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Which Planet Is Related To Government Jobs? 

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Which Planet Is Related To Government Jobs

The desire to get a government Job has always been a dream for many individuals. A lot of candidates aspire to get a government job every year. However, there are only a few who get this opportunity to succeed and acquire a Government Job. Does astrological factors have anything to do with it? Sometimes, it’s your luck that favours you to clear this exam in your first attempt. So, come with us to explore the astrological factors that are required to get into government jobs. 

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Planetary Arrangements for a successful career in Government Jobs

Here is a table that gives you a brief understanding of important planetary placement in your kundli. These are the astrological factors for government Jobs you must be mindful of. 

Planetary Transit Government Jobs  Benefits obtained through Favourable Planets 
Sun (Surya) Strong desire to change societal problems
Mars (Mangala) Courage, strength and determination 
Saturn (Shani) Powerful work ethic and a passion for authority 
Jupiter (Brihaspati) Urge to work in education and healthcare 
Ketu (South Node of Moon)  Work in a non-profit sector and serve society 

1. Sun in 10th House

Sun, also known as King of all planets or Atmakaraka is the most important astrological factor to take a look for success in Government Jobs. The placement of the Sun in the 10th House (Karma Bhava) without any influence of malefic planets can give you opportunities to clear the attempt for competitive exams for government jobs. This house is responsible for giving individuals the desire and a strong determination to attain success through Government Jobs. 

How to Strengthen Your Sun

  • Chanting Surya Mantra  
  • Worship Lord Surya every morning 
  • Offer water every morning (Surya Arghya) 

2. Jupiter in 10th and 11th House 

The planet Jupiter, known for wealth, success and abundance when placed in the 10th and 11th House, gives the chance to a higher position in Government Jobs. There is a high possibility that they might be able to clear exams and interviews for tough government job exams. So, when the planets Sun and Jupiter are together conjunct in the 10th House, it gives them the opportunity to achieve fame and recognition due to their long-term preparation and hard work. 

How to strengthen Jupiter

  • Worship Peepal Tree every day
  • Wear or donate yellow clothes 
  • Fast of Thursday (Brihaspativar) 

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3. Saturn (The lord of the 10th House) 

Planet Saturn or Shani, when placed in the 10th House, gives overall career success. Be it in any career field or especially in the Government sector, the positive placement of Saturn is very crucial. Saturn, being the lord of the 10th House, is regarded as the planet for a strong passion to achieve success and gains in their professional life. 

Moreover, individuals with Saturn, along with the Sun in the 6th House (Upchaya House), are considered auspicious for giving individuals the capability to attempt Government Jobs. Despite the failure, they will always have the talent to face the challenges that come during the preparation journey. 

How to strengthen Saturn

  • Offer sesame seed and mustard oil to Lord Shani 
  • Perform Shani Shanti Puja for maximum benefits
  • Plant and worship the Shami plant at home

4. Mars (Mangal Graha) The Masculine Planet 

The attributes of Mars are well aligned with the factors that are needed to clear competitive exams. The unique traits of individuals with the planet Mars in their birth chart are leadership qualities, strength, ambition, and strong determination.  So, these qualities and the favourable placement of Mars in the 6th, 9th and 10th House entitle natives to shape a successful career through Government Jobs. It also gives the aspirant the focused approach required for clearing competitive exams. 

How to strengthen Mars 

  • Worship Lord Hanuman every day 
  • Feed Cows with food 
  • Eat jaggery and honey every day 

5. Ketu (South Node of Moon)

The chances of securing a government job due to the influence of Ketu are not guaranteed but it totally depends on the overall planetary impact on an individual’s birth chart. However, individuals with a positive placement of Ketu will have a keen interest in serving society.

So, when it comes to the conjunction of ketu in 10th house government job, they will be more likely to follow a career path that includes social work or any other government jobs in the non-profit sector. They tend to offer service to a specific group of the public regardless of their background. 

How to strengthen Ketu

  • Wear silver ornament 
  • Observe fast on Trayodashi Tithi
  • Chant Ketu Mantra (“ॐ श्रम श्रीं सरं सह केतवे नमः” ||) 108 times everyday 

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Auspicious Government Job Yog in Kundli 

Below is the table explaining the formation of this yoga in your kundli that can increase the possibility of getting Government Jobs. These yoga are formed due to the conjunction of certain planets that are favourable for your career in the Government sector. 

Auspicious Yog in Kundli How is it Formed 
Gajakesari Yoga Jupiter’s placement in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house from Moon. 
Adhi Yoga  Planets placed in the 6th, 7th and 8th House from the Ascendant. 
Panch Mahapurusha Yoga  Formed When Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn is in its own sign in 1, 4, 7 and 10th House. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does astrology favour Government Jobs?

Astrology plays a major role in predicting individuals’ future through birth charts. Likewise, the auspiciousness of planets in the birth chart decides the possibility of individuals working in the government sector.

2. What are the major planets responsible for Government Jobs?

Some of the major planets that need to be aligned positively for Government Jobs are the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Ketu.

3. How do you predict govt jobs in Kundli?

To know if you have a good career in the government sector that can enable you good jobs, then taking a glance at your birth chart can be helpful. This will help you know how celestial bodies are placed in your Janam Kundli.

4. Is Kendra House favoured for Government Jobs?

Kendra Houses, which are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House, are the most important factors when considering a career in the government sector. Also, the 10th House (Karma Bhava) is the most significant House for government job aspirants.

5. How is Sun beneficial for Government job aspirants?

The planet Sun, which is known as the Atmakaraka, is the most important planet when it comes to Government Jobs. It enables natives to have strong perseverance and the urge to clear the exam and be successful.

6. What are the important Yogas for Government Jobs?

The three most important Yogas that are responsible for success and growth in govt jobs in Kundli are Gajakesari Yog, Adhi Yog and Panch Mahapurusha Yog.

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