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Holi 2024 Celebrations In Different Parts Of India

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Holi 2024

As the Holi 2024 date in India is about to come, it’s time to refill the energy to celebrate love and a new start. This festival marks the beginning of the spring season and the end of the winter season, where people welcome new energy. It’s the most awaited festival of the year, where people wait to let go of all their old problems and unite with their loved ones.

Moreover, according to the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the full moon night in the Hindu month of Phalguna. So, stay along with us while we explore more about the festival of love and colour. 

  • Holi 2024 Date: 25th March 2024 (Monday) 

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Why Do We Celebrate Holi?

The festival of Holi is marked as the most auspicious festival of the year. As the spring season begins, the festival of Holi also approaches, which is the best time to start fresh, refuse yourself with new energy and feel grateful.

Moreover, the importance of Holi has its roots in ancient mythological stories about Holika and Prahlad that make you understand the significance of the most auspicious festival, Holi. It’s that time of the year when you can leave behind all the bad memories, forget old grudges and begin a new year with a refreshed attitude and energy. 

Moreover, this festival is called as the Festival of colours because people apply colours on each other as a symbol of love and unity. This festival reminds us that after every dark night, there is a new beginning, and it’s never too late to begin from the beginning. Furthermore, if you wish to see the best Holi in India, you must not miss out on visiting Vrindavan Mandir, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where you can witness the true celebration of Holi. 

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What is Holi called in different parts of India? 

India has a diverse culture, with various festivals celebrated across different parts of the country. However, each state has its own name for different festivals. So, let’s see what the festival of Holi is called in different states of India. 

1. Uttar Pradesh: Lathmar Holi & Holi Milan 

The festival of Holi in Uttar Pradesh, which is named Lathmar Holi and Holi Milan, is especially celebrated in Barsana and Nandgaon. This is a festival where people gather together to play with colours to share love and happiness with each other. However, on this day, men who visit the Nandgaon are welcomed as sons-in-law who are given colours by the females of Barsana. Also, the trend of applying colours on Holi started with Krishna applying colour to Radha as a way of showing his love and affection towards her. 

2. Punjab: Holla Mohalla

While Hindus celebrate Holi as a way of a new beginning, the Sikhs celebrate Hola festival, which falls on the Lunar month of Chett. This festival is celebrated right after the festival of Holi, where a huge fair is organised for three days. On this day, devotees visit Gurudwara to offer prayers and savour the holy Prasad, known as Langar, which is distributed in Gurudwara. Moreover, the grand festival of Hola is famous in Anandpur, where people unite together to devote themselves to bhajans and kirtans. 

3. Kerela: Manjal Kuli

The people of Northern India celebrate Holi, while the people of the South celebrate Manjal Kuli. This festival is celebrated unlike the festival of colours, but on this day the people residing in the South visit the Gosripuram Thiruma Konkani Temple. Moreover, this festival is mainly celebrated among the Konkani and Gaud Sarawat Brahmins communities. They play Holi by mixing turmeric in water and splashing it over one another while they sing, dance and rejoice in the festival of Manjal Kuli. 

4. West Bengal: Dol Jatra

The festival of Dol Jatra which is also known as Dol Purnima. According to Hindus, the festival of Holi is the beginning of all the Hindu festivals, but in accordance with the Bengali calendar, Dol Jatra marks the end of all the Bengali festivals. This day is celebrated as a way to celebrate the union between Radha and Krishna. It’s when Lord Krishna expressed his love for Radha. In Bengal, people play with coloured powder, which is known as Phag, to celebrate the end of Bengali festivals. 

5. Maharashtra: Rang Panchami

The Holi 2024 date in the western state of Maharashtra is celebrated on 30th March. The festival of Holi in Maharashtra is known as Rang Panchami, which is celebrated on the auspicious day of Phalgun Krushnapaksha Panchami. Moreover, it’s known as Panchami because it’s celebrated on the fifth day of the Krishna Paksha. On this day, people celebrate the festival of Holi for five days continuously. On this day, people first observe prayers and rituals at their homes and then go out to play colours with friends and family. 

6. Uttarakhand: Kumaoni Holi

People in Uttarakhand do not celebrate the festival of Holi with colours but the significance of Holi is marked with traditional folk dance and music. Kumaoni people celebrate Holi by performing the traditional melodies of Baithki, Khari and Mahili Holi. Moreover, during the festival of Kumaoni Holi, they offer gratitude to the holy streams of Kali and Gori by walking barefoot towards the streams and taking a dip in them. 

7. Gujarat: Dhuleti 

Dhuleti or Holi in 2024 will be celebrated on 25th March 2024 in Gujarat. The festival of Holi in Gujarat is also known by the names Phagwa, Dhulandi, and Rangwa Holi. On this day, people apply gulal on each other’s faces and celebrate the festival of colours with love and hugs. However, the most important part of celebrating Holi is drinking bhaang. Also, the most important part of this festival is that all the people from various cultures come together to share their joy and enthusiasm, which helps individuals dive into each other’s cultures. 

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Things to do During Holi 2024

Some of the interesting activities to do during Holi in 2024 are:

  • Being a part of burning bonfires or Holika Dahan to wash off all the negative energy. 
  • Take the blessings of elders so that you are blessed while you step into a fresh journey. 
  • Take part in folk dance and music to celebrate love and joy. 
  • Prepare traditional food at home, such as Gujiya, Malpua, Dahi Bhalle, Thandai etc. 

Things to Avoid during Holi 2024

Here are the things you must avoid on the day of Holi. 

  • During Holi, you must avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments. 
  • You must avoid eating non-vegetarian foods. 
  • Avoid talking ill about people during the joyous moment. 
  • On the day of Holashtak, avoid engaging in any auspicious activities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When is Holi in 2024?

The festival of Holi in 2024 is celebrated on 25th March. It will be celebrated on the full moon night in the Hindu month of Phalguna.

2. Why we celebrate Holi?

Happy Holi 2024 is a festival that marks the beginning of the spring season and thus welcomes the hindu festivals. It’s the time of the year when you can get along with your friends and family to cherish love and harmony.

3. What are the 2 days of Holi?

The first day is celebrated as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Diwali, when a bonfire is buried to ward off negativity. However, the second day is the main Holi festival known as Dhulandi or Rangwali Holi.

4. What are the traditions of Holi?

The festival of Holi is the way to let go of all the old memories, grudges and shortcomings. It’s time to welcome opportunities and fresh beginnings. Moreover, special dishes and sweets are prepared to celebrate the first festival of the year.

5. What does the festival of Holi symbolise?

Holi represents the achievement of good over evil and the expression of love between Lord Krishna and Radha, where applying colours on each other’s faces symbolises love and affection.

6. Which God is worshipped on Holi?

During the festival of Holi, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Radha are worshipped to seek blessings.

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