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Top Famous Temples you must visit in Bhubaneshwar

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Mukteshwar Temple

City of Temples:

Bhubaneswar is one of the state’s top destinations for tourists. Moreover, it is famous for being the city of temples. The name Bhubaneswar comes from the Sanskrit name of Shiva, Tribhuvaneshwar. It means “Lord of the three worlds”. Old Hindu scriptures say it was one of the favourite places of Lord Shiva. He usually spent time under a huge mango tree.

Below is the list of top temples that you must visit in Bhubaneswar: –

Lingaraja Temple

Lingaraja Temple

The Lingaraj Temple marks the completion of the advancement of temple architecture in Odisha. Their decoration is lavish, with sculptures of divine gods and goddesses. They also portray lords and sovereigns, moving young women, trackers, and performers. To one side of the main entry is a survey platform.

Ananta Vasudeva Temple

The Ananta Vasudeva Temple is an exciting temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is located near a lake in the old area of ​​the city, behind the Lingaraj temple. People find its layout and design similar.

One of the most incredible things about the Temple is its spacious temple kitchen. It is where abundant food is prepared daily for many devotees and enthusiasts, like the Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Mukteshwar Temple

Mukteshwar Temple is one of the smallest temples in Bhubaneswar. The temple’s marvellous stone archway and terrace are famous. It has an eight-petaled lotus inside its porch. The temple’s name, Mukteshwar, signifies “the ruler who gives freedom through yoga”.

Top famous temples in Bhubaneswar

temples in Bhubaneswar

Brahmeshwar Temple

The ruler’s mother built the Brahmeshwar temple to praise the divinity Brahmeshwar. Brahmeswara takes a considerable amount of its design from the earlier Mukteshwar temple. Its porch also has a ceiling carved with lotus. There are excellent lion-headed themes on its walls.

Rajarani Temple

The Rajarani temple is special and unique because no divinity is attached to it. Instead, there is a story that the temple was a pleasant place for an Odia king and queen. Moreover, the carvings on the temple with various erotic sculptures are particularly spectacular. Hence, people refer to this temple as the Khajuraho of the East.

Parashurameshvara Temple

According to experts, the Parashurameshvara Temple is still astonishing. Hence, it is the most documented temple in Bhubaneshwar. Moreover, the temple has some extraordinary features that reflect its artefact.

Conclusion: –

These temples are the pith of the architectural excellence of middle age. A glimpse of these temples is enough to mesmerise the tourists. Most of these ancient temples are from the mediaeval era for various forms of Lord Shiva, even the name of this city.

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