role of 7th house in Predicting Marriage

The seventh house is the marriage house in kundali because it indicates your partner, your marriage life and all that goes into it. It is ruled by Venus, which explains why so many people think of love when they think about this house—it’s all about finding a life partner. You are in love with your partner and will have a good married life if Venus is in the 7th house.

Venus rules over relationships in general, not just romantic ones. If you have planets or points in this house (or any other world), you’ll gravitate toward certain types of relationships rather than others throughout your life. For example, when astrologers predict marriage using astrology and Neptune is in the seventh house of someone’s chart, there is an attraction to people who are very different from themselves.

kundali 7th house

Venus and Marriage

Venus is the planet of love, affection and harmony. She rules marriage, beauty and romance. If Venus position is well in your natal chart at a good house, you will have a happy married life. Marriage prediction by date is after looking at Venus’s position in your Kundli. Having this planet on your side is auspicious as it kills the chances of divorce and separation from your life partner.

If Venus has some malefic influences on your natal chart, it may not be easy for you to marry, or if you are already. There may be some problems in your marriage life. Morover, your kundli can also make incidences of sudden marriage in astrology. 

planet venus

Saturn and Marriage

A strong Saturn and Mars in the 8th house indicate that the native will marry early. If both planets are well, it means a happy married life. The position of Saturn in the 8th house indicates prosperity after marriage and also that you will be getting more responsibilities on your shoulders as you start a new life with your partner.

You are probably familiar with the concept of a “good” planet and a “bad” one in astrology, but let’s be clear: this isn’t like good versus evil. It just means that some planets make us more prone to specific actions than others. For example, if your Mercury is strong, you will speak quickly and easily. If it’s weak, you might stutter in conversation or have trouble expressing yourself as well as you’d like.


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The most potent two planets in your birth chart are Saturn and Mars—and they both play essential roles in marriage! Saturn is the lord of your 8th house (your relationship house). A strong Saturn means that marriage may come early on in life; a weak Saturn implies that it will come later or maybe not at all—it’s up to fate!

Mars is the lord of your 7th house (your partner/spouse’s house). The 7th house indicates whether or not someone marries, so if both these placements are good, we can say with confidence that you’ll find love. 



Astrology is a science, and it can easily predict marriage using astrology about when will you get married. The most important thing is to find your Janam Kundli and consult a good astrologer at InstAstro who can help you in this regard. You can also calculate your compatibility using the marriage compatibility calculator by InstaAstro. Talk to marriage astrologers to predict how you will get married per your birth star.

The Birth details and Kundli matching by date of birth are to know the type of marriage you will have. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage in future. Hence one must take care of all the predictions and check the astrological aspects of marriage in one’s life.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

1. How to know at what age will I get married astrology?

Astrology tends to tell you about all the aspects of your life. Therefore, marriage is no exception to this. Moreover, if you want to know about the age you will get married, then you can do so by consulting an astrologer.

2. Which is the marriage house astrology?

The 7th house in an individual’s kundli relates to the marriage and spouse. This house tends to hold information about the married life and spouse of an individual.

3. How to predict marriage in astrology?

Marriage predictions in astrology are based on the date of birth and time of birth of an individual. The kundli of an individual tends to hold information about when and will an individual get married. It can also tell about the features of the individual’s spouse.

4. Which planet is responsible for marriage?

The planet that is known to be very beneficial for marriage and love is Planet Venus. In astrology, the planet Venus is known as the planet of Love. Moreover, having a strong Venus in your undli signifies that you will have a prosperous married life along with aspects that will make you enjoy marital bliss.

5. When will I get married astrology prediction free?

If you want to get true marriage predictions free. Then you can do so by visiting InstaAstro’s website. Here you can talk to the best astrologers. Moreover, you can use the free Kundli making and Kundli matchmaking toll to know more about your marriage.

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