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Get Authority and Power with the Best Position of Sun in Horoscope

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Best Position of Sun In Horoscope

In Vedic astrology, Sun is known as RAVI or SURYA. It rules the sign of Leo (Simha). Its nature is hot and it is also mildly malefic. The mighty Sun is life-giver because it is the indicator of the soul. That is why it is called atmakaraka. Moreover, words like father, fame, respect, ego, honor, status, vitality, and power are directly associated with the Sun. The king of planets is strong in the 10th house and Kendra. It also offers good results in the 1, 4, and 7 houses. Any native reaches new heights and achieves success because of Best Position of the Sun In the Horoscope and the best house placement for sun. Furthermore, vitality, power, intellect, ambition, brilliance, prosperity, wealth, cheerfulness, wisdom, ambition, fortune, and fame are some of the unique characteristics of the Sun. These characteristics can bring the best house placement for the Sun in astrology.

Strong Sun

Sun is Exalted (Uccha) in Aries (Mesh) sign. It means Sun is dignified in Aries sign. Moreover, its placement in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius sign makes it extremely strong. It is also strong in Leo as it makes Mooltrikon sign. If any horoscope has strong Sun, the native will achieve success, enjoy good health, and stay energetic throughout his/her life. Above that, the Sun makes a person not only immensely powerful but also arrogant. Overall, a strong Sun indicates to a person responsible. The lofty Sun makes the native dynamic, dominant, powerful, commanding, and forceful. Thus, it answers all questions like, “How do I know my Sun is strong in astrology?” and explains the best astrology placements.

Weak Sun

Sun indicates Fall (Neecha) in the sign of Libra (Tula). There are some signs in all horoscopes where Sun is weak. Thus, this answers the question, “In which houses Sun is weak?”. Moreover, the Sun is debilitated in Libra sign owing to some ominous effects of other planets. If the native has a weaker Sun in the horoscope, he/she is likely to suffer from social, financial, and health issues.

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Astrological Facts about Sun

  • Associated with – Lord Shiva, Lord Agni, Lord Rudra, Lord Narayana
  • Colour – Orange
  • Constellations ruled – Krittika, Uttara Phaguni, and Uttara Aashadha
  • Day – Sunday
  • Debilitated in – Libra 10 Degree
  • Direction – East
  • Enemies – Venus, Saturn
  • Exalted in – Aries 10 Degree
  • Friends – Jupiter, Moon, Mars
  • Gem – Ruby
  • Gender – Male
  • If adversely placed – Arrogance and jealous nature
  • If well placed – Courage and political power
  • Lucky numbers – 1, 10 and 19
  • Mahadasha/Vimsohottri Period – 6 Years
  • Metal – Gold and copper
  • Mool Trikon – Leo 20 Degree
  • Nature – Authoritative, dominative, and argumentative
  • Neutral – Mercury
  • Own Sign – Leo
  • Position – King
  • Professions – Government sector jobs, politicians, physicians, medicines, and goldsmith
  • Relation – Father
  • Ruling body parts – Heart, hair, head, bones, and eyes
  • Special features – Honey-colored eyes and round face
  • Temperament – Hot
  • Transit in each sign – 1 month

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Remedies to Find Best Astrology Placements

There are lots of remedies suggested by Indian astrologers for overcoming the ill-effects of the Sun if it is placed in the wrong place in your horoscope. The following are some of the most common remedies that people can use to get instant benefits for the best astrology placements and to find the best position of the Sun In horoscope.

  • Wearing ruby in the right hand for improving Sun.
  • Sun’s Beej Mantra – “Om Hram Hrim Hraum Saha Suryaye Namah”
  • Sun’s Vedic Mantra – “Om Aasatyenarjasa vartamano niveshyannmritanch; Hiranyen savita rathenadevi yati bhuvna vipashyat.”
  • Practice fast on Sunday to please Sun.
  • Donate wheat, jaggery, and pulses in temples.
  • Offer water to the Sun every day in the morning.

Talk to astrologers over the phone and get an instant solution for overcoming all issues related to Sun in your birth chart. Just check out the position of Sun in your horoscope and be powerful and authoritative with the guidance of astrologers.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which house is best suited for the placement of Sun in Kundli?

The houses that are considered to be auspicious for the placement of the planet Sun are 1st to 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th houses.

2. Which house is considered not auspicious for the placement of Sun in kundli?

The houses in an individual’s kundli, which are considered to be not auspicious for the placement of the planet Sun include the 6th, 7th, and 10th houses.

3. Which God rules over the planet Sun in Vedic astrology?

The ruling deity of the planet Sun is Surya Dev in Vedic Astrology.

4. What does the planet Sun represent in astrology?

The planet Sun, in Vedic Astrology, tends to represent

5. Which Nakshatra ruled by Sun?

The nakshatras that are ruled by the planet Sun include the Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarasadha nakshatras.

6. Who are the enemies of the Sun in astrology?

The enemies of the Sun in astrology include the planets Venus and Saturn.

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