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Hariyali Amavasya: Get Blessings Of Lord Shiva In This Muhurat

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Hariyali Amavasya_ Get Blessings Of Lord Shiva In This Muhurat

Hariyali Amavasya holds great value in India, especially in North India. It is the Amavasya in the month of Shravan or Savan. It is very significant for devotees of Lord Shiva. In some parts of India, people fast on this day.

It falls three days prior to the famous festival of Haryali Teej. Hariyali Amavasya is also known as Hariyali Amavas or Hariyali Amas. 


Hariyali Amavasya Date 2024

Let’s have a look at the Hariyali Amavasya Tithi and muhurat for 2024. Here is a table providing you with an insight into the dates and timing. 

Hariyali Amavasya Tithi August 4, 2024
Amavasya Tithi Begins 15:50 on Aug 03, 2024
Amavasya Tithi Ends 16:42 on Aug 04, 2024

Hariyali Amavasya Meaning And Significance 

Hariyali means ‘greenery’, and Amavasya means ‘new moon day’. Hariyali amavasya is celebrated three days before Hariyali Teej. This festival is celebrated to worship Lord Shiva and to remember our ancestors, and thus, it holds a lot of significance.

It is believed that remembering and paying respect to our ancestors is essential for staying grounded in our roots. The festival of Hariyali Amavasya propagates this idea. 

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Mythology Behind Hariyali Amavasya

Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who had a son and a daughter-in-law. One day, the daughter-in-law stole the sweets and blamed them on a rat. This made the rat very angry. He made up his mind to bring the real thief to the king.

One day, the king had some guests over who were sleeping in his room. The rat burning in the fire of revenge took the queen’s sari and put it in that room. When the guests woke up in the morning and saw the queen’s dress, they were amazed. When the king heard this, he threw his daughter-in-law out of the palace.

The queen lit candles every evening and worked to grow sorghum. She performed puja every day and distributed offerings of Guddhani. One day the king was passing by when he noticed the lamps. Returning to the palace, the king sent soldiers to the forest and asked them to come and see what a miraculous thing was.

The soldiers went under the poplar tree in the forest. They saw that the candles were talking to each other, telling their own stories. Then, from a quiet lamp, everyone asked him to tell his story.

The lamp told me it was the queen’s lamp. He further explained that because the queen’s sweets had been stolen, the rat had kept the queen’s saree in the guest rooms, and innocent Ranu was punished.

The soldiers told the king all about the forest. The king then summoned the queen back to the palace, and the Queen lived happily in the palace.

Hariyali Amavasya Rituals 2024

It is essential to perform the proper rituals to celebrate the festival of Hariyali Amavasya properly. Let’s look at the rituals needed to appease God on Hariyali Amavasya. 

  • You are required to get up early in the morning.
  • Freshen up and take a bath. 
  • Remember your ancestors and chant mantras. 
  • Worship Lord Shiva and visit the temple. 
  • Male members of the family need to perform all the rights during the Pooja.
  • The Pooja must be performed properly, keeping in mind your ancestors. 
  • After the Pooja make sure that you offer a meal to Brahmins. 
  • Read or listen Hariyali Amavasya Katha. 
  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food items. 
  • Avoid indulging in drinking or smoking. 

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Fasting Rules On Hariyali Amavasya 2024

To ensure that your fast is devoid of any mistake it is necessary to make sure that you are following proper rules while fasting. Here, we present to you a proper list of rules that you are required to follow while fasting to attain blessings on this day.

  • It is essential that you get up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Chant mantras in the praise of Lord Shiva. 
  • Visit the temple and get involved in the Bhajans being performed at the Shiva temple.
  • While keeping a fast for Hariyali Amavasya, you are required to eat only once a day.
  • Get involved in charity during the fast. 
  • Consume food that isn’t prohibited during the fast. 
  • Show humility to animals and other living creatures. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is August Amavasya 2024?

August Amavasya is also known as Hariyali Amavasya, as it is usually celebrated during the month of August. This Amavasya is celebrated in the month of Savana or Shravana.

2. Which date is Haryali Amavasya?

This year, Hariyali Amavasya is on the 4th of August.

3. Why is Hariyali Amavasya important?

It holds great significance in the Hindu religion and is regarded as a very auspicious day.

4. Is Hariyali Amavasya a lucky day?

Hariyaloi Amavasya is a very auspicious day. Devotes of Lord Shiva should surely keep a fast and worship Lord Shiva during this day.

5. Which God is worshipped during Hariyali Amavasya?

Lord Shiva is worshipped during Hariyali Amavasya and is known to fulfil all your wishes.

6. Is Hariyali Amavasya good or bad?

Hariyali Amavasya is a highly auspicious day. People remember their ancestors and pray for their peace. It is a day to worship Lord Shiva.

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