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Effects and Significance of Sun Transit into Leo

By September 10, 2020September 19th, 2023No Comments
sun transit In Leo

Sun Transit 2022

In the solar system, Sun is the brightest star and also the best source of energy and gains. Sun is the lord of excellence and wisdom, and it shapes the destiny of any individual. The Sun is the biggest base of vitality, creativity, determination, energy, confidence, authority, and status. When Sun offers positive effects in the birth chart of natives, it opens new ways for success, promotion, and respect. Leo is a fixed fire sign and the placement of the Sun in Leo makes the native get a kinglike stature. Moreover, Sun in Leo and Sun in Leo Vedic astrology plays a huge role in influencing their lives. It is the best period to defeat all enemies and get creative energy. Read this content and find out what benefits you can have from the transit of Sun into Leo sign. Also, check how you can solve your Sun-related issues.

Sun in Leo – A Good Phase

Transit stands for the movement of a specific planet through a particular zodiac sign. In Vedic Astrology, the transit of the planet is known as Gochar. The transit of Sun in Leo means the King of Planets is entering its own sign. The mighty Sun takes a minimum of one month to travel a zodiac sign. It is known that Leo itself is ruled by Sun, so the natives might feel powerful during this short period. Other likely benefits may include:

  • Possible promotion at work
  • Bringing new things to light in a new perspective
  • Connecting to the energies of the Sun.
  • Excellent time to gain a new perspective of life
  • Fulfilling dreams and getting self-confidence
  • Having a good relationship with the father
  • Niggling health will begin to get back on track
  • Professional success and accomplishment in personal life
  • Success in all fields the native is associated with
  • The native might feel more powerful

Effect of Sun’s transit through each house in one’s chart

Sun in Leo means the creation of energy and achievement of success. During this transit, a native is supposed to get strong aggressive instincts. The probability of getting favourable and unfavourable outcomes, during the transit period, depends on the moon sign at birth. The following are some of the likely effects that natives can have as per the placement of Sun in these houses.

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  • 1st house – Respect, poor health, and temperamental
  • 2nd house- Discontent on the domestic front, eye diseases, and harsh speech
  • 3rd house- Good wealth and good and victory
  • 4th house- Marital conflict, anxiety, and loss of name
  • 5th house- Bad health, trouble from children, and fear from enemies,
  • 6th house- Success in competitive exams, victory over enemies, and good health
  • 7th house- Physical pain, bad travels, and lack of marital bliss
  • 8th house- Mental tension and marriage conflicts
  • 9th house- Disharmony with father and lack of fortune
  • 10th house- Success, respect, and material gains
  • 11th house- Prosperity, good health, and respect
  • 12th house- Expenses, troubles, and sickness

Make the most of Transit of Sun into Leo

If you are a Leo by birth, get ready to enjoy the best time of your life. For getting the best out of this period, offer prayers to the rising Sun. Don’t let this phase pass off without getting the desired fruits. Another way to make things happen in your favour is to chant the Gayathri mantra or Adithya Hridayam. Talk to professional astrologers over the phone and get the best advice for getting the energy and blessings of Lord Sun.

Online astrologers will certainly guide you in the right direction and help you get benefited from most of transit of Sun into Leo.

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