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Jyeshtha Purnima 2024: Know the Time, Date, and Significance

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Jyeshtha Purnima

Jyestha Purnima is one of the most important Hindu festivals, and all married women stay fast on this day for their husband’s long life and to bring happiness and peace to the family. We know how much an important role a woman plays when it comes to her family.

Here, you will be able to know the date and time of Jyestha Purnima and what we should and should not do on this day to receive the blessings we desire. 

Jyeshtha Purnima 2024 Date and Time 

  • Jyestha Purnima Date: June 22nd, 2024, Saturday
  • Jyestha Purnima Tithi Begins: Jun 21st, 2024, at 7:32 AM 
  • Jyestha Purnima Tithi Ends: Jun 22nd, 2024, at 6:37 AM


What is Jyeshtha Purnima?

Jyestha Purnima is one of the special days to celebrate as it is the day when the legend Savitri got the life back of her beloved husband Satyavan, and it is said that women fast on this day so that her husband can live a long, healthy and happy life. All people celebrate the festival in different ways in different places, but the intentions of all the people are the same. 

Know the Jyeshtha Purnima Katha and Its Significance

Let’s understand the story behind the auspicious occasion of Jyestha Purnima and its significance. 

1. Story of Jyeshtha Purnima

The Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat katha is known as a woman who demanded her husband’s life back from Yamraj. It might be possible that at some point in life, you must have heard the statement. The Jyestha Purnima is one of the most important festivals for Hindus.

Savitri was in so much love with Satyavan (her husband) that when Yamraj took his soul with him, she was devastated and started following Yamraj. She requested Yamraj to return the soul of her husband. She constantly requested Lord Yamraj, and it continued for 3 days. After that, Lord Yamraj finally agreed to her request and returned Satyavan to life. 

2. Significance of Jyeshtha Purnima

The Jyeshtha Purnima significance is believed that married women keep fast on this day for the long lives of their husbands and to have a peaceful and blessed married life. It is also believed that if married women take a dip in the holy Ganga and do Jyestha Purnima, pooja will fulfil their professional as well as personal desires. The pooja of Jyestha Purnima brings happiness, peace, and success to the woman and her family, as well as the blessing of a long life to her husband. 

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What are the Rituals and Remedies of Jyeshtha Purnima 2024?

As we learn about its story and the significance of Jyestha Purnima, we understand the importance of this day. It is also an important day for people who are facing a delay in their marriage. Let’s continue to learn the rituals we should follow and remedies we can take in difficult situations.

1. Jyeshtha Purnima Rituals / Pooja Method

  • Wake up early in the morning and complete the household chores.
  • Take a shower and worship God.
  • Light a ghee diya and worship Goddess Laxmi and Indra.
  • Offer fresh and fragrant flowers in the pooja.
  • Offer Brahmins Kheer and Dakshina
  • Stay awake and do meditation (optional)
  • Offer arghya to Lord Moon.
  • You can break the fast after this. 

2. Remedies of Jyeshtha Purnima

  • For financial growth, offer water, raw milk and batasha to Peepal tree.
  • To remove issues in married life, a couple should offer arghya to Lord Moon.
  • Fasting and worshipping Lord Vishu and Goddess Laxmi.
  • Worshipping the Moon is also a ritual that you can follow to remove the Moon defect in the Kundli.
  • Donation or charity work is highly auspicious.

 Jyeshtha Purnima 2024: Do’s and Don’t

Let’s understand what we can and shouldn’t do during the Jyeshtha Purnima.

1. Do’s

  • Get up early and take the Sankalp to keep fast after showering.
  • Dip in the Holy river like the Ganga and pray to them.
  • Chant Chandra Mantras.

2. Don’t

  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food.
  • Don’t consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t disrespect anyone. 

Jyeshtha Purnima: List Of Laxmi Mantras to Attract Wealth

You are requested to chant the Laxmi Mantras with clear intentions. Also, decide on the intention for what you are chanting, the Laxmi Mantra, to invite the blessing.

1. Laxmi Beej Mantra

‘ॐ श्रृङ्गाश्रये नमः’

‘Om Shring Shriye Namah’

2. Mahalaxmi Mantra

‘ૐ सर्वबाधा विनिर्मुक्त, धन धन्यः सुतनवितः
मनुष्याणां दैवसंशय: ॐ’ ।

‘Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah
Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah Om’

3. Laxmi Narayan Mantra

‘ॐ श्री लक्ष्मी-नारायणाय नमः’

‘Om Shree Lakshmi-Narayanay Namah’

4. Ashta Laxmi Mantra

‘सुमनसा वन्दिता सुन्दरी माधवी, चन्द्र सहोदरी हेमामाये
मुनिगण वन्दिता मोक्षप्रदायनी, मंजुला भाषिणी वेदानुते
पंकजवासिनी देवा सुपूजिता, सद्गुण वर्षिणी शान्तियुते
जय जयहे मधुसूदना कामिनी, आदिलक्ष्मी परिपालया माँ’

‘Sumanasa Vandita Sundari Maadhavi, Chandra Sahodari Hemamaye
Munigana Vandita Mokshhapradaayani, Manjula Bhaashhini Vedanute
Pankajavaasini Deva Supoojita, Sadguna Varshhini Shaantiyute
Jaya Jayahe Madhusoodana Kaamini, Aadilakshhmi Paripaalaya Maam’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Jyeshtha Purnima good or bad?

It is beneficial as keeping fast on Jyeshtha Purnima fulfils the desires of married women.

2. What are the rules of Jyestha Purnima Vrat?

The Vrat starts by waking early in the morning, taking a shower, and not eating anything till the full moon is in the sky.

3. What is the different name of Jyeshtha Purnima?

Jyestha Purnima is also known as Buddha Purnima, Vat Savitri Vrat, and Ganga Purnima.

4. What food to eat during Shravana Purnima?

Fruit, dry fruits, sabudana, makhana, and milk products are some foods that you can eat during the Shravana Purnima fast.

5. What to do on Shravana Purnima?

Doing Shravana Purnima Vrat or listening to Satyanarayan Katha is considered to be very auspicious.

6. What is the Western month of Shravana Purnima?

The Western month of Shravana Purnima is July – August.

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