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History, Events and Location of Jaipur Elephant Festival

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Jaipur Elephant Festival

History, Events and Location of Jaipur Elephant Festival

The Jaipur elephant festival is a renowned regional festival. It is observed annually in Jaipur on the occurrence of the full moon day. This carnival exhibits the golden culture of the city. It shows the connection between ancient Jaipur locals and elephants.

This is the festival for ones who love elephants and admire the ancient civilisation of Jaipur. It also harbours the ancient culture of our country. This festival demonstrates that elephants also take a crucial part in the culture like camels.

History of Elephant Festival, Jaipur

Rajasthan was dominated by Hindu Kings, mainly Rajputs. Furthermore, there is also a legend behind elephants among Hindus. According to Hindu folklore, once gods and devils stirred the sea together. The expectation was to become immortal. Unexpectedly, the nine gems, also known as “navratnas,” emerged from the sea during the search. Among the gems that appeared, one was an elephant. Since then, it is a holy creature.

As per Rajasthani customs, elephants represent sovereignty. A few royal figures ruled the state of Rajasthan as heads alongside royalties. To keep up and address their rulers, they used elephant rides to explore the region and meet villagers. Additionally, events where the most grounded elephants fought entertained the royal visitors.

The elephant celebration took off and gained popularity in different states. As a result, the Elephant Festival is now one of the most well known and celebrated occasions in the city of Jaipur.

Jaipur Elephant Festival

Where is the Elephant Festival in Jaipur?

The Jaipur Elephant Festival will be at the Jaipur Polo Grounds, opposite and near the Sawai Man Singh Stadium. The ground is very much associated with significant urban communities and is easily reachable.

Events to Enjoy in the Elephant Festival, Jaipur

The Gaja Shringar: 

It is the most appealing occasion during the celebration. The Gaja Shringar decorates the elephants using adornments, and other ornamentals. The Mahouts, the mentors of the elephant, feel extremely pleased while decorating their elephants.

The Live exhibitions:

It is one of the most intriguing occasions during the celebration. The Live displays are by conventional artists, including Daph and Gair moves. Both of the exhibitions uncover the energy of the Holi Festival.

Jaipur Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival

The Elephant Parade:

Another incredible aspect of the celebration is the Elephants Parade. During the occasion, the brilliantly decorated elephants parade before the guests. 

The Elephant Polo Matches:

Enjoy the exceptionally intriguing polo matches between the elephants, where the riders attempt to score with long polo and soccer sticks. The Tug of War: Have you pondered pulling an elephant towards you with a rope at any point? If not, then, at that point, we should observe the Tug of War rivalry between elephants and men.

The cheering of Holi:

Indulge in a unique air and join celebrations to observe Holi with different spectators.

Jaipur isn’t just perhaps the most established city in India. But it is one of the most traditional cultures in the world. Hence, there is an appeal to this beautiful and socially rich land. To address the traditional culture of the Pink City, Rajasthan Tourism has an elephant celebration. During which the elephants wear sparkling dresses and eye-catching fine arts among the crowds.

Being a part of this celebration and encountering Rajput sovereignty in Jaipur is worth experiencing!

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